Uttar Pradesh is run by dalals: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Has taken on Mayawati government on the land acquisition issue, today promised the farmers that the Land Acquisition Bill will be in their favour.
Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that “dalals” are running Uttar Pradesh and accused U.P government of resorting to land grab to help “big builders”.“You are not together. Uttar Pradesh is divided and that is why dalals (brokers) are running the state,” Rahul said, addressing farmers in Kirpalpur village, as he continued to woo them on the third day of his padayatra to Aligarh for the Congress-backed “kisan mahapanchayat” on Saturday.The AICC general secretary also promised that the Land Acquisition Bill to be brought before Parliament will be in favour of farmers.Meeting groups of villagers at Kirpalpur, Jahangarh, and Kansera villages in Aligarh district to drive home his point how farmers were suffering after their land was “forcibly” acquired at cheap prices, he said the state’s land acquisition policy was “full of flaws”.
The land acqisition policies should be framed after talks with farmers and taking them into confidence, he said.
Elaborating on his comments on UP being run by “dalals” Rahul said, “You may not like it. But this is true. Since you are not together that is why this is happening here. Unless you unite, you will continue to suffer. Unless you don’t understand what is happening, the train will not come on its track.”Accusing the Mayawati government of committing “land grab in favour of builders” in UP, Rahul said, “We will present the Land Acquisition Bill in the Lok Sabha and you will see that it will be passed in your favour.

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi arrested in U.P.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was arrested in a dramatic late night swoop Wednesday while he was on a sit-in at Bhatta Parsaul village in Uttar Pradesh to support agitating farmers demanding more money for their land being acquired for a highway project. He was released after being held for about three hours and later returned to New Delhi.

There was high drama at the Kasna police station in Greater Noida where Gandhi and other Congress leaders, who were held with him, were taken after the arrest at around 11.00 p.m.

Gandhi was asked to sign a bond after which police said he would be permitted to leave.
He, however, flatly refused to do so saying he had gone to the village with a purpose and would return there if he was released, Congress sources said.

The police later released Gandhi on its own volition at around 2.00 a.m. Thursday and he was driven back to New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh Congress Chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi told reporters.

Gandhi was picked up from the sit-in site along with Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh and MP Raj Babbar, Gautam Budh Nagar acting district magistrate Sheetal Verma said.

“Rahul Gandhi has been arrested for violating the prohibitory orders enforced under section 144 of Cr.P.C (Criminal Procedure Code). State president Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Digvijay Singh and Raj Babbar were also arrested along with Rahul Gandhi,” she said earlier.

The district administration, prior to the arrests, imposed section 144 of the Cr.P.C.
According to state Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh, Gandhi and the other leaders were taken to a police station where they were required to sign a bond in front of an executive magistrate before being permitted to leave.

Singh said the Gautam Budh Nagar district administration received a letter from the Congress at 8.30 p.m. saying it planned to hold a meeting in Bhatta Parsaul Thursday.
Singh said Gandhi was held apprehending a law and order situation due to the the proposed meeting.

Ritu Bahuguna Joshi said the Congress leaders were arrested in the dark of the night.
“It was a peaceful demonstration. There were not even mikes there. It is a defeated government and the Congress is the only party fighting for the farmers,” she said.
On Saturday, police and agitating farmers fought a pitched battle in Bhatta Parsaul that left four dead, including two policemen.

Gandhi was in the village Wednesday supporting farmers who are agitating for higher compensation for land acquired for the 156-km Yamuna Expressway, linking New Delhi with Agra.

The Congress scion sneaked into the village, which was barred to politicians and outsiders, early Wednesday on a motor-bike despite heavy police presence. He spent nearly 18 hours with the villagers before his arrest.

Addressing the agitating farmers earlier in the day, Gandhi said the Uttar Pradesh government’s high-handedness made him “feel ashamed to be an Indian”.

“I have seen the violence unleashed on your youth and women. By seeing what has happened here, I feel ashamed to be an Indian. The state government is tormenting its own people,” Gandhi said, targeting Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) government.

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Rahul : With an intention to strengthen the party organization at the grassroots level

rahul gandhi

AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi is likely to take a break from his busy schedule of campaigning for party candidates contesting the assembly elections in five states and visit Karnataka to woo youngsters.

Returning Officer for the Youth Congress elections, Mr Manoj Pathania, announced on Wednesday that Mr Gandhi would visit the State during April to encourage youngsters to enroll with the party’s youth wing.

The membership drive was launched by two AICC general secretaries in-charge for Karnataka, Mr Sanjay Nirupam and Mr Madhusudan Mistry along with central leaders from Karnataka. The membership drive will go on till April 25.

The Congress party has decided to use Blackberry mobile phone during the membership campaign. The confirmation of membership application will be given through Blackberry, he explained. To bring more transparency in the organizational elections, the entire poll process and scrutiny of membership has been entrusted to Foundation for Advanced Management of Elections (FAME), an NGO headed by former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Mr J.M. Lyngdoh. Mr Pathania said that the selection of Youth Congress president and other office-bearers were at the discretion of senior leaders of the party.

