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  1. An Indian Citizen says:

    Dear Rahul,
    Youth of India has lot of hopes & expectations from you, they see themselves in you
    Please stand by the Lokpal Bill, though it may not eradicate corruption 100%, but it will give a strong initiative towards a corruption free governance. For protecting the interest of few corrupted officials, one can put interest of 120 carore Aam Aadami of India at stake. Empower common man of this country with strong anti-corruption bill like JanLokpal Bill. No government official, no political leader could ever dare to do the corruption in this country.
    One can not deny the very fact that the Government of India is ‘for the people ,by the people, of the people but not above the people’ ; if the common man is asking for some measures against corruption its the duty of all the elected members of parliament to provide them with a Bill they are asking for, we do not find anything unconstitutional in Jan Lokpal Bill.
    If the present Government is not ready to accept this bill they should justify why it can not be accepted . What is so seriously wrong in this bill except it will soon reveal the few more corruption cases.
    Lets clean the country together & sweep away the dirt of corruption forever form this country
    We feel that you being leader of youth of this country can make a difference , kindly stand by strong Lokpal bill and convince your party-leaders to sanction this bill

    Please be bold, aggressive & intolerant towards corruption & corrupted people, lets no more allow the corrupted officials to misuse the money raised through taxes paid by the Aam Aadami of this country

    Jai Bharat

  2. anju bhatt says:

    i was listening to what you said in the parliament today.it was rational rather emotional that is the best part of it.i think it is a battle among geminines you are one also as well as annaji and kiran bediji.i am also one so we have a very moralistic approach on each issue as well as sometime a hardcore stand.today what you said was the thing i always wanted to hear from our PM besides that a tough stand of the govt. balanced with the respect towards the jan bhawana.to eradicate corruption nothing will work more than our social change that allows every citizen to behave properly and expects the same from others.till our drama driven souls do not allow us to think rationally toh manziol abhi door hai.you are doing a good job keep it up young man!JAI HIND JAI BHARAT MATA!

  3. Amit Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Morning,

    Sir i am Amit Singh living in Lucknow (Uttar Pardesh).I am a big follower of your views and policies for the development in Uttar Pradesh and want to be a part of it.I was working as a relationship Manager in a MNC and always thought to meet you once and share my opinion with you but it never happened.I really appreciate your efforts for the state and hope if u can provide me chance to be a part of it under your guidance.


    Amit Singh

  4. BINESH PRASAD says:

    dear Rahul

    i am from australia born in fiji lived in new zealand and travelled the world and returned to india after 150 years my great grand father left here as a slave sold by indians to british in 1860

    i have been here for 14 months and written down many things as i am writing a book
    i have been to many police stations courts travelled in trains and talked to all class of people and i read news papers and did stupid things to get informations like paying rishwats which is so normal here.

    i have shown my writings to the most educated ones and the reply was it will wake up lots of people because i believe no one has done the research like mine may be i was lucky i look indian and can do all types of dressing

    my reason to approach you was for 2 reasons firstly my dad was in politics in fiji and was a honest politician and second i met late mrs Indhira gandhi in fiji when i was a child and my dad explained to her why there is no caste or classification in fiji indians

    so i want to meet your trusted sec to mainly give you a view from my point that why we all indians in fiji or overseas followed congress for years but after looking at the worlds highest corruption we may change our views but i dont want to rubbish congress i want the young ones change it and there is a way
    sometime it takes one person to point out the mistakes and then few to work together to perfect it


  5. Dr Sunil Gupta says:

    Dear Mr Gandhi

    I am a cancer specialist working in the UK and 43 years old . I have deep interest in non political social work in India try to correct the system.I like you call for national service from young and educated people of India. I don’t know how to start the social reforms and would like to join you in these reforms. I have learnt a lot from the westerners and want to apply to my countrymen. Kindly take me with you in national cause please
    I hope that you reply to this e-mail
    Many thanks

    Best wishes and warm regards

    Dr Sunil Gupta
    MBBS, DCH, DNB, MNAMS, MRCP ( Edinburgh UK) FRCPath (UK), CCST(UK)

    Consultant Haemato-Oncologist
    Princess Royal University Hospital
    University of London
    Land Line-0044-2082905064

  6. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Rahul Ji,

    You are the only ray of hope, the country has in this critical hour of reckoning..Please lead from the front like Rajiv ji did and help the nation regain its identity. I would also request you to give youngsters from non-political background a chance to help you in your mission of cleansing the country from its ill..The need of the hour is a combine and co-hesive approach from both the political and common class..I hope you will get to read my comments some day and look at launching a political internship program which would allow people from under previledged and non-political backgrounds to contribute to the country..



  7. Kalidasan.M says:

    Sir, I am in TN Now that the results of the assembly elections in TN has come very poor So,for Tamil Nadu majority people of Caste BC and SC only and other community very low but present Indian Government (Manmohan Singh Ministries) cant BC and Sc caste minister and TN congress committee Prisdent .That people person you recommended in future minister cabinet ,
    That action only now congress party developing future plan in TN

    Thanking You
    General Secretory

  8. Arun says:

    dear Mr. Rahul,

    We prayer that your mother will get well soon.

    And also i wish to inform you that INC website is not updated from last year.

  9. Priyanka says:

    Respected sir, I have a request sir, as you are aware that durga puja is approching soon, beign a bengali , I request you to just write a few words for our committee, we are from AHMEDABAD(GUJARAT) and our committee name is “The BENGALI ORNAMENTS MAKERS ASSOCIATION” and we are going to celebrate our 26th pooja this year and I want you to just bless our committee with a few words of yours so that we can print it in our pooja books and I would also like to invite you to come and visit our pooja place. please reply to my content.
    Thanking you,
    With Regards,

  10. Sathya Narayanan says:

    Dear Rahul,

    I am not sure whether this mail would reach you or not. But, I am writing this with a hint of hope that it will reach you.

    By seeing all these corruption charges starting from Raja till Delhi CM, I completely don’t understand why do a software engineer like me who works day and night for the daily living, have to pay tax!!!! Are these hard earned bucks given as taxes are used for the poor’s welfare and for the country’s development. Predominantly not!!!!

    Having come from a poor family with illiterate parents who didn’t have any job or regular income and having struggled too hard to get a merit seat in a government college and did my Computer Engineering and now with a job in a big MNC, is to just shed my hard earned money to be eaten by many politicians is hurting a lot!!!!!!!

    Why don’t we youngsters get a chance to serve for the country rather than giving those opportunities to money eaters who never realize the importance of their position but plan only about how much can they earn in those 5 years. Why couldn’t they lead a happy life with their salary and all the other fuel, house allowances they get, which I can!!!

    I have only expressed 0.0000001% of how I am feeling in this mail!!!!

    Hoping for the best atleast in future,


  11. Habeeb Raja says:

    नमस्कार राहुलजी आप कैसे हो !
    आप से मिलकर बहुत बात करनेकी इच्छा है ! पर आप से मिलने को देतेही नहीं क्या करें आप ही बताए ! अब मेरी उम्र ४५ वर्ष हो रही है !पर अबितक हमें कोईभी पद नहीं मिला है ! आप का काम करनेका तरीका अच्छा है ! हम आशा करें या ना करे पद के लिए कृपया आपही बतादो आप के उत्तर का इन्तेजार करूँ ना अब आगे मेरी उम्र ख़त्म होती है ! ध्यान दें मुजपर!
    आप का अपना
    हबीब रजा
    रायपुर (छ.गा)
    मो: 9425517227

  12. Ajit Kumar Rai says:

    Rahul Bhaiya,

    I am Ajit Kumar Rai from Gorakhpur (U.P.). After the death of my father in August 2009, who was then Station Engineer in All India Radio, Gorakhpur, I need your help regarding compassionate appointment in All India Radio. I have my mother & a unemployed younger brother in my family. My mother is suffering from artheritis, B.P. & diabeties. Since I have responsibilities of my family as a elder brother, I need this appointment very much. Presently I am also unemployed in the age of 33 years with 07 members family (including family of both brothers).

    I have one more request…

    Bhaiya, I am M.B.A (Marketing) form Gorakhpur University & PG diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication from IGNOU. I also have few media experience in Advertising & News Production (Radio). I have handled the political advertising campaign of Peace Party for FM Radio for Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Bareily & Lucknow, when I was working in a Private FM Radio. Bhaiya…. I am requesting to work with your team in Eastern U.P. for Congress Party & for broad visionary Rahul Bhaiya.

    Please help me for my Compassionate Appointment & also assign me few responsibility in your team in eastern U.P. .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ajit Kumar Rai,
    Mobile : 9450151999

  13. sunil rawat says:

    Dear Rahulji ,
    I am a great fan of you and would like to suggest the following points :
    1.In private sector ,pls request PMji to make a law that no person will lose job until given 2 years advance notice and if the person is not able to find job to pay him at least 50% of his last drwan salary ,whether the person is temporary or permanent in job .
    2. pls requst FM to ban RBI from increasing CRR or to increased loan rates as it .loan rate of interest should be freezeefor 10 years as it will help all .
    thanking you !
    Sunil Singh rawat

  14. Nilesh says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    It was very comfortable to know that a leader like you takes care for farmers and the issues concerning them. Your 4-day long campaign and Kishan Mahapanchayat on the completion of the campaign made me think of Mahatama Gandhi who worked for the freedom of Indigo farmers in East Champaran from the Imperialists.
    Keep doing the good work.


    dear Rahulji
    i am son of poor middle income parents. my late father was a congress man(long long tme ago before finisihing my schooling. . i belong to SC category. who studied well and di d my architecture(SPA New Delhi) and presently working in delhi. since dalit categories are the most suferrers even after a lot of struggle educating to a professional level our problems are not solved. please take the issue of dalits in urban areas as well ,who are struggling not getting basic entitlments. As we enter into government offices we were not given place to site and work, next we are provided partial treatments. after reaching this level some of us are even shy to address to SC/ST commission fearing further harrasment. Some of our earning also go to our relatives and give their children encouragement to focus on this study. (great regard for madam Indiragandhi for her will in solving dalit issues)initially i thought i was only the sufferer on the contrary i found majority of them are in oneway or other. please facilitate SC/ST commission for stern action against discrimination in any form, let them periodically put it in paper, let them publicize number of complaints and action taken. Being Sr. lecturer observe good attitude in the present youths but the old people are so prejudiced that their old outdated attitudes are displayed over the youths especially if they are SC/ST students or fellow teacher

  16. Nitin.M.Rao says:

    Mr. Rahul.Gandhi 07.22.2011

    We are living in the 21′st century. The comment by actor Katrina.Kaif was it of a
    antinational in nature that she had to apologize?

    Then what is the difference between the congress & the other parties

    The country has many problems corruption,infrastrucure,healthcare & education to
    name a few wich we should be concentrating on.

    Not on such a trivial matter.

    I am a congress supporter from long but i think such outbursts show the party in a bad light [i hope corrective steps will be taken to end this issue]

    Thank you

  17. Parmanand says:

    My comment is related to ur visit of Gorakhpur on 21.07.2011 that what u have noticed in ur visit of our area. We are facing problems due to damaged roads (likely N.H. 29 from Nausarh to Barhalganj). It has been a cause of the accidents on this road.
    so, I request u to please care about this and make the arrangements for repairing of the same so that our country can save the fuels & also the precious time of the people.

    thanks for visit to Gorakhpur

  18. kumar says:

    this is kumar from france,i want to question to him tht wht is the fundamental right of indian national citizen? wht i knew pay money and fix your problems,govt open an embassies in foreign countries for helping indian citizens but i saw something else,i think govt may be open embasses acc to law but i am sorry to say these staff made it shop,where we can buy a solution of our problems,frm last one year i struggling to get my passport and they said they didnot get enquiry response from another country,is it my fault?but wht i found if i will pay bribary i can get it into three days,wow india,thts why i had come to know why they write on wall ,incredible india,i feel shame on myself

  19. Dr.Yesudas N. says:

    Dear Rahulji,

    Your focus on training the future leaders of India is well appreciated. In a country like India it is difficult to have political changes over night. It needs vision and professional planning and well organized political system closing the loopholes for curruption. I suggest the following to bring about visible changes in political culture of India.

    1. A leader from grassroots level be assessed with reference to social service.
    2. Have a system of social auditing for all the political parties.
    3. Every ward in a village should have social work and social auditing units.
    4. Retired professionals be in charge of grass root level social work.
    5. Political work be equated with social work.
    6. Make happiness of the people be the criteria for measuring the development of the country as in Bhutan, and not GDP, but GDH(H=Happiness)

    Wishing you all the best in your political career

    Dr.Yesudas N., (Ph.D. Peace Studies,Gujarat Vidyapith.)
    X-21, Vythiri, Wayanad, Kerala, 673576

  20. G.P.Singh says:

    Dear Sh.Rahul Gandhi,
    I am a senior citizen , like millions of Indians see I see golden rays of hopes in you.I request you to suggest UPA Government to create a special Ministry of Anti Corruption headed by a jurist sensitive and compassionate to humanity where Aaam Admi can lodge complaints online on this burning issue.Please advise all Ministers to ensure that their email addresses in addition to email addresses of senior bureaucrats are highlighted on respective websites for quick access to public.Regards.

  21. Wish you the best in the politics of India. get rid of the foreign element/tilt in our politics as British left but their deep impressions continue to distort the scene in practice.

    Demonstrate through your actions on ground that your base does not lie with your mother, Sonia Gandhi, President of INC. You should be able to call a spade as spade even if the rest of the Congressmen ditto the dictates of the High Command, your mother.
    You are a youngman reaching middle age and not married yet. Marry an Indian girl of your liking before it becomes late. Indians like people who lead them through good example, a healthy married life.
    You should form an open / transparent Advisory Council for your national activities on the pattern of Navratans in the times of our Kings of good old days, like Great Ashoka, Buddha, Chandragupta Mauriya, etc. They should be genuine professional experts in their respective fields and not the projected psychophants that we have today. The criterian should be selflessness and not selfishness.

    We need leaders who admit their mistakes and then take action on ground to demonstrate the same. Human frailities are bound to exist in any human and such actions will help eliminate the Godliness associated with our self=proclaimed leaders. They should learn to bow before the general public, instead of the so-called High Command in private or public.

    You are very human thus far but you still need to project the role of humanity before the so called self-proclaimed leaders. Avoid & demonstarate anti-psychophancy behaviour pattern.

    You are young enough not to depend on the images of past glories and personalities. History does not repeat and you should generate your own following through genuiness, sincerity and integrity. Truth and love are the guiding lights.

    The fight against huge corruption and ever-increasing cost of living are the bigegst banes faced by our society today. This needs to be openly supported in words and actions both.

    Narendra Nath
    grandson of a late Revolutionary cum Congressman of Delhi, who resigned from politics over the issue of partition of the country in 1947.

  22. Lakshmi Mishra says:

    प्रिय राहुलजी,
    नमस्कार !!
    मेरा नाम लक्ष्मी है और मेरा ससुराल जिला सुलतानपूर रामगंज मे ससुराल है आज से १७ साल पहले जब मै रामगंज गइ थी तब जो हालत रामगंज स्टेशन कि थी वो आज उस से बद्तर् है अमेठी सुलतानपूर आप का गढ माने जाते है क्या कभी आपने ट्रेन से अलाहाबाद से रामगंज तक का सफर किया है अगर नहि तो मेरी आपसे दरखास्त है कि एक बार आप जरूर रामगंज स्टेशन पर उतरे और देखे कि क्या १७ साल से जादा समय लगेगा इस स्टेशन का सुधार होने के लिये अगर आप कुछ कर पाये तो सारा इलाका आपका शुक्रगुजार होगा !!
    मै आपको ये इसलिये बता रही हुं क्योकि मेरा जन्मस्थान अमरावती है जो कि महाराष्ट्र मे पडता है और अगर आप अमरावती और रामगंज का १७ साल का रेकॉर्ड देखे तो आपको फरक महसूस होगा एक जगह जहां आपके पिता जी थे और दुसरी और कुछ साधारण से आमदार लोग …….
    मै आपसे छोटी हुं अगर आप को मेरी कोई बात बुरी लगे तो क्षमा चाहते है
    लक्ष्मी मिश्र
    [email protected]

  23. Ketan Meshram says:

    Hon.Rahul Sir,

    I am from Pune Maharashtra, we look you as a youth icon of India and want to see you our future leader.
    For token of love from us we want to run a Pure water programme in villages across India as ” RAHUL GANDHI SWACH NEER GRAMIN ABHIYAN”.
    For this cause we need your approval.
    Your’s Sincerely,

    Ketan Meshram

  24. Sethuhari says:

    Dear Rahul Uncle,
    I am Just 15 year’s old,My Brother 10years old (currently staying in my uncle house after my father killed)ThelunganKudikkadu Village Orathanadu (Taluk) pin-614625, Thanjavur (Dts).My Father (46 year old)was killed 21/october/2009 by My Uncle and his subordinates. My uncle Name is: Radhakrishnan S/O Sooriamoorthy, sitting Orathandu Constituency Youth Congress Committee Secretary.My father was killed at around 6-7 pm on 21/october/2009 that day itself my uncle and my grandfather rushed and hide the fact and creamated the body around at 2 am before our father side relative come and got to know the truth . My mother side all got know the truth what happened to my father, but my father side most of them got know the truth next-day only.My father side all got upset about the incident and speechless, but mother side they don’t care about the murder they lied and was telling that my father ate poison to commit suiside but nobody listened their lies. Still I am very scary about my uncle family.I need justice for My father Murdered by My own Uncle Radhakrishnan and his subordinate without any valid reason.Kindly I want you to order to the CBCID do investigate the murder to bring out the truth. In my father side relative , elder uncle know the truth of the murder but he also died recently 6 months ago due to the upset of the icident. My another two uncles not happy with the icident also.My mother side how long they will take care of us we can’t live them .now Radhakrishnan start querrel with us.I hope you will help us and give us Justice.Do you know ….one thing….Why should i asked to you? becuase you know how the pain was when own father killed .thats why i asking you the justice.
    Thank you

  25. Pangseng R. Marak says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    Tons of best wishes from the North-East India , Meghalaya, Garo Hills, Tura.
    I have no aim of becoming any big politician or famous for had i wanted i could have make out for myself. I am however serious about the development and the people of Garo Hills.
    Till date, in Garo Hills I have only found the policy of the Congress (I) on the wrong foot, the Congress legislatures from Garo Hills cares nothing but their power and seat while the people are lingering for food and clothing, survival, etc. Unfortunately, although most of my own closed friends are from congress yet the inside the party fight is so horrible.They are corrupt and not committed to the party ideology.
    Although not so bad with my Father-in-law so attached to congress that he will die for its ideology. Actually older version of congress were very committed… and that’s honest…
    The congress in Garo Hills does not work hard to include the youths in Development and any good and honest person it is always NCP party to roped them in.
    The person who is not appreciated most has also been appointed as Chief Minister of the State. I don’t know how and why congress is taking a wrong steps in promoting their party in the region.
    Perhaps with your understanding and knowledge you can help the people of Garo Hills. I’m asking for help because PA Sangma being known as strongman in the region has his own faults to lift his party.
    The Goverment is holding civic polls despite the opposition from general public which in the long run may end in Bloodshed of the public and 2013 election rounds NCP will be one step ahead if congress makes this mistake.
    Please look into the matters….because i believe you can do something…ti bring a change in the nation…I had read about you even when you were not in politics during my childhood in sports magazine when you are shooting pistols in the colleges.
    Maybe you charisma will change the nation which is being fragmented on variuos issues in the nation.

    Pangseng R. Marak
    Garo Hills,

  26. Yash Kumar Advocate says:

    Dear Rahul Ji,
    Sir, with profound grief and sorrow I have to bring one more incidence for your kind consideration and a glimpse of Indian Police system and particularly that of UP Police. On 04.07.2011 at 10 O Clock in the morning a 11 year old Minor Dalit girl was raped by 3 boys of upper caste. Now police is trying to cover up the matter. Eyewitness is a 6 year old girl and both the girls were detained in the Police Station for whole night and were pressurised to change their statement. P. S. is Sandila, Village, Gausa, Distt. Hardoi, UP the name of victim is Soni and her brother’s name is Ram Kishore and his Mobile No. is 9810856060. Now Police is trying to make this case as that of molestation instead of Rape. even after the lapse of 24 hours still the medical test has not been conducted on the victim. Sir, I am writing to you because the victims elder brother is working in my company.

    In anticipation of early response


    Yours truly

    Yash Kumar
    Mob 8860083634

  27. Ramesh Chandra Shukla says:

    Dear Rahul Gandhi,

    I belong to distt. Pratapgrh ( U.P. ) and very often I feel that I am in Amethi too because my place is on the border of Amethi and Pratapgrah.

    My request to you is:

    Please visit graveyard in Allahabad where your Grand Father Mr. Feroz Gadhi’s soul is resting. The grave is dying and being destroied, eyes of many peoples are on the land to grab / encroach. Being a small Parsi community their voice is so slow to be heared by administration / Leaders ( being NOT a potential vote Bank )

    It is the right time to act. Please do not work for only a potential mass of vote bank the small community is also there in our country to make it truly demoractic place.

    The small thins make you great.

    Ramesh Chandra Shukla
    Village – Pure Payag
    Post Office: Ramgunj
    Thana: Sangipur 230139
    Distt: Pratapgarh ( U.P. )
    State Assembly Contituancy: Rampur Khas
    Our MLA: Mr. Pramod Tiwari
    Our MP- MS. Rani Ratna Singh D/o Ex. Cabinet Minister Mr. Raja Dinesh Pratap Singh ( Kala Kankar )

  28. NEHA SHARMA says:

    Shri Rahul GandhiJi,

    I hope you are doing fine. I dont know whether this massage will reach you or not.. but still I have to do my duty as an honest citizen of India.

    This is a suggesstion or a request to use educated and sincere people for making our country as the most devloped country.

    My husband is a very sincere and responsible person and have done B-Tech from IIT Madras and pursuing MBA from IIM ,He is having 7 years experence also in co-orporate world. I know, he will do the best things in his life and get high success but I think this would be much better if he worked for our country also and apply his skills to make india more devloped.


    Please think about this matter and if you will take these kind of people in indian politics so, I am sure our INDIA will definatly get the more successful system and we will be more proud to be a part of it.

    I hope you understand what I am trying to convey here.

    Vande Mataram
    Jai Hind


  29. Rahul Radhakrishnan says:

    Dear Rahulji

    Working on the paths laid by our great PM Shri Rajiv Gandhi i have noted that you share the same ideals of him especially when it comes to technology and using it for the development of the country. I have an idea which i do not know whether workable but it is about creating a platform to get the E- Waste in the country removed. It would be massive but i don’t think i can share the entire idea here as the space is limited. I ask for your permission so that i can present it before you and secondly a humble request to get the membership in INC

  30. Manoj says:

    Dear Rahul,

    We are not getting justice for ACID ATTACK against minor girls. Police are not working at-all, As culprits have good relation ship with police and political. IS IT SO DIFFICLU TO GET JUSTICE IN INDIA. I am sharing complete details with you please help us in any way.

    My Niece was ACID ATTACK WITH TWO OF HER FRIEND IN ROHTAK(HARYANA) held on 19th June 2011 at sector 1 while they were returning from their tuition classes,.
    Sir, currently the case is with P.S. Urban Estate Rohtak. Each time we contacted the local police we were told that accused will be caught soon; in spite of over 10 days of the crime being committed by the accused, yet the criminals are roaming scots free.
    The police have been successful in identifying the vehicles; containers and other material used for throwing the acid which were used by the culprits have been sent for forensic examination. In spite of these developments, the police are yet to book a case against the culprit and no charges have been framed against them and no arrests have been made till date.
    To this effect, since the last 10 days, we have been subjected to immense hardship, mental torture and trauma.
    I would also like to bring to your kind notice that we are not getting justice from police, since the Police is not taking any serious action against the accused and are trying to weaken the case, hand in hand with the culprits.
    In this regards, may I strongly appeal you to help us in getting justice, since the crime has been committed over an innocent minor girl, who has suffered 30-40% burn injuries on the face, including her eyes and body, who is still in a critical condition, fighting for her life in ICU.
    I once again humbly appeal you to help us in brining the culprits under police custody, and punishing the culprit at the earliest, which goes against the known fact that, getting justice in HARYANA is quite difficult due to many influences.

    Yours faithfully,
    Manoj Kumar

  31. Karuna Sharma says:

    Respected Rahulji,
    Inspired by you and your thoughts I joined congress, though my father was a freedom fighter and worked for congress during his whole life, I was hesitating, but your thoughts let vanish my all doubts.

    Just now I am handling resposibilities of State Office Incharge of Madhya Pradesh Mahila Congress at Bhopal.

    Since long time I wishes to thank you, todayI got the way. Thanks a lot sir.



    Karuna Sharma
    Karyalaya Prabhari
    M.P. Mahila Congress

  32. himanshu vashistha says:

    dear sir,
    My brother was hit by up roadways bus from behind on 22 jun 11 while he was going to his office HCL Technologies, sec 60 noida in the morning. He was a software engg. One of his friend also a software engg. was sitting behind him. He is seriously injured but alive. Iwant justice for his death, about the negligent driving of the driver. Kindly guide me as he was the only earning hand in my family. Please do the needful.

  33. Anish says:


    I am having full proof plans to strengthen india, working abroad i feel indians should realise that they are indians first . That can be only acheived through grass root levels in india,being indian we thrive to get nationalities of other contry ?why ???????
    I need support and i can trust u ,willing to work for the future of india to make india as 1(one).As my forfathers were never from a political parties i find it difficult for my opinions to be heard in an international platform,i dont aspire to be a poltician but want to work with a politician who can make a difference. We as indians should stand united else within no time we will break into rigions as soviet unions did and we will soon become prey to another world slavery which cannot be controled.our name in IT is very good but the amount of unskilled workers we are producing towords the world will over shadow the skills which we will have as even skilled workers will be treated as indian slaves soon, Plan now for the future so that the world recognize us and respects us,what if we dont have oil or gold mines We have enough land and we have enough workers to get it cultivated so that not even a single child sleeps empty stomach . Change now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Revolution is required for food for green environment ,against corruption.
    Please contact me if you feel i am right .

  34. Dear Rahul Gandhi,
    Now that the results of the assembly elections in TN has come and Congress party with the alliance of corrupt DMK got only 5 seats one less that what I predicted in my earlier letter to you. First of all, come out of DMK clutches either function independently and give support to AIADMK to all the welfare measures announced in their election manifesto.

    So that the Congress party will get support in all india level and also see that DMK members are punished in 2 G scam without taking into political aspects but based on findings and motives of the persons involved. Pl see that all DMK ministers are removed from the ministry and induct new ministers from AIADMK, BSP and SP.



  35. Mukesh Meena says:

    I want to work with INC, I m B. Tech. in IT and also MBA. So i just want to work with congress party and serve congress with online campaign and in Social networking that is also important in IT era. I just want to do same as Chris Hughes do for Barak Obama. As i know you are giving chance to young people to serve country you must go chance to me and i want to control INC online and web campaign.

    Mukesh Meena

    Mobile No.
    Delhi —–> 9717478404
    Rajasthan –> 9950215717

    Thanks & Regards
    Mukesh Meena

  36. Deepak Sirohi says:

    Sub– Application for new road connectivity in Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)

    Respected Sir
    I(deepak sirohi) is the son of village head. I am speaking from the side of my habitat people that the rural connectivity road from the N.H 24 is in very bed condition and it serve near about 5 thousand people. Sir the habitat people give so many application to elected M.P, who give the assurance that road will be constructed but there is no result till know.
    You( Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji ) is having so many power can give us the privilege to travel on good constructed road.
    Sir please take appropriate action on this public interest issue. And we all will be very great full to you.
    Thank You Respected Sir
    Thanks & Regards
    Deepak Sirohi
    Mob- 09837752205
    Vill- Mohammadpur
    Post- Rajabpur
    Distt– J.P.Nagar
    Uttar Pradesh, 244221

  37. Pankaj Jain says:

    Dear Sir,
    Jain Saint Maitri Prabh Sagar Ji is on Aamaran Anshan (fast till death) at BARAUT (UP) from 25th April, against issuance of licenses to Nine New Automatic Slaughter Houses by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The issue of cruelty against animals is a burning issue like corruption. Movement is getting huge support from all over India and from all the communities. But it looks that Electronic Media is under pressure of the state government and not covering the movement. Health of Saint Ji is deteriorating minute by minute but still he determined to continue his fast.

    We request you for your valuable guidance and active support to the movement and save the Pashu Dhan (cattle) of India.

  38. devendra sharma says:

    dear sir
    one request a boxing coach who has devoted a lot for junior indian team for years has been ignored for dronacharya award for many years name G Manoharan EX arjuna awardee now jr team coach,please do justice so that he is inspired to put in efforts in future too.
    devendra sharma

  39. HIren Somaiya says:

    Respected Sir, I want to write you about a petition for Fix wages people who are work for govt. of Gujarat That high court of Gujarat said that why Govt make different strategi for same class of worker 1 get more money for same work and 2 get less then minimum wages.High court issue Notice to Guj.Govt and Center Govt as well that why not court register case of court contemn.
    I think as a MP and general Secretory of Congress you need to interfere for those service persons who are socialized by Govt of Gujarat And please try to put this matter in parliament in moon soon season

  40. abhishek patel says:

    Fasting students land in hospital

    Students at a hunger strike on campus at Sonari on Wednesday. (Bhola Prasad)
    Jamshedpur, May 4: Two students of Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science (IIAS), Sonari, among the 150 who had launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday over unsatisfactory placements, were admitted to MGM Medical College and Hospital after they complained of dehydration and weakness.

    While final-year aircraft maintenance engineering student Ved Prakash Mishra had to be rushed to the hospital at around 11pm yesterday, his junior, Manish Kumar from second-year, was hospitalised after he complained of uneasiness this morning.

    The students of the Sonari-based institute were protesting against IIAS for its alleged failure in giving job placements, despite attractive promises made at the time of admission. The students, who demonstrated on campus on April 28, launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday to demand apprenticeships and job placements after the completion of the three-year course.

    An hour-long tripartite meeting between the director of IIAS J.K. Srivastava, Dalbhum sub-divisional officer Sunil Kumar Sinha and students failed to make students budge from their stand.

    “We held a meeting with the director and students, were unable to find any written promise of jobs in the institute’s prospectus. If the students feel cheated, they should file an FIR under Section 420 of IPC,” Sinha said.

    The students, in response, alleged the institute had duped them with an attractive prospectus that guaranteed jobs with salary packages as high as Rs 5 lakh per annum.

    Students also alleged that the cradle’s authorities locked up the institute office and put up “backdated notices” declaring summer holidays till July 1, putting students, supposed to fill up examination forms, in a fix. “We will continue our hunger strike till our demands are met. Authorities have also locked up the office to prevent us from filling forms to appear in our exams due in June,” said Priti Mishra, an agitating student.

    Fasting students land in hospital

    Students at a hunger strike on campus at Sonari on Wednesday. (Bhola Prasad)
    Jamshedpur, May 4: Two students of Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science (IIAS), Sonari, among the 150 who had launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday over unsatisfactory placements, were admitted to MGM Medical College and Hospital after they complained of dehydration and weakness.

    While final-year aircraft maintenance engineering student Ved Prakash Mishra had to be rushed to the hospital at around 11pm yesterday, his junior, Manish Kumar from second-year, was hospitalised after he complained of uneasiness this morning.

    The students of the Sonari-based institute were protesting against IIAS for its alleged failure in giving job placements, despite attractive promises made at the time of admission. The students, who demonstrated on campus on April 28, launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday to demand apprenticeships and job placements after the completion of the three-year course.

    An hour-long tripartite meeting between the director of IIAS J.K. Srivastava, Dalbhum sub-divisional officer Sunil Kumar Sinha and students failed to make students budge from their stand.

    “We held a meeting with the director and students, were unable to find any written promise of jobs in the institute’s prospectus. If the students feel cheated, they should file an FIR under Section 420 of IPC,” Sinha said.

    The students, in response, alleged the institute had duped them with an attractive prospectus that guaranteed jobs with salary packages as high as Rs 5 lakh per annum.

    Students also alleged that the cradle’s authorities locked up the institute office and put up “backdated notices” declaring summer holidays till July 1, putting students, supposed to fill up examination forms, in a fix. “We will continue our hunger strike till our demands are met. Authorities have also locked up the office to prevent us from filling forms to appear in our exams due in June,” said Priti Mishra, an agitating student.

    Fasting students land in hospital

    Students at a hunger strike on campus at Sonari on Wednesday. (Bhola Prasad)
    Jamshedpur, May 4: Two students of Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science (IIAS), Sonari, among the 150 who had launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday over unsatisfactory placements, were admitted to MGM Medical College and Hospital after they complained of dehydration and weakness.

    While final-year aircraft maintenance engineering student Ved Prakash Mishra had to be rushed to the hospital at around 11pm yesterday, his junior, Manish Kumar from second-year, was hospitalised after he complained of uneasiness this morning.

    The students of the Sonari-based institute were protesting against IIAS for its alleged failure in giving job placements, despite attractive promises made at the time of admission. The students, who demonstrated on campus on April 28, launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday to demand apprenticeships and job placements after the completion of the three-year course.

    An hour-long tripartite meeting between the director of IIAS J.K. Srivastava, Dalbhum sub-divisional officer Sunil Kumar Sinha and students failed to make students budge from their stand.

    “We held a meeting with the director and students, were unable to find any written promise of jobs in the institute’s prospectus. If the students feel cheated, they should file an FIR under Section 420 of IPC,” Sinha said.

    The students, in response, alleged the institute had duped them with an attractive prospectus that guaranteed jobs with salary packages as high as Rs 5 lakh per annum.

    Students also alleged that the cradle’s authorities locked up the institute office and put up “backdated notices” declaring summer holidays till July 1, putting students, supposed to fill up examination forms, in a fix. “We will continue our hunger strike till our demands are met. Authorities have also locked up the office to prevent us from filling forms to appear in our exams due in June,” said Priti Mishra, an agitating student.
    we need ur help in this issue because it’s only limited to jameshdpur’s student,it is story of all ame student.please sir,u r our first and last hope.future of thousands students in our country in ur hand……

  41. 1. Respected sir,
    I belong to the family who has devoted near about 60 years in your party and we will continue it. As my grandfather pt.tej narayan trivedi ex.M.L.A from lakhimpur constituency is very much loyal for congress. My father who was appointed for D.C.C president of lakhimpur kheri (U.P) on 1 June 2006, immediately after his joining he has faced lots of problem with in congress party and he informed all those issues to salman khurshid who was president of UPCC at that time he asked my father to meet moti lal bora and he did the same and he got success in that case. After that my father started doing protest against the sugar factory for not giving money to the farmers and he get good response from every factory except one which was known as khambar khera (sugar factory) he do the same thing there also but the factory security guard fired near about 100 shots as to make farmers afraid and many of the farmers got injured very badly and my father was arrested. The sub inspector used abusing language while talking to my father. At that time also no body from UPCC came to give moral support to farmers and to the congress workers due to this my father resign on conditional basis and it was accepted by UPCC. As my father is very much loyal to the congress and to the nehru/gandhi pariwar and he convey all the information to Delhi but no body from the top level had responded. My father had every data related to the issues which will help you in taking right decision. In 2009 he had appointed as a General secretary of UPCC but recently he had raised one issue related to dhaurahara constituency as central government sanction 56 crore for this constituency as this area is very much affected by flood for this the first installment which was near about 20 crore was released by state government and the desired work was not up to the mark as the contractor took too much commission from this installment. I am unable to cover each detail but I make sure that after meeting to my father everything will be clearer and this will benefit congress party in 2012 election but for this you have to give your precious time to my father. Sir I personally believe in you and in your policies and I hope that you will take certain measures to solve these issues. I forget to mention one thing that my father had video clips of khambar khera (sugar factory) where the security guards of sugar factory crosses there limits and injured many farmers as well as party members which will work as a real evidence for you to proof that my father was right. I take the responsibility of all the matter’s mentioned above is right and in case if anybody proofs it wrong than I am ready for penalty. Rahul ji I request you don’t ignore this message as it will make us feel that somebody is there in the congress party who give assistant and guidance to the true supporters of congress party and it will encourage us to do a lot for the party which will give better result in 2012.

  42. Hiren Boricha says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    Once Read somewhere in book, “Live a Life Like Revolution… Not as the Process of Evolution”.

    My father’s 20 year old shop was demolished by MMRDA Authority in mumbai and he is fighting for justice in our honourable court from last 2 and Half years and still case hasnot come for hearing also. Kindly Guide me….. How Can I help my Father?

    We believed in Congress and Congress Govt Gifted a Demolition of our 20 Year Legal Shop….

    Need your appointment to get the answer as it is very difficult to get the answer from Maharashtrian Civic Body.

    After meeting, If you do not agree with our stand, Then We will take back our case…..

  43. Shreyas G M says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Student from BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus. (Yes, the institute that you recently visited and renamed- on 21st Apr, 2011 to be precise.) Due to your busy schedule, unfortunately, I couldn’t ask you the question I was meaning to ask you then. (Btw, even the questions that were presented to you were screened and SELECTED!, if you didn’t already know). In any case, the question, that I meant to ask you was this. Your point of how politics should be made open to the educated youth and how Youth Congress was working towards it was a very valid one. I want to let you know that there ARE young people out there, including me, who want to take up the humongous task of trying to develop the country THROUGH THE POLITICAL SYSTEM! We all know that the system should open up to us, but, HOW this can be achieved, and not just that the fact that it should be done, is what you need to guide us on. Tell us one thing. What is the incentive for a person like me, coming from an educational institution, to come and join the political system, apart from a sense of responsibility towards your country?? This, is the question that needs to be addressed. If you even have the time to read this, do try and formulate a solution. And if it is possible and you do find an answer, please do reply.

    Shreyas GM (Honestly, one of the few that actually look to you and trust that you will provide an answer)
    Email: [email protected]

    here is my blog, one in which, I try to voice my opinions on some issues, big and small, that we are dealing with.

  44. Saroja says:

    Dear Sir,
    India is youngest country with millions of unemployed youth struggling for their livelihood opporutnities. But Govt of India is not bothered about the problems of enemployed youth. They want to increase the reitrement age of central govt to 62 years. Dear Rahulji, we have lot of hope on you and we will be with you to take a lead role in stopping GoI from announcing such ill conceived move. Otherwise, GoI can appoint a committee to look into pros and cons of increasing the retirement age and also put it in public domain for views of public. After getting feedback, GoI can take a decision. We request your goodself to take a lead and use your good offices through your mother to stop forthwith GoI decision to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62 years. We shall be grateful to you for ever if you save the present youth for losing job opportunities for millions of rural youth who are not only deprived of their livelihood opportunities but also who stay away from inclusive growth of the country

  45. sivapragasam.M says:

    Dear sir,
    I am M.Sivapragasam, working as a lecturer in vinayaka missions university-salem. The 100 day job scheme is important?

  46. Piyush Sakariya says:

    Dear Sir,

    Recently there are rumors in air that the retirement age of Govt. servants is being increased from 60 to 62 years. Govt. has agreed and DoPT has been asked to issue necessary orders. I don’t know whether this news is correct or not. However I being a tiny soldier of young brigade, personally feel that increase of retirement age is not a permanent solution. Even a bad solution. This will lead unemployment to youth and resentment. Upper age limit for employment in Govt. is 27 years. Those young candidates who are between the age bracket of 25-27 will be highly looser. There will be no vacancies for atleast two years and these candidates will not get opportunity for job and when those will retire in 2014, they would get over-aged. Hence, it is injustice for these candidates.

    It is given to understand that by increasing the retirement age Govt. will not have to pay retirement benefits for a period of two years. But Sir, this is not a permanent solution. Again in 2014, Govt. has to be paid these dues and even more than existing because during extended two years these official will get annual increments, promotion, Dearness Allowance, etc. due to which they pay will certainly become higher than present pay. so, the burden on Govt. exchequer is definitely going to increase.

    It is also gen to understand that officer of higher rank of Joint Secretary and above use their influence and get prominent posts such as Chairman, CMD, etc. in Public Sector Undertakings where retirement age is 65 years. But sir such so called officers in the rank of Joint Secretary and above are very negligible may be around 1% of total staff strength of Central Govt. employees. In my opinion only for the sake of these 1% officers benefiting 99% employees is not just and fair.

    Even if retirement age is to be enhanced why not to invoke the provisions of appointing them as Consultant or to grant extension in service to such officers rather than allowing entire Govt. servants to retire at the age of 62 years.

    If these decision is implemented, Various State Govt. will also adopt the same due to pressure of union, association demanding status at par with Central Govt. So this is not the question of only Central Govt. employees but the Govt. servant (whether Central, State, Autonomous Body, PSU, etc.) as a whole.

    Kindly look into the matter and intervene.

    With a hope to have a positive response.


  47. Nirav Patni says:

    Dear Sir(Rahulji),
    Mera Nam Nirav Patni He Me Vadodara (Gujarat) Se Rahne Wala hu, Me Apko Ish Liye Msg Kiya He. Sayad Aap Jante Ho Ki Abhi Apki Party (Congress) Bahut Najul Sthiti Se Pass Ho Rahi He, Aisi Samay Par Apko Lagta He Ki Agle Saal Gujarat Me Hone Wale Election Me Apki Party Jeet Sakti He Ki Nahi, Ek Gandhinager Ki Jeet Se Ye Mat Samjana Ki Aap Gujarat Me Congress Ka Janda Lahera Sakte Ho, Sayad Ye Bhi Ho Sakta He Ki Modiji Ne Ek Roti Ka Tukda Dekar Puri Roti Na Khale , Aisa Kuch Aap Kare ki Gujarat Me Aaka Nam Ho Jaye Aur Aapki Party Ka Na Bhi Badh Jaye Agar Koi Rasta Na Mile To Me Aapko Kuch Aisha hi Rasta Bata Sakat Hu Agar Aap Chahe to, Kyuki Aap me PM Banane Ke Pure Chanchies He Par Kya Aap Ko Lagta He Ki Aap Ki Party Loksabha Ki Magic Figer Touch Kar Sakti He Agar Aap Mere Bataye Hua Rasta Par Aap chaloge To Jarur Kamyabi Aapke Kadam Chumege,
    Jai Hind,
    Jai Gujrat

  48. dear sir,

    sir i am from madhyaa pradesh my circle is inspired by you and you are our idol so plese help us in politics field an we are supporting the congress from our birth

  49. Arpit Bhattacharjee says:

    Respected Rahul Gandhiji,
    It is with great dismay and utter disappoinment, we note that Govt of India has in principle agreed to increase the retirement age to its employees to 62 years. we expected that yourself and your mother who are selfless and always fight for poor will oppose this unjustified move of GoI. We the youth of the country sincerely request you to request your mother who is only person influence the ill advised ministers / bureacrats who are hell bent on increasing the retirement age to 62 years. We pray and your mother to please do the needful

  50. Abijit Sen says:

    Rahul Sir,
    Many of the youngsters were disturbed with the news published in financial express on 2.5.2011 about Govt of India extending the retirement age to central govt employees from 60 to 62 years. Many of us are unemployed and this ill timed decision of GoI will affect the job opportunities for poor people who are finding it very difficult to live their life due to high cost of inflaction. I request earnestly yourgoodself to prevail upon GoI and ensure that no such ill timed decision is taken. I beg you to do the needful.

  51. Vaishanavi says:

    Respected Rahulji,
    You are icon for the present youth representing millions of younger generation. Please use your good offices through your mother to stop Govt of India going ahead with increasing the retirement age to central govt employees from 60 to 62 years as reported in Financial Express dated 2.5.2011. We are quite hopeful that underyour leadership, GoI will not take any hasty decision. If Govt of India wants to increase the age for a few favoured one, they can do by giving contract work. Please do the favrour by stopping forthwith GoI decision to increase the retirement age to 62 years

  52. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter at the behest of Mr Jagdish Chanrai who is also the trustee of Jaslok Hospital Mumbai.

    Mr Chanrai started a development organization in 1991 called Mission for Vision. Mission for Vision (MFV) is a registered charitable trust was founded to provide low cost, quality ophthalmic are to the poor and needy of India, mainly in rural areas. MFV has been partnering with reputed eye institutions (partners), in addition to building its own hospital, towards this cause.

    Mission for Vision started the journey towards eradication of avoidable blindness way back in 1991 with one hospital in Coimbatore performing 600 surgeries annually and a dream – a dream to provide accessibility to eye care to every Indian. This dream has been partially fulfilled with 13 hospitals in 8 States which will perform more than 160,000 free eye surgeries in 2010-11. This journey over 19 years has been extremely fulfilling – over the last 19 years, more than 1million people have received the gift of vision.

    Since we are in the process of expanding the operations into Punjab, Bihar and other North Eastern States, we wanted to seek an appointment from you and present our activities to you and your colleagues.

    Kindly let us know when it would be convenient for you to meet us.

    Thanking you,

    Warm Regards

    Moloy Chakravorty
    Chief Operating Officer
    Mission for Vision
    112 A, Mittal Tower
    Nariman Point
    Mumbai, India

    Ph : + 91 22 22824967/4994
    Fax : + 91 22 22040037
    Mobile : +91 9819122170

  53. Sanjay Kumar Verma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Writing this mail to you in anticipation of your kind consideration and intervention.
    Sir, I am an Occupational Therapist, presently working for Army as an Occcupaional Therapist. I am not wanting anything for myself infact all I want is that please if possible, can you give sometime for knowing what Occupational Therapy is?
    All I can tell you is that Occupational Therapy is one of the noble stream of Health Sector, playing a important role in treatment as well as rehabilitation of Patients of any disability whether it is Physical or Mental.
    Occupational Therapy has been removed from the present draft of NCHR Bill.
    My profession will be highly obliged if you can spare few moments from your busy schedule to see our presentation and discussion on Occupational Therapy.
    I am sure you won’t regret the sparing the time for Occupational Therapy.
    Occupational Therapy team is waiting for your response.
    Sanjay Kumar Verma
    Occupational Therapist
    Email Id* [email protected], [email protected]
    Mobile No. 9891095765

  54. Madhurima says:

    Respected Rahulji,
    It is reported in news papers that Govt of India is contemplating increasing retirment age for Govt employees from 60 to 62 years. When in India, unemployment problem is stupendous and mindboggling and as per World Bank and IMF, one of the important peril affecting the growth of future economy of the country is enemployment problem, why Govt of India is considering this move affecting the livelihood opportunities of millions of youth in general and rural poor in particular. If Govt of India want to favour a few IAS babus, such persons can be given job on contract basis without extending the retirement age across the board affecting the prospects for millions of youth. You are representing the present youth and icon figure among the youth. We are quite sure that along with Madam Sonia Gandhiji( selfless women who sacrificed PM post) , your goodself will fight tooth and nail of GoI move to increase the retirment age from 60 to 62 years. Youth of entire country is with you and Smt Soniaji and we are quite sure that you will stop at any cost GoI move of increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62 years. Please save the present youth and save India. Thanking you
    with regards


  55. Anthony Rodrigues says:

    Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

    As you will agree with me corruption effects the society and the entire country similarly accusations without submitting proof kills an individual identity.
    I was working with Kerala Ayurveda Ltd in Mumbai as area manager for 2 years and after resignation i submitted the property to their mumbai branch. The HRD manager Mr. Sudheer Nair after one year has accused me via email send to my present employer that i have been sending malicious email to my previous employer. Inspite of repeated requests to give me the proof neither sudheer nair nor the organisation has bothered to submit the proof which has caused me mental trauma. I had requested them either submit the proof of your accusations or submit written apology but they have not bothered. Their Head office is at Bangalore. Sudheer Nair Mob no. is 09900370963. Requesting your help if you can request them to send me the proof or written apology.

  56. Rahul says:

    Respected Rahul Sir,

    If someone wants to make his career in Indian politics how can it is possible.Please answer my question if you have some time to think about this question as the person who wants to be in Indian politics is from a middle class family only wants to serve the country like you are doing but unable to join because of no political background neither famous only Bachelors in Engineering
    I hope response from your side as soon as possible

  57. Respected sir
    I am common man living in ban galore, my age 36 years. I have seen your father as Prime Minister of India,
    I want to see you also sir. We are not using the youth manpower 100% in our country, like china.
    In small scale industries in world market,
    Please do some bold-decisions from Indian congress. I hope you realize my request sir.
    I am not belongs to any party, please give a 100% support for lokpal bill in house,
    I fill Mera Bharath Mahan, please excuse me in case any mistake I Studied in kannada medium sir.

    Thanking you

  58. SHRUTI THAKUR says:

    Respected Sir,

    Practically almost all the major public utility services today in our country fall prey to the corrupt policies followed by the government and are therefore in a deplorable condition. Government offices are nothing but bribery collection stations where you can least expect to be entertained. The legal proceedings are so lengthy that to fight for you cause a lifetime might be but too short. In a situation where post graduates find it difficult to find employers how can we dream of achieving a state of overall economic and social development?

    I do not write to you to complain about anything as I’m very sure you get to hear complains quite often. All I want to know from you is that being the leader of the youth wing of one of most influential political set ups in our country what do you suggest to all those young souls who desperately want to change the prevailing scenario of corruption, poverty and oppression? What in your opinion can we do so as to make our country competent enough to achieve the levels of development that our forefathers dreamed off, so that their sacrifices do not fall prey to the ill intentions of the few corrupt who shape the destiny of the remaining country.

    I will be eagerly looking forward for your reply.

    Thank you.

    Shruti Thakur
    Himachal Pradesh.

  59. Appeal from IIIT-A and RG-IIT students about atrocities of administration including Director
    (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Indian Insitute of Information Technology ,Allahabad)
    We the students of IIIT Allahabad and RGIIT are in a shocked state because of sad demise of our colleague Akshay Tyagi (Student of IInd semester, B.Tech. E & C) and the incidents which took place thereafter from the Director, Dr. M. D. Tiwari and other administrative staff. In this situation we are appealing you to take immediate steps so that our carrier wouldn’t be spoiled. We are hereby mentioning some relevant points which gave rise to the present grave situation. It is to be noted that we have in the past brought these points to the notice of the IIITA administration many times but because of the vested interest of the director and his associates no action has been taken.
    1) The recent sad demise of Akshay Tyagi, a student of B.Tech. Electronics, IIITA at morning 8:00 AM (28 March) was a natural fallout of a criminal business racket being run by Vaish business enterprise keeping all the nexus with Director, MD Tiwari. This is one among other previous incidences where because of criminal negligence of Director MD Tiwari/his coterie people our beloved seniors died in a totally helpless condition. Year 2009: Megha Goel suffering with brain fever was admitted at Nazareth after a great delay where no proper super-specialty doctors were available. Year 2010: Our senior (student of MBA) suffering with asthma had exhausted his inhaler and could be sent to outside hospital only after a tremendous delay. He died within road. Year 2011: One of our mentally depressed senior left the hostel at night and it took one hour to contact the warden. The only doctor is approachable with lots of difficulty over phone and that too through her abusive husband (The Deputy Registrar, Asheesh Kumaar) and she normally do not bother to visit the patient in person.
    2) The shocked students were not even allowed to go with the dead body of their beloved pal and instead rudely threatened and mocked by Director, wardens, Deputy Registrar (Finance) R.B. Singh, RC Tripathi, Caretaker Vinod Vaish etc.
    3) Everybody should know how the students are literally being butchered/enslaved by the private business interest of Vaish family in collusion with Director. A cursory inquiry by any proper investigative agency will reveal that most of the lucrative students’ affair are being controlled by them where i) Naini Hostel is the property of Arun Vaish, ii) The Hostel caretaker is Vinod Vaish, iii) The students cultural affair and other matters are controlled by Director’s typically intimate and therefore known as illegally appointed faculty Anurika Vaish (a simple MCom with fake PhD under MD Tiwari and promoted to Associate Professor and Head of MBA-IT division)and her brother Abhishek Vaish (who is also known as illegally appointed), iv) The student mess is also being run by Atul Gupta (Maternal uncle of Anurika).
    4) Although it is not known to people outside our campus, we the students were already fade up with a series of atrocities committed by IIIT-A administration which is currently being run as the private property of Vaish family and MD Tiwari coterie (including DFO R B Singh, GN Pandey, RC Tripathi). But the sad demise of Akshay and the nasty incidents followed by administration thereafter appeared to us as beyond the limit and made us typically perturbed about the inhuman and inept nature of administration including Director MD Tiwari.

    5) Now the facts with figures:
    • Caretaker Vinod Vaish lodged FIR with a lawyer giving false information that Akshay has fallen from the fast running bus.
    • We, the students were kept in total dark about, where was Akshay’s body or where were his parents/family members or where the post mortem was performed etc.
    • At Naini Hostel although officially 2 big and 2 small bus is arranged for 220 students but effectively it is not more than 3 buses with no conductors. Just imagine the crowd where students are forced to travel around 50 kms (commuting daily from Naini Hostel to Nehru Science Centre in city to Jhalwa main campus for labs and the back to Naini hostel in a single day) in such squalid conditions.
    • We have reported about such bus-irregularity 1 and half month back but in vain to receive only threatening, goon like bullying from administrative authority (including MD Tiwari) and caretaker Vinod Vaish (who is simply like local Mafia).
    Moreover, so many times we have reported about the very pathetic and completely inhabitable condition of Naini Hostel which includes, i) no ventilation for our rooms, ii) surrounded by asbestos factories making it dangerous for health, ii) very bad food supplied by mess for which we are paying more than IIT/NIT hostels and we have no right/say to inform about the food-quality and not even the content, iii) not possible to even get tea from outside of campus where local goons and mafias are known to roam around, iv) no place/arrangement for extra-curricular activities.
    6) We could know from our seniors that since its inception, the same Director is continuously giving false assurance to first year students to bring them to their mother campus by constructing another hostel. But now we know that MD Tiwari and Vaish group finished so many unnecessary constructions (Swimming Pool, Auditorium etc.) but intentionally they stopped further hostel construction only to give benefit to Vaish Family who are earning nearly rupees 35 lacs (nearly 30 lacs per annum for the hostel building for which they are the owner and taking 5 lacs as salary for being caretaker of the same).
    7) Moreover, even at present it is not a problem to accommodate first year students at IIIT-A main campus at Jhalwa, where i) seniors are ready to accommodate them, ii) among visitors’ hostels I, II and III a huge space is always lying vacant at VH-III, iii) Dormitory is lying vacant, iv) 5 professors’ quarters are also lying vacant.
    8) IIIT-A has no dearth of money to construct a new hostel. But to the authority (MD Tiwari coterie and Anurika Vaish Family) the priorities are only to spend huge money for arranging entertainment programs, to send Abhishek Vaish and other coterie faculty/staff to abroad etc. Moreover, we the students pay much more than IIT pals are paying and only therefore we deserve good arrangements and transparency about the fate of our paid amount.
    9) Initially we could not understand the logic behind authority’s (i.e., MD Tiwari’s) intention to keep us 30 km away from the main campus. Because even if there is no space near main campus at Jhalwa, we could have been accommodated at nearby rented houses. Now we know that it is only to give benefit to Vaish Family and also to earn through them as described above which also includes Rupees 1 Lakh monthly (rent and fuel costs) for each privately arranged bus and the maintenance of which is so poor that quite often they ask us to push it from back knowing well the risk of being run-over for its backward move at sloppy road while busy in pushing it.
    10) Students were not told about FIR and obviously not shown the copy of it. We are not even told about the place of post mortem. We are surprised and shocked about such hush-up practice and lost all the faith from the authority. When we asked about this information, we only received abusive, bullying and threatening words from warden/other authority/coterie people, for example, they would damage our career, suspend us etc.
    11) We also know that because of these misuse of power and abusive/bullying/threatening tendency of authority many of our beloved teachers left this institute and later joined IITs (Dr. Kailas Ray, Ashish Upadhyay, and so many).
    Therefore, we are typically pained and completely shocked with the inhuman and criminal face of the people in authority at our institute, IIIT, Allahabad and therefore placing the following demands:

    Our Demands
    1. Initiation of probe by external and proper Government Investigative Agency to ascertain the root cause of death of Akshay and previous students.
    2. Immediate resignation of Director M. D. Tiwari and complete change of the brute, and money-monger administrators which includes other members of administration: Deputy Registrar (Finance) R.B. Singh, Student-Caretaker Vinod Vaish and Student cultural affairs in-charge, Anurika Vaish. We are totally outraged by their false assurance, threatening and abusive attitudes.
    3. Copy of FIR filed by Vinod Vaish on behalf of institute and Post Mortem report.
    4. Proper compensation to Aksahay’s Family which should not be less than Rs. 20 lacs because institute has already forcefully taken this amount from us on the pretext of fine.
    5. Immediately close Naini Hostel and stop this business racket and interest of Vaish Family which they are running in collusion with Director, MD Tiwari. Shift us immediately to main campus hostel (where our seniors are ready to accommodate us with them) and other buildings including visitors’ hostels that are lying vacant. If needed vacate the hostel rooms that are currently occupied by non-hostel staffs, for example, drivers.

    All students of
    Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology,Amethi and
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

  60. shailesh gajjar says:

    [email protected]
    CONT: 00 91 9428008645
    S-22, Greater Kailash- II, New Delhi-110048
    Rahul Gandhi
    General secretary all India congress committee




    DATE:22/04/2011 YOU’RES TRULY


  61. I am a son of Freedom Fighter. Unfortunately, I was involved in litigation that leads upto Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, where without filing a Review Petition by me, the same was dismissed by Justice Mr. N. Santosh Hegde passing an order that we have gone through the Review Petition and see the connected papers. We find no merits and hence dismissed it. It is agonizing submission that neither any Review Petition was filed by me nor any Review Petition is available on the face of the record itself. I am having documentary evidence. Now, Sh. Hegde is a member from Sh. Anna Hazare, therefore, how it can be assumed that he will provide services upto the standard in the interest of general public. Due to wrong dismissal of so called Review Petition, not only my life ruined but also my 26 years old son committed suicide. I solicit help from your kind goodself please. Hoping favourable response.

  62. Dear Rahul Gandhi,
    Before talking about corruption and to change the rotten systems in the country,
    {ur letter to Sri VR Krishna Iyer} , you may change the Congress Chief Mrs Sonia Gandhi {sorry, i am mentioning the name of your mother} from the Congress Chairman post so that automatically Congress Party will cleanise itself automatically.
    She is the only person responsible for major happenings of corruption in the country using the obedient behaviour of Mr Manmohan Singh our PM .



  63. Anuj Sharma says:

    Dear Rahul Ji,

    I am Executive member of DISTRICT CONGRESS COMMITTEE (I), FARIDABAD, HARYANA. I am working hard for our party as well as our constituency from past 4 years. We all expecting you to lead us right, which we know you are doing, we have full faith in you. You are the inspiration for every young Indian so as mine. I am turned to 24 years now, I know i have not enough experience now, but i have full faith in myself and whatever i do, it will help my constituency and make every person feel proud who so ever trust on me.

    Thank you for leading us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anuj Sharma
    B.A. LLB

  64. JOHNSON LUKO says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sbject: Corruption the talk of India

    I do understand your vision. You have been inviting the youth for long to join politics. This as I understand is to make them aware of what is really happening in India and to inspire them to find real solution to the existing problems. You have been spending most of your time for the progress of the nation and I salute you for this, Sir.

    I have learnt that you are a patient listener and so I am sure that you will go throgh my feed back thoroughly. As I write to you I hope you will kindly forgive me for any mistake that may arise in my assessment.

    Every Indian, unlike foreigners wants the government to be Corruption free. Being a democratic country, the people of India are the Government of India. So when I raise the issue of corruption and make the GOI to be corruption free, it is a demand on myself to be clean. Let us take the case of a Train Journey. We can see people huddle around the Train Ticket Examiner for getting a berth confirmed. This is achieved by giving an amount (as Tip) Rs 50/- or 100/- or 500/- or 1000/- depending on the case. We can find the same Traveller who has confirmed the berth through unfair means when comes out of the train speaks at length about corruption. We can find so many such specimen. Taking tips may not be corruption. But doing ufair favour for the tips he has got is really corruption.

    Why one is corrupt is the basic question. This is because of poverty and the respect one gets when he has money. A wrong understanding of dignity also leads to corruption. I think being a Political youth icon, you can try to instill a new sense of dignity among the public. It shocking that most of the present day Indians do not understand the teachings of their religions. Let the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains etc., try to outdo one another in honesty and generosity. If every Indian becomes religious, India will be corruption free in a matter of 10 days. There is basic tendency among the religious people to do favour among themselves (those belong to a particular religion). They should be taught that doing such favours is against their own religious teachings.

    Many of the people support you because they all want to use you for their own selfish needs. Let all the religions also use your name, so that majority of Indians will benefit from you.

    I do not know if the moderator will delete this message. I will be one of the happiest souls on this earth, if this message reaches you.

    One more thing: If the police department is corruption free, the total India is corruption free. For this, they should be paid well to meet their requirements. By God, I am a private servant, I am not a Policeman.

    Thanking you sir

    With love and respect

    Johnson Luko

  65. Sunita Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since last seven days,Forum For Fairness In Education an NGO which works against the malpractices in the education sector in Maharashtra is sitting on indefinite Hunger Strike.

    We are 16 of us .Many have been hospitalized since then.

    I think Maharashtra Govt. doesnot have any intention to solve our problems which is the problem of many.

    We seek your co-operation/assistance in this regard.

    Thanking You,

    Sunita Srivastava.

  66. A.M.Peer Mohammed says:

    Dear Mr. Ragul.
    Iam aged 60 Years. No politics in purity at Tamilnadu and not suitable leaders at Tamilnadu in all parties.the people are not faith to the leaders.and youths are not interested in politics past several years . they are supporting of their leader of own caste. No any sufficient plan to develop of congress. The congress is not standing on his own legs .The congress has only using of foot steps to the local parties. No self confidence.They are not missing to develop in publics .The old of the leaders are not Gold they are only dirty Iron. They are thinking only his own pocket. You should make a diagram for each and every area. Select only youth below 30 years and select a leader from youth.and arrange all of members are to meet once in a week end and they will discuss about to develop to improve of public support. the members will be meet to family members of every house as like a friend and to support to solve their problems (Social Services). To intruduce government plans and support to getting benefit to them. Students support is essential to the parties. Before 1967 the leader are in public service now they are earn benefit to use of their job. For example Iam hearig some ware a M.P. of Tamil nadu has purchased a lot of lands from Ennore
    Port to Pazhavan Thangal at very lowest rate before announceing of Ennore Port and after to sold a very highest rate to container yards .I don’t know its fact are not . This is a public opinion. No confidence of parties leaders . it is fact.

  67. Respected Sir,
    This is to bring to your notice that the Forum for Fairness in Education (NGO) along with Parents and Teachers are on Indefinite Hunger Strike from 13th April, at Azad Maidan, Mumbai, against Corruption and Exploitation in Education.
    Sir, in-spite of laws, court orders, the private unaided school managements have hiked fees more than 150% of K.G. to 10th STD. The justifications for the increase in tuition fees have been to pay salaries and arrears as per the VI pay commission to teachers. But most of the teachers have not been paid the salaries as per the norms. Therefore, we demands– 1) Fee regulation Act 2) Implementation of VIth pay commission uniformly in private unaided schools. These demands are legitimate demands, we request you to look into the matter and do the needful at your earliest. Today is the 6th day of Hunger Strike
    With warm Regards.
    Rajendra Choudhary – 9969541148

  68. S.Sridhar says:

    hi Raghul ji

    i am (S.Sridhar) s/o P.Sriramulu from tamilnadu in chennai. we are middle class family. i like most your father political style and your way as like as him from my childhood.even your mom also nice leader in political leader.my vote for your alliance parties only from when i got vote rites..,
    my father had company strike for last 15 years. my brother PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED person from childhood. he had one daughter. Jan 27th 2010 i got married & April 5th 2011 we had one FEMALE kid.
    unfortunately i met an accident on Jan 2nd 2011 in train track. i lost my left leg. so my family has very critical stage and how can run my family daily basis.all family Gents have some critical stage now. my brother & myself has physically challenged persons in my home.
    kindly requested you recommended one Government job to us. its very helpful to my family and our generation. consider my this application and give to family nice solution sir. this help for our generation ..,my whole family expecting your reply Raghul ji..,

    JAI HIND..,

    Thanks & regards
    S.Sridhar & Family

  69. Ashish Kumar says:

    I am Dalit boy from hyderabad the pearl city were i have done my B.A Mass Communication and trying get a seat in university only in india. I being from media background i feel we should work on how media is working right now. It called yellow journalism their is no ethics at all. Its the time were broadcasting and Government do any thing. At least revise the policy and laws in the terms of media. Apart from this personally i am big fan you and i give respect to you . I like the way you carry your self ..I wanted to join congress youth but their is not much happening i went two time to office their was no response so i lost interest in it.At last i just wanted to know weather i can meet you in personal sir a appointment with you .I am coming to delhi to write a entrance exam for my masters in Jamia Millia Islamia in M.A Mass Communication .So if their is chance please let know sir ..Any ways if went wrong please forgive me all the best and take care.

  70. Harsh Vardhan Khaitan says:

    Dear Sir,

    We request your kind help in saving more than 200 businessman who are on the brink of getting devastated due to the local administration in Dhanbad , Jharkhand.

    Three markets were built side by side here in dhanbad after legitimately purchasing land from it’s owner during 1980. The prior owner bought the land from the district board in 1934. We have all the proper documents and paper work.

    Now the district board of dhanbad claims that the land belongs to them and using police force have sealed and shut down all the three markets

    The business of over 200 people has completely stopped. Please help us Sir.

    Please give us sometime so that we can show you all the documents and relevant details

    Yours sincerely

    Harsh Khaitan

  71. Anila A Menon says:

    Subject : Request for appointment on compassionate grounds in place of my mother late T K Premaja (PRT ) Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sulur, Coimbatore.
    My mother late T K Premaja was working in Kendriya Vidyalaya , Sulur, Coimbatore as PRT. To our misfortune she died on 25.01.2009 . I have applied compassionate apppointment in place of my late mother. Sir two years has been lapsed but i have not given job on compassionate ground. At present I have completed my M.Com. No replies had been received so far from the sangathan. So I kindly request you to take this matter for which I shall be grateful to you.

    Anila A Menon

  72. vimlesh kumar singh says:

    hello Mr. gandhi
    i m vimlesh an engg. student . sir i want to know that when your allianse tmilnadu’s C.M. is goin to be 93 then how can u said in kerela that ” kya aap 93 saal ka C.M. pasand karenge ” . I think first of all you should seen in ur home then others when aap wahi kam kar rahe ho jise aap dusro ko karne se mana kar rahe ho . we and you all know that the 2nd term of congress party is full of corruption . you should think what r u goin to speak befor speak .
    thanks sir .

  73. Anand raj says:

    dear sir,
    sub: regarding 100 days employment scheme
    I am anandraj doing third year BBA at sivakasi,my native is nagalapuram in thoothukudi(dt),tamilnadu.In this region ,there are many micro and small companies and farmers(most of them are small andpoor).they are totally depending on daily labours.
    Unavailability of labours to agriculture and to companies because of this scheme
    High labour cost
    Lack of mechanisation in both the sector


    making a little change in this system
    1 farmers or companies can hire labours from the panchayats
    2 farming equipments need to be provided by the government in rental basis
    3 updating central building research institute


  74. joyitaa says:

    respected sir, i am joyitaa who is strugling in mumbai against my husband who in all ways trying to kill me and my son, police, lawyers are harasasing us in that extant that there is no other way but to write to you , if i die my son will be in road and will be horrible case for other countries to know, when i am writing this am sitting in road as we dont have any place to stay. i request you only to help us by giving me a job in your gverment by which i can feed my son and leave decently

    i had done my honous in international relation and good in communication,

    please give party works to type of public like us which will help party to always know the weakness of the society. we want you and soniaji to stay in power always.

    hope i will listen from you with expectation .




  75. Jojo Martin C M says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    We are thankful to you for your visit to Kerala to boost the chances of the UDF. You have already made the plans of the LDF go awry. Still I would like to bring to your notice certain facts.
    I am a teacher by profession, a Congress supporter too. I am watching Congress governments from 1970′s onwards. Most of the UDF governments were reactive and without a purpose. They have no well-defined plans for their constituencies and the State. They just bask under the glory of victory and enjoy the benefits of being in the power. Where as the LDF has purpose and strategies. When they are in power, they ensure that the Party will be benefited in every ways mainly financially. They ensure that their supporters and cronies will be getting Govt and semi-govt jobs. They use the Police force effectively to suppress criticism and opposition. And when they are the opposition, Kerala is doomed. The UDF govts will be inactive and purposeless. If the UDF govt is bringing any kind of welfare and/or development activities the LDF will ensure that it will not be materialized. I find the UDF is not benefiting itself and the people.
    So I do request you to ask the UDF leadership of Kerala to have a well-defined plan for the state. Ask them to be proactive and positive. Ask them to protect the supporters of the UDF from the LDF. Ask them to be away from corruption and decay.
    It is the humble request of an ordinary citizen of Kerala.
    Please do not force the UDF supporters to vote for the LDF next time.
    Thank you
    Jojo Martin C M

  76. Mrs Shusma arya says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to complaint to you a corrupt officer of punjab state He was only a tehsildar of Jalandhar city of punjab but he has so much money by corruption He is going abroad with his family every year He has kothies in allmost all the cities of punjab I know he has kothi in Mohali, Jalandhar Moga Amritsar And Ludhiana and other so many cities at the name of his wife and he has many shops in main Jalandhar which cost in crores he moves in Luxary cars How He can ? He is only a simple officer how he can make a empire of crores Please Sir make a enquiry about him I also made a complaint to Chief Minister of punjab Mr Parkash Singh Badal But he make no enquiry about him Sir I am a neighbour of him. Sir That Corrupt Officer Is Mr Rajiv Verma Tehsildar

  77. SOORAJ.K.R says:

    Dear sir …

    I am Sooraj.K.R, lives in Kollam,Kerala currently working in a private firm after
    did my course -Hotel Management from a leading Educational institute at Malaysia
    known as Genting Inti International College.

    As part of my studies i have applied for an education loan
    of 3.80 lakhs rupees from our nearest SBT, (State Bank of Travancore).
    Initially the bank management refuses to grant my loan, as i was not able to prove
    my financial stability, financially my family is weak .
    So i really struggled by getting some supporting letters from the local Political
    leaders and some ministers and finally they have granted the Loan amount, and i was able to join my course.

    Soon after finishing my course, i tried to get placements overseas in Dubai
    but unfortunately Recession came and i dint get a placement which i expect.
    So i came back from Malaysia and worked here in Kerala with some private firms.
    The salary which i gets per month is not enough for my expense or to run a medium family,as the minimum living expense have raised .
    But the Bank management dint tried to understand my situation
    they were keep sending me warning letters and trying to underestimate me by their way of communication.

    For the last 3 months i was paying 80% of my salary to them to avoid taking action against me or my family .
    Its been a mater of violation of human rights, as many of the students get reduction on their interest rate of the due amount and some of them were not paid any of the interest.

    In India the rich gets more richer , but people like us are really having a hard time.
    I am representing the young generation of India.
    This is a request no its a Prayer , kindly grant me reduction in
    the interest rate i shall pay back the amount which i have taken


  78. Murugesan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Requisition to cut down the aggregate marks or select top 3 people from (each circle) JTO -Special Recruitment Drive for Physically Challenged Person – 2010 Exam.

    As per my knowledge not even 1% of vacant filled (especially, most of circle, not even single person selected ) by BSNL through JTO (SRD)-2010 Examination held on 19-12-2010 by setting cut off marks 31% and above. Hence the intention of examination is not achieved by BSNL HR team. so I kindly request you to give an order to cut down aggregate marks from 31% to 26% or else select top 3 from each circle against JTO (SRD)-2010 Examination .if it is followed minimum 20% of vacant might be filled. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter,
    Sincerely, Murugesan

    Copy to:
    1. Shri Kapil Sibal,
    Minister of Communications and Information Technology,
    2. Shri Sachin Pilot,
    Ministry of Communications & Information Technology,
    3. Shri Gopal Das ,
    Chairman And Managing Director ,BSNL
    4. ASHRAF KHAN Md ,
    Chief Gentral Manager
    Tamilnadu Circle.

  79. dear rahul ji, three widows,two harjans,one adivasi ladies are been harresed by the road contractor in village kedhi sehaod,tapa manpur,tehsil-mhow,distt indore.m.p.india,forceful there land is taken,without paying or compensation.poor lady house got damage by the road blast.they have reported the matter to the tehsil S.D.M.but no action is taken,lose of crop,land.this land was alotted to them by SHRIMATI INDRA GANDHI.pls do something for this poors.to my ablelties and capebilty i and my wife who runs a n.g.o,is also a member for human rights.we want justice from your table.mob—09977941100

  80. Shiv kumar says:

    Subject : Request for appointment on compassionate grounds in place of my father late Sh. Ram Singh Ex Group D Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan SPG Sector-8 Dwarka New Delhi

    Respested Sir,
    My father late Sh.Ram Singh worked as a group d in kvs , to our misfortune he died on 02.02.2009 then i have applied compassionate apppointment in place of my late father. sir two years has been lapsed but i have not given job on compassionate grounds . sir, we belongs to schedule caste and very poor family so i request you to kindly look the matter and pass order of my appointment as an early dates .

    Thanking you
    yours faithfully

    Shiv Kumar
    A/50 Palam extn
    Sec-7 Dwarka
    New Delhi- 110 075

  81. gurinder pal singh says:

    hello sir,
    I am here to request u something,because everything is possible for u..

    I am from punjab.v.p.o.mohie district ludhiana.141103.
    My father died two years ago.he was in punjab national bank mandi mullanpur…i have not get the job in place of my father…i am well educated 12 non medical with 62 % marks.and doing b.tech in mechanical.please consider my case and help me in getting job.
    I will be thankful to u…

  82. Yamini Vijay Tendulkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    ‎Sub: Comment Thread from FB @RG Vision 4 CPpl, Profile, “Bring Priyanka forward if you want to form govt in UP”.

    Being a Indian Citizen, I completely agree with the above comment thread. I would also like to highlight few points here-in-under:

    1. Campaigning may be done on the basis of Merit not to oppose anyone.

    2. I find Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra, has potential to be a able leader also she is Mother, sister, daughter and as female are more compassionate who is married and in relationships, she is example setter.

    3. Also for victim visit such as happened at Kanpur, instead of your-good-self it is Female’s job to go and meet the Victim, as such nervous, traumatized victim should not be embarrassed more by Male Crowding around them that’s what i think and would like to convey here.

    Thanks & regards,
    Yamini V. Tendulkar

  83. Mahesh Bhola says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am educated and law abiding citizen of India and was working with Sh. Jai Bhagwan Agarwal, MLA and his son Sh. Ajay Agarwal from April,2006 to November,2009 in property business. They wanted to involve me in some of the illegal acts and that is why I left their job. They did not pay me even my remuneration amounting to Rs.12,00,000/- and since then they are threatning me of dire consequences. Because of undue pressure my wife who was also working with them died. Now I am very helpless and jobless and have to take care of my two children. Sh. Ajay Agarwal by using his father’s influence had implicated me in false cases and harassing me on daily basis. Recently they have lodged a complaint against me in P.S Rani Bagh in which he has alleged that I have sent RTI to get information against some person Sh. Vijender Gupta (who is President of Delhi BJP) from some government departments. Sir, I have not done anything but I know Sh. Ajay Agarwal is very fond of seeking informations about various persons through RTI applications. Who can seek information about Sh. Vijender Gupta by the name of Sh. Ajay Agarwal son of MLA Sh. Jai Bhagwan Agarwal. I don’t know why he is after my life wherein I am just a poor man.

    Kindly look into the matter and save me from the harrassment of Sh. Ajay Agarwal and MLA Sh. Jai Bhagwan Agarwal.

    Mahesh Bhola
    +91 9811984016

  84. manjit singh says:

    I belong to haryana . I along with many deserving students appeared for haryana civil services exam in 2004 and was given less marks in interview despite good score in mains. the reason was that at that tine INLD govt was in power which was on height of corruption and a lot of candiatates who topped upsc and other exams could not made through . the list included gaughter of haryana DGP MS MAILK and other relatives of chautala..

    After along gap of 5 years , we were having hope that in congress regime in haryana we would get fair chance. With this wish we appeared in 2010 in HCS interview, but again the whole interview was fixed. In some students case, only one member was sitting and asking questions. many good students were awarded less marks in interview despite of their good marks in mains. sir we are fed up with this affair of govt selecting only political and rich candidates.

    HPSC chairman RD SHEOKHAND daughter and other close reltives of Deepinder Hooda were in the final list( you can check). it is heard that 60-70 lakhs have been paid for hcs posts.

    Sir what should we do, even congress is doing even worse than INLD regime.
    Do we do not have a right to live in this country
    we are desperate poor people
    dont we deserve a fair chance
    in this state of affair, sometime we think that we dont deserve a right to live.

    when will this corruption end.
    Sir please do something and we have hope on you.

    you can ask regrding the interview process from anyone . and you will find the truth

    sir please help us so that genuine result can be declared by quashing the present result

    sir dont ignore this blog as you are the only one who can do justice

    thank you

  85. HCS Victim says:

    Dear Rahul ji,
    You are the face of young India.. much loved and adored by us.. but here I have approached you to bring into your notice the GRAVE INJUSTICE done to hundreds of haryana civil servants..!
    Please do something to save our futures. I am a girl from conservative jat family and shall never get chance in future.. I am screwed by the CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, INJUSTICE shown by Haryana public service commission.
    Please don’t say its the matter of HC and it should handle it. I want to bring this matter to you because I have full faith in you, and I know that its only you who can understand our pain.

    Matter is-

    I am a civil service aspirant from state of haryana.
    I’ve always been very bright & meritorious student since my childhood..wrote UPSC mains twice,etc
    I applied for Haryana Civil Services (Ex.Br.) other Allied Services Examination – 2008.appeared for interview and final result came on- 5-01-2011.To my great surprise..it is shockingly unexpected and weird..with all sorts of discrepancies since its beginning..I am mentioning below-

    1) Same notifications but separate exam for physical handicap students,I doubt its legality,does it mean different exams for different categories??
    2) An amazingly shocking final list with no ranking..so, you can’t tell who has got which rank.. please watch for yourself- http://hpsc.gov.in/Result/Press%20Note%20HCS-2009_04.01.10.pdf
    3) A waiting list hasn’t been released so in case if someone leave his/her post then noone knows who will occupy the vacant post

    4) Prelims-

    Many discrepancies in Q.papers but no one was allowed to take it outside.Reason??probably to save themselves from embarrassment and court cases,proper cross-checking of question-papers should have been there instead resorting to such tactics,still result was largely fair according to majority.

    Roll numbers changed.why??
    again discrepancies in Q.papers.
    Cutoff delibrately kept high( last time cut off was in 280s..this time 360s) for enhancing the interview weightage in final ranking,and keeping the mains qualifiers in a narrow bracket.

    6)In e-Governing state,HPSC site wasnt there initially,..nobody from HPSC bothered to inform at any stage,in any way,on why the process was delayed(court cases etc?), For HCS mistakes why candidates suffered?

    7)Open competition for Haryana General category,aged outsiders were allowed instead talented young youth while in states like Punjab such opportunities are not there,Roadblocks of various kinds are employed.
    Hindi’s weightage was equal to that of GS,an aged candidate from outside with tremendous UPSC experience(multiple failed attempts) too competiting with a young local aspirant.Where will Haryana’s rural young talent go?? If no domicile then atleast outsiders age should be reduced.

    8) List of politically connected candidates released few days back by opposition leader,
    almost all of them got selected-Chairman HPSC’s daughter Anu Sheokand also selected.Shame. Chairman’s daughter herself got selected to the highest post in an exam whose history is tainted,thus once again presenting a case of negation of Moral High Ground,mockery of 2year ordeal of aspirants.All is not well and it need to be probed that how many candidates who were linked to high n mighty got selected irrespective of prior allegation. Chairman HPSC being a constitutional authority violated norms by presiding the interview board,which took interview of his daughter.Height of absurdity.Discrimination n infringement of other aspirants’ rights is clearly evident.Abuse of office for personal gains.Nepotism.

    3126-Shalini Chetal
    3698-Vivek kalia

    2931-Sandeep Dahiya
    3553-Vijender Hooda
    2497-Pradeep yadav

    3575-Vikas sharma
    3118-Shefali Verma

    9) Single board of 5 members for conducting interview. Only 2 out of 5 members were present during my interview. During my friend’s interview one of them was talking over phone.Their phone records can be checked.many members were not present during interviews,can be corraborated by aspirants but no other proof as no video recording.Grave Injustice!!

    Sir,Much more discrepencies are there which can come out only by your initiative.

    Sir,I am deeply hurt by this result..I am a girl.. and don’t have much opportunities ahead.I am finished.
    Please do something at the earliest to save unfortunate and helpless candidates like me who still believe that someone somehere would definitely redress our grievances. Satya mev jayate. Jai Hind.

    Yours obediently,
    hcs victim
    (Sorry for not mentioning my name, Because I am a student and as my complaint might be forwarded to govt of haryana. I don’t want to become a political victim).

  86. Amrik Singh says:

    Mr. Rahul Gandhi,Secretary General Congress Party.
    You are young with vision and energy. The people of India have great hopes from you in:
    1. In totally routing out corruption from the country.Severely punish the guilty to set an example for others.
    2. Bringing back to the country the huge amount of black money sent outside the country 9in different banks and else where.
    3. Setting right the IAS and other beaurocrats to their places and teach them how to serve the common man with respect.
    4. The law and constitution of India is too and too large. The advocates, Courts and Justices twists them as per their convenience to serve their own end. Please make it very small and reform the law which should be without ifs and buts.
    With great hopes from you,
    With all the best wishes,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Amrik Singh

  87. T. Nandhakumar says:


    Honourable Rahul Gandhiji

    General Secretary

    All India Congress Committee

    Respected Sir,

    {Subject: Implementation of ‘Rajiv Gandhi Students Education Loan Scheme’ Regd.}

    First above all I would like to convey my humble yet sincere words of appreciation to you for the yeomen service rendered by you to mother India with an aim of making it a super power in the global arena. You have become a pioneer in the global history of politics by adding bright and enthusiastic youth to the party and bringing them to power for the welfare of the nation.

    I would like to make use of this opportunity to share with you a plan with regard to the implementation of the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Students Education Loan Scheme’, that came across my mind for your kind perusal.

    The Congress lead United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government has made it easy for the students to avail loans for education in the last few year. But, the forced are forced to undergo lot of hassles in the form of surety, salary certificate of their parents and a government officer as a guarantee for the loan. This sorry state of affairs has denied loans to many students coming from financial backward families.

    Banks claim that they are forced to ask for such surety owing to bitter experiences they encountered from defaulters in the past. They claim that students who completed their course of study and got into a job are pointing out at their parents when banks approached them to repay their loans, while innocent parents on the other hand pleaded innocence and asked them to approach their wards for repayment of the loan as they had borrowed the money from the banks for their education.

    At this juncture I would like to put forward my suggestion according to which loans could be disbursed to students without any surety while repayment could also be done at ease.

    How it could be issued:

    Applications could be obtained by students from the principal of their respective educational institution. A committee formed under the leadership of the District Collector, with Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs), educationalists, representatives from students forums and bankers, as panelists who should review the application.

    Loans could be disbursed to all the applicants. Principals could get the loans from banks and issue them to the students, similar to the fashion in which they receive scholarships from the government and give them to the students. The government should make it clear to the students that they were the ones who should repay their loans and not their parents.

    How it could be collected:

    The educational institution should mention the loan particulars in the Transfer Certificate (TC) and/or Degree Certificates issued by the university. Once the student joins a government or private company the employer should be able empowered to deduct a portion of his/her salary as repayment of the loan till the completion of repayment, similar to deduction of premium for LIC policy, Provident Fund (PF) from the salary.

    If the employee switches from one job to the other the new employer should continue the same practice till the loan was completely repaid. Once the loan was completely repaid the manager of bank that had issued the loan and the principal of the respective institution from where the student graduated should issue a ‘No Due Certificate’.

    The Benefit:

    The goal of taking higher education to the mass of youth from financially poor backgrounds would be made possible through this scheme. It would also pave way for those youth to raise the standard of living of their families, society and country at large.

    Above all those who got benefited through this scheme and their families as well would be loyal to the ‘Congress’ (especially you) till the end of their days.

    Thanking you placing the above plan for your kind disposal,

    Always at the service of your foot steps,

    (T. Nandha Kumar)


  88. Anayat pervaz says:



  89. Rahul says:

    Respected sir,
    My name is Rahul sasidharan iam from kerala and iam a leftist by soul , Sir today i see this aad while i serching net “We have to wage a war against Poverty” Sir do u had the courage to freeze all swiss bank account.
    According to the data provided by the Swiss bank, India has more black money than rest of the world combined. India topping the list with almost $1500 Billion black money in swiss banks, followed by Russia $470 Billion, UK $390 Billion, Ukraine $100 Billion and China with $96 Billion.
    It’s embarrassing for any country to top the list of black money holders. The money which belongs to the nation and it’s citizens, is stashed in the illegal personal accounts of corrupt politicians, IRS, IPS officers and industrialists. An amount which is 13 times larger than the nations foreign debt. Every year this amount is increasing at a rapid speed but the Indian government seem to be silent over this matter from a very long time. The total black money accounts for 40% of GDP of India, if all the money comes back to India then that could result in huge growth burst for India.
    A nation where more than 450 million live below the poverty line, which means they make less than $1.25/day. By bringing back the black money back to the country there is so much which can be done for the development of the nation and the people who live below poverty line. India will also be able to clear all their foreign debts in 24Hrs. Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30 years.
    It’s been found that about 80 thousand people travel to Switzerland every year of whom around 25 thousand travel frequently. Those travelling on regular basis must be doing it for some reason.
    The Indian government needs to take some serious steps to get the money back to India which is stashed in Swiss banks. They should work to find out the names of account holders in Swiss banks and also pressurize Swiss bank to get the black money back to the country. This has also become a matter of pride of nation and if the government still keeps silence about this issue then they will only be making themselves a laughing stock for the entire world.
    Sir i Know both the Left and Right , Bjp all parties united in this crime sir if u will take a good decision against this u will more proud..

  90. BCVRAJU says:

    Dear Sir,
    The sacking of JaganMohan reddy or Maharashtra CM is praise worthy.The sacking of raja is also praise worthy.The congress has nce agin proved there is no ther alternative in this country except congress.The dimonds of todays congress are Dr.Man mohan singh and Antony so honest in there acts or living standards .The parliament being supreme can bring such leaders from single digit to at least 2 digits.The problems and issues that are augmenting the valuless and un ethical governance is due to to
    1.Corruption at all levels.
    2.Red tapism at all levels.
    3.system failure augmenting disintigration of states.
    4.No transpernacy and acountability in governace
    5.weak laws augmenting increase in crime rate
    6.huge gap Urban rural economy
    The best way to deal with corruption is an independant body to be created that can investigate any citizen with out any permision from governament.if guilty should be punished by confisicating properties,compulsory jail terms.set rules and policies to make speedy progress to bring comfortable society as well as to the corporates.bring decentralization of power to make acountability and transperancy at the door step of the locals with the share of money being utilised in the same localised region.bring ethical corporates with the farmers in activation the growth of rural society.

  91. Lt. Neeraj Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I got your prompt reply, I am quite thankful to that.
    Actually my complaint was about so called “REHAB” centers which have sprung all over the place like U.P., Haryana etc.
    Govt. Have given them Recognition but they are missusing the entire thing.
    They treat humans like DOGS beating them torturing them and making them live in INHUMAN conditions where TB patients Cancer Patients etc are kept together with no precautions.
    Any body can catch HIV, Hepatitis or any other severe disease.
    One address I can give you – Kher Road, Near TV Tower, “DAYANITA” , Aligarh (U.P.) PH# +919368899077

    If you can save somebody’s life n do something please do it!


    Lt. Neeraj Tiwari (I.N.)

  92. Ninad says:

    I am Ninad Avasare from Mumbai, India. In fact I dont have interest in politics due to lot of corruption & peoples from criminal background.
    But I am very much impressed by recent development in your party. Like strict and immediate action taken again corruption (i.e :- suspension of Shashi Tharoor and now suspension of Maharashtra C.M Ashok Chavan followed by Telecom fraudster A.Raja). It seems like your party is taking strict action against corruption nowadays that good sign.
    Appointment of Prithviraj Chavan as CM of Maharashtra is very good decision. He is well educated and clean character. I also expect that your party will take firm action against Telecom Scam and Commonwealth Fraud in similar way, nowadays increased corruption in all sector is major headache of INDIA.


  93. para ashokkumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    SUB: An earnest appeal from students and youth congress leaders of andhrapradesh.

    This is our appeal to you from the bottom of our hearts, for Mr . Dokka Manikya varaprasad,who was serving as minister for secondary education under recently dissolved council of ministers of AP.
    As a minister from scheduled caste he was instrumented in bringing up the literacy levels of weaker sections across the state.
    The current initiatives / programmes like ‘ badi bata’ and other are very successful in bring up a mass movement for re –enroling of children in all the govt – schools .

    His guidelines and leadership is very critical for all the ongoing projects / initiatives.

    Hence this is request you to re-instate him as the minister for secondary education.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely

    (Para Ashok kumar)

  94. Prof.Dr.Yuvraj Lahoti says:

    Dear Mr.Rahulji

    Today I m writing again as today Goverment of India, Environment Control Board under the leadership of Mr.Jayram Ramesh approved new airport for Mumbai.

    That is Navi Mumbai airport, as this decision taken place in the regime of Congress party is a good sign of how this party is considerate for huge developmental activities.

    This airport will help to reduce burdon on present Mumbai airport and also it will add more capacity in passanger handling and also cargo activity. This will increase revenue of Central Goverment as well as Maharashtra also it will create a international level airport for India.

    We request you to initiate process for New airport for Pune City as you know Pune is using part of airforce airport, and Pune is growing very rapidly so it need a independent airport under Central Goverment Airport Authority, so that it will boost more business infrastructure in Pune.

    So your initiative is needed for this development.


    Best regards

    Prof.Dr.Yuvraj Lahoti

  95. AINVSA says:


    Sub: Grant of CCS pension to the staff of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Request – Reg
    * * *
    Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, residential co-education schools located all over India, are a brain child of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, a visionary who dreamt of imparting quality education to rural children so that they can compete with their urban counterparts on an equal footing.

    The devoted and sacrificing services of the staff have elevated the schools to one of the best in India. Since their first appearance in CBSE exams, they have always been the toppers in terms of pass percentages and subject averages.

    The Government of India as a policy has introduced New Pension Scheme, for those recruits to Government service on or after 01-01-2004. All the employees of Government of India including the staff of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan who had joined prior to 01-01-2004, have been granted the benefits of CCS pension.

    The Y.N.Chaturvedi Committee, 154th Parliamentary Standing Committee and the 6th CPC, have strongly recommended for the grant of CCS pension on a par with the staff of KVS.

    It is most painful that without considering the genuine and legitimate issues the Union Cabinet has decided to introduce New Pension Scheme to all the existing employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. It is a clear case of discrimination and arbitrary and, hence, we reject the decision squarely.

    Madam, we appeal to you to use your good offices and take up the genuine and legitimate issues of the staff of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, concerning their post retirement life and ensure that they are extended the CCS pension Scheme on a par with the staff of KVS.

    With respectful regards.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Signatures of all the members of the Association

  96. lakshmikanta mahapatra says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    You did a good job in U.P by winning 20 MP.I hope next time it will be doubled.Same should be repeated in bihar & MP.So that there should be an end to the collition formula & getting support from regonal parties,which had been running since long.

    Wishing u the best for bihar election& requesting a oppurtunity for your audiance.


  97. VINAY KUMAR says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    I am a young Indian who believes in good and honest governance .After long time I see a person or rather a politician who is working towards it and thats you. Rahulji now a days the politicians are not trustworthy and politics is untouchable by young Indians. Unless the well educated and honest young youth dosen’t join politics the situation will not change in our country. The professional person blended with the social knowldge and is ready to serve the society is need of the hour. We have so much expection from you . I am working in Multinational as higher management and everyday come across lots of corruption in all the aspect of day today life. Sometimes i feel to leave everything and join in serve my country and use my administrative capabilities in serving my motherland and usually I do in form community service . We are waiting for you rahulji to take control over the present politics.

  98. kiran kale says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am an architect, city planner working in Mumbai. I am highly influenced by your ideas and thoughts about future development in India. Coincidently I am also a chief architect for a very prestigious project in your (+Hon. Madam’s) constituency in Raebareli which is under construction and (Hon. P.M.’s constituency) in Assam which is under design process.
    I am an associate to Architect Hafeez Contractor who is working on these projects.
    1. Rajiv Gandhi institute petroleum technology at Jais, Raebareli.
    2. Rajiv Gandhi institute petroleum technology in Assam.
    I found communication with you could be a great platform to discuss some dramatic ideas related to development of cities in India.
    I have a very dramatic proposal for Mumbai’s internal transportation system which can change the face of Mumbai city by creating more space for homeless people and subsequently reduction in squatter development. Railway can play major role in accepting some good proposals for change. The proposed development would be more social and also economically feasible.
    Sir, Plz. Suggest how/where to discuss these ideas with you in detail.
    Waiting for your positive reply.

    Kiran Kale
    Architect+Urban designer

  99. Prof.Dr.Yuvraj Lahoti says:

    Dear Mr.Rahulji

    First of all best wishes for your efforts and interest to make our country Superpower with giving right jutice to its stakeholders like Farmers, Womens, Students and all contry mens.

    Your vision towards Educated politics and politician is what require to shape up our country, as more and more educated and mature persons join politics the progress and clean image and practices will bulit our nation.

    Now specifically coming towards point, I belong to Maharashtra and native place is Karad from where our new CM Mr.Pruthviraj Chavanji comes, I m associated with him in academic discussion and also in his activities. We are really appriciate you and Hon.ble Soniyaji to appoint him as CM, this I m not saying because he belongs to our place but he is very clean, very resourceful, very practical and we have seen he spend all his time in doing in depth study of each subject, each file and he is that way asset for CLP. His appointment first time brought a learned, sincere and trustworthy CM to Maharashtra. Under his leadership many new projects will come to Maharashtra and hopefully administrative system will change slowly.

    One more point I wish to bring your notice that, in yesterday’s Minitry formation, Pune City – which you visited 2 times in last 10 months is education hub and indutry hub, this city has not got any minister, also Congress party image in the city is damaged due to the so called stakeholders of party in pune city, so you need to give a qualified and young face in the form of Minister, if not ministry you have to give a place in the form of member of Development Corporation ( Vikas Mahamandal ) that to in Science & Technology, Infrastructure Development, Indutry & Business etc.

    This will give boost to congress party in Pune also as you know Pune is having huge population of learned demography so these people should be turned to be our supporter so a person with all such background will be besst face for our party to be associated with this population.

    I know I may not be in position to suggest you as you and your party know all these, but I thought it is a right way to lead your thoughts in Pune city. Also in brief following works if you initiate for Pune through Congress party people will be very happy.
    1.Airport for matching business requirement and to support IT hub.
    2.Agri Indutry Park which will develop agri business & support various business from near by towns and villages.
    3.Human Resource Development Knowledge hub – which will support huge student base for better education and career developments.
    4.Mahila Vikas Resource Center.

    Finally I request you to give me 10 mins time to meet you at your office, so that I can present Development Plan file to you for above issues.

    We wish you best for your endavour.

    Jai Hind – Jai Maharashtra

    Prof.Dr.Yuvraj Lahoti

  100. Bhaskar Sure says:

    I am from Andhra Pradesh and a strnog supporter of INC from my child hood that means from past 25 years and now i am feeling very sad for the way congress party and it’s Govt has been functioning. Congress party will not even win a single MP seat also If the same is continued for some more time. The only way which i am seeing is Congress party should appoint Jaganmohan Reddy as a PCC president in another six months to retain the popularity of YSR followed by congress party Image which will win hearts of people Andhra Pradesh.The party and Govt should see that the welfare schemes will be implemented properly to overcome the poverty.

  101. M.MANOJ KUMAR says:

    beloved leader sir,

    iam manoj kumar,general secretary in mayiladuthurai(T.N) legislative assembly(IYC). iam proud to be a memeber of the world largest democratic youth organisation under your guidance. we are serving for the upliftment of the poor and the downtroned people. My humble request to you sir, the youth in tnyc are very eager to work hard and also working hard, pls make a visit to Tamilnadu to give us a moral strength.

    Thank you sir,

    M.Manoj Kumar, M.A.,B.L.,

  102. Suressh says:

    Dear Rahul

    I am Suressh from Chennai. I am a born congress born with roots from my grandparents time. I have a very strong suggestion to make it to you and since i don’t know how to reach you or Madam Soniaji i am writing here with utmost sincerity.

    Whatever good work that Congress has been doing through untiring efforts of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, yourself and other genuine leaders are getting drained through unscrupulous elements in the party and in allies which Congress is having at the centre now, especially the DMK from Tamil Nadu.

    Please remember they can go to any level to achieve their objective and don’t care about the others who help them. Now PM’s name has been dragged unncessarily because of the DMK, just because of alliance compulsions. But now having learnt the lessson, i would sincerely request through you to Congress President Soniaji and our beloved PM, to snap the alliance with DMK who have now become not just a baggage, but a very baggage at that. They have no responsibility for India, but every one of us in Congress does have responsibility to the nation.

    I heard today Finance Minister Pranabji was saying that the alliance would continue for Assembly election too. If that be the case, going by the mood of the people here, especially the young generation, Congress may not even get what they got in 2006 elections. Under the circumstances earlier to end the alliance the better it would be. We can always fight as third front without any dravidian party’s support or at least through AIADMK who were much more friendly than the DMK, right from MGR’s time. Yes the present chief of AIADMK is arrogant and authoritarian, but i hope she must have realised her folly by now. By this i am least advocating for alliance with them, and my choice would be to go alone even if Congress has to sit in opposition, as they are doing today.

    Finally, it is time to end the alliance with DMK to avoid further embarassment to the government and the party and DMK can go to any extent in damaging our reputation for their own safety and objective.

    Please disregard the advice of vested interests of leaders from Tamil Nadu congress for alliance with DMK please.

    There are lot of sincere people who will like to see Congress emerge as the party of the nation’s building as was from Jawaharlal Nehru’s time till today, barring for few hypocritical leaders who damaged the party and its image for a brief period.

    Thanks and with best regards.


  103. UNNI KRISHNAN says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Unni Krishnan from Bangalore, sir i wish to talk to you with regards to the Indian Development which is stopped by the corruptions, by this this time the corruption should have been stopped and the dreams that your father RESPECTED RAJIV GHANDHI had dreamed about,

    I have heard the speech of your Father Rajiv Ghandhi Saying that (With his speech while addressing the Joint Session of the US Congress and India, he famously said,) “India is an old country, but a young nation; and like the young everywhere, we are impatient. I am young and I too have a dream. I dream of an India, strong, independent, self reliant and in the forefront of the front ranks of the nations of the world in the service of mankind.

    I too have a dream of having a new nation as your father said not as an politician because i don’t have a political background but as an new Indian citizen , will i get an appointment to meet you sir,

    Yours faith fully
    Unni Krishnan

  104. Devtosh says:

    Hai Rahul Ji,
    Herd a lot about you in news. You are really moving like a hero among the common people. But there is a question which forced me to join here that why Rahul ji is among common people. Rahul ji is strengthening his brand “Rahul Gandhi” between common men or “He actuallty wants to see or feel common Indian”.
    Actually I am a very common citizen and like other I also do not have trust on polititians. But having see and listen you I am being little optimistic.

  105. Dharmendra Verma says:

    In a democratic country, every citizen of the age of 18 years and above has the right to vote and participate in politics. No one can debar anyone from taking part in politics and BHU need not be any exception either. Almost all the good leaders of today had taken part in student politics in their college days and learnt the basics of politics during student life itself. They got groomed well for national politics. The students’ representative raises the genuine demands and discusses them with college management. And in a big university like BHU, it becomes inevitable to have somebody to address the grievances of students. If the students of BHU are not allowed to participate in politics, there will be no voice of students and hence, no way out to solve the problems of students.
    Administration here is almost dictatorial in form. If the students raise their voice even for genuine cause, they are suppressed with a heavy hand. There have been many instances of students’ suppression by the BHU authority. Though there is a student council, it is almost a puppet of the administration only. Decisions are taken solely by them within the confined walls. Lathi-charge on students has become a daily routine. Issues like this are many and worth mentioning but they can’t be mentioned at once. I am just giving you some instinct of the abyss.
    Sir as a nursery school nurses a child to be a successful man, likewise universities play the same role for politics. Students participating in politics today are the future of the country. Such politicians will prove an asset to the country tomorrow. Considering the vastness and the variedness of BHU campus there is an urgent need of holding Student Union Election
    (Dharmendra Verma)
    Faculty of Science

  106. bhanubvlo says:

    Dear Rahul ji.
    i really like you as leader. you are future of our country. I wish People like you serve our Nation for long time. If you reply me, i would feel very proud……!!
    GOD bless………..!!
    Jai Hind : D

  107. Dear Mr. Rahul,
    Whole INDIA is expecting you,
    We need a stalin of russia without communism,
    I think thats you.
    You can do a best INDIA in its manner.
    Continue your Father’s will.
    As nasterddams said 2015 INDIA will become Super Power with your
    We all from INDIA expecting you to lead us right.
    We are from Tamil Nadu and we need your leader ship.
    Its a right time to explode and lead us to light,
    expectingly yours,
    Sampath Kumar.
    Tamil Nadu..

  108. Sharad Bhowmick says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m student of class 9th in St.Aloysius.Sen .Sec School Jabalpur M.P . I just came to know that you are very good shooter and also interested in promoting rifle-shooting .I just attended a national level Thal Sena Camp in junior level (NCC) in Delhi representing M.P and C.G in rifle shooting.I just want to serve my country in shooting but there is no training center near by.If I get training I can show my caliber to the world.So kindly help me.

  109. Madipakkam J.Sridhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Name sridhar iam from tamilnadu – chennai my age 35 iam telugu Community Person past 5 yrs back held post of Kanchipuram east Dt – President for DTMK Party, Dr G. Kamatchi Naidu is the founder president of Dravida Telugar Munnetra Kazhagam (Dravidian Telugu Progressive Federation), political party in Tamil Nadu, India.

    DTMK works for the interests of the Telugu-speaking minority in the state. The party demanded reservations for Telugu speakers in the state administration and possibilities for Telugu medium schooling.

    So sir i have 1500 Telugu Speaking members ready to join IYC – Tamilnadu and my Leadership.
    I am one of your Admirer/follower for your clarity of speech, Administrations/Managerial capability and leadership qualities.

    I strongly belive that you are a great potential leader to be. Iam sure with your aggressiveness, you can take Congress to the power in Tamil nadu in near future.
    After seeing your agressiveness, i would like to join in Congress and actively take part.
    Pls guide me the way forward.

    Send reply for my group…

    Madipakkam – j. Sridhar
    cell no: 9092914132

  110. Prakash Chavan says:

    Respected Sir,
    Satej(Banti) Patil is our MLA(Since 2004) . He is young and doing social work having indepened office with experince staff. He is easely available and hard worker. Please give him a chance to work our Maharashtra Assembly. I am shure he will develop the Maharashtra as wel as Kolhapur, and he work honestly with your control.
    Thanks lot.
    Yours friend,

  111. lakshmikanta mahapatra says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    Poverty is a issue since our independence.There is not much improvent due to our politicians,burocracy & our system.If you will consider all lok sabha,rajya sabha & bidhan sabha seats of states,it will come around 10,000,which means 10,000 people run the goverment of india.There may be another 40,000 who lost elections & another 50,000 burocrates helping to run the governance.in totol 1lack people runs a country of more than 100 crore people.Out of one lac it is difficult to find out 10-15% good people with good work ethics.Sothe poverty remains the same.Indians are listed in the forbs mgazine for the richest man,indians are the best CEO,doctors,engineers ,professionals worldwide,still there is no improvement in the poverty.What i observe also the execution of the various schems by the central goverment does not reach the grassroot level.Requested to set a mechanism to ensure proper utilisation of all funds allocated to diffrent projects for upliftment of poor.

    Wishing you all the best & requested to give a audiance ,enable to share my thoughts.

    With warm regards

  112. Muhammad Saloojee says:

    Hi Rahul

    Every government in the world claims to alleviate poverty and enhance the lives of the poor who in many cases are a majority. One way of doing this is by partnering with some NGO’s (local and international) and constructing “clusters” or villages to house them with basic infrastructure. The governments role in aiding such endevours are pivotal and important. if this is managed well, you will see fruits immediately.

    Thank you
    Muhammad Saloojee

  113. sundar says:

    Dear sir , wish you all the best for your social work , god bless u .

    Dear sir if u have a time to hear a poor people voice and their curiosity to learn more and the problem we are facing in our country , please permit me to send our problem through mail


    Dear Rahul,
    I am a an experienced worker from automotive Tyre trade from India,since past 3 years I am jobless and now I do not have left any way to cater my family,My eldest daughter is preparing for medical entrance and younger daughter is appearing for class 12th,my youngest and only son is preparing for class10th this year.
    I do not have any family support, and sold out all my belongings for education of my children during past years.
    May I seek your help for getting any job or my family is about to finish which i have not expressed to any family member till now…….please do something.
    Shailendra Kumar Shukla
    presently at Moradabad,U.P

  115. dr anurag medatwal says:

    rahul gandhi ji,
    namaskar. sir you are working in the benefit of congress party across the country. your party is the ruling party in some states of india. I am working as a child specialist in kota rajasthan. Recently government has transeferred 170 specialist doctor including pediatrician, anaesthetist and gyanaecologist to fill the vacant post in rural area. They transeffered many doctors from urban area . They are doing work in district hospital and medical college. Everyone having good social image and influences in the community. Many of them not joining at the new place, they are planning to give resignation to government. It will be very unfourtunate for the state because all these transferr done at vacant posts. State already facing severe crisis of government doctors. ( you can check the gov. data) All these transfer give the clue for corruption. because after transfer there is no arrangement for vacant post. It is a very hot matter in medical community. It is a suicidal attempt for party because doctor is directly related to the public. It was better if gov. give appointment to new doctors, it will create emplyoment and good image in public. kindly take appropriate step. hope for good rajasthan

  116. viraj bhide says:

    Campaign – Save Life; Save Food;

    There is so much disparity in our society. Some are born with golden spoon and some are born just to die – because they have nothing to eat. Yet the ones who are blessed always seem to forget that most of our country sleeps hungry. People spend thousands of rupees on a single meal and often eat only ½ of what they have ordered gives a feeling that the god who made them was someone different. There needs to be realization amongst people of India especially the youth and a practical solution should be found.

    It is suggestion – That it should be made mandatory in all hotels / restaurants / grocery shops / and shopping malls, to stick posters urging people not to waste food and buy / order only what is adequate. This will remind people; our nation’s apathy and will help in reducing food scarcity in the country.

    We put warning signs on cigarettes and alcohol but food scarcity and malnutrition is a much more ruthless culprit. Tobacco always gives you a choice to choose but hunger doesn’t.

    I would urge the voice of youth Mr. Rahul Gandhi to initiate this Campaign.

  117. yoginder singh says:

    hi RAHