Review: Frontier Airlines Credit Cards


frontier-airlines-credit-cardFrontier Airlines, in partnership with Barclays Bank, offers 2 credit cards for consumers as well as a small business credit card. Our overview / review of these cards is below:

The first thing to note about all of the Frontier Airlines credit cards is that they are MasterCards, which means they are accepted widely. This is an important consideration; we much prefer cards with wide acceptance to those that are only good at a single airline or retailer.

Let’s compare the 2 Frontier MasterCard offerings. In short, the rewards are greater if you are willing to pay an annual fee. Which card you choose will probably depend on how often you fly Frontier:

  • The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard with the $69 annual fee gives you 2 miles per dollar on Frontier purchases and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. You’ll get a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles if you use the card for at least $500 in purchases in the first 90 days you have it. Apply online here.
  • The Frontier Airlines MasterCard offers you just 1 mile per dollar on Frontier Airlines purchases and just 1/2 mile per dollar on all other purchases. (They characterize it as 1 mile per $2 in purchases, but it’s the same thing.) You’ll get a one-time 10,000-mile bonus after you use the card for the first time. You’ll find the application here.

The interest rate on either card isn’t great: 15.99% for most customers, but it’s also possible you could get the 24.99% rate if your credit isn’t so great. If you get the 24.99% rate, don’t keep this card unless you are 100% sure you’ll always pay your full balance on time. Otherwise you’ll pay more in interest than you’ll gain in rewards.

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