With an intention to strengthen the party organization at the grassroots level, the party has decided to conduct elections of office-bearers to the youth wing of the party, Mr Pathania added. Elections will be conducted for 46,273 booths in the state and from each booth, five-member committees will be formed, Mr Pathania said adding that ten-member committee would be formed for every assembly and Parliament constituency.

He explained that while conducting Youth Congress elections, reservations would be provided to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other Backward Classes, minorities and women. According to him, to monitor the elections, a 35-member team has been formed at national level.

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Our focus primarily is to build leaders and not the organization.

The National Students Union of India held its two day National Executive Meeting, in Lucknow, on Thursday. The meeting took place on 9th and 10th of February 2011. This meeting was attended by the State Presidents and National Office Bearers of NSUI. The meeting was also addressed by Shri Rahul Gandhi, who is the AICC Gen Sec Incharge of NSUI

In his address Shri Rahul Gandhi said .Our focus primarily is to build leaders and not the organization. If we are successful in developing you people as real leaders, the organization will automatically grow strong.

UPCC Spokesperson Dwijendra Tripathi Told that In this two day meeting the NSUI leaders had a review of their work that they have done in the past few months. Every State President presented a review of the work that they had undertaken in their respective states. They also discussed and formulated their action plan for the next 3 months. These plans will be discussed when the team meets for the next National Executive.

Spokesperson Dwijendra Tripathi Told that The Uttar Pradesh Unit of NSUI had done a state wise survey on the condition of hostels meant for SC/ST students. The report made by the U.P NSUI states that the condition of SC/ST students is really bad because of apathy by the state government. Decision was taken in the National Executive meeting to take this programme nationally. The survey will now be done in every state and a massive agitation would be launched in states where government has turned a blind eye towards SC/ST students. National agitation launch will be done in Uttar Pradesh.

NSUI will hold its National Executive once in every three months in different cities across the country.

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Rahul Gandhi A New Ray of Hope to 13 year old Rohit Dubey

Rohit Dubey, 13, an orphan and a school dropout making a living selling hair clips on local trains, can’t believe his luck. He is going back to school, and guess who will receive his annual progress report Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

The Gandhi scion spotted Rohit in a crowd of around 2,000 people on Sunday in Palghar, where he addressed a group of Youth Congress workers.

Upon learning that the boy dropped out of school two years back after his parents passed away within two months of each other, Rahul asked Minister of State for Tribal Development Rajendra Gavit to not only have the boy readmitted to a school, but also left instructions that he be kept updated on the boy’s annual progress.

For Rohit, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to hop onto a Virar-Dahanu shuttle after he saw a poster announcing Rahul’s Palghar visit (Saturday isn’t a great day for business on Mumbai locals anyway).

That decision has changed the course of his life.

It was almost like the universe was conspiring to put Rohit in the right place at the right time. At Aryan School ground, where Rahul was meeting party workers, Rohit was denied entry because he was not carrying a pass. He was disappointed, but decided to wait hoping he would get a glimpse of Rahul or at least his chopper when he left. But fate had more in store for him.

After the meeting got over, Rahul was walking towards his chopper when he suddenly turned around, broke security cordon and walked straight up to Rohit in the crowd. Touching the boy’s face gently, Rahul asked him his name and whether he went to school.

When Rohit told him he can’t afford school because he is an orphan, Rahul told his security officer he would like to talk to the boy alone and that he should be escorted to the pandal inside.

Rahul spoke to Rohit one-on-one for a minute or so. That one minute could well turn out be a very significant moment of his life.

Rohit’s Struggles

His parents’ deaths were a big blow to Rohit. His father, a daily-wage construction worker, died of malaria in August 2009. There was no money to get him treatment.

His mom, who continued to fund Rohit’s education by working as a housemaid, succumbed to tuberculosis in October the same year. She too could not get any medical attention because the family had no money.

Though shattered by the turn of events, Rohit hardly had any time to mourn. Survival was the priority.

In November, he quit school and began looking for employment. Some friends told him that hair clips sell well on local trains. He checked with a trader in Dharavi, who asked for a deposit of Rs 500 before he could trust the boy with a few boxes of clips.

Rohit contacted one of his mother’s employers in Vasai. Since he would sometimes accompany his mother to the households where she worked, this particular Gujarati family knew him. They gave him Rs 500 and told him he need not bother repaying the sum.

Rohit began selling hair clips. He would do brisk business from morning to late noon the peak hours. On good days, he would make Rs 150. With four of his friends, Rohit shared a small room in a chawl in Nalla Sopara (east) for which they paid Rs 2,000 per month to the owner.

The cramped chawl room and sweaty ladies’ train compartments could now be in the past. Rohit is going back to school.

The minister has asked Rohit to meet him on February 2 with all school testimonials. “I hope to rejoin the Hindi-medium school I was studying in before my parents passed away,” he says, and then adds shyly, “If I make some money someday, I would like to visit my grandparents in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. They are poor farm labourers.”But Are Being treated for irritable bowel Syndrome

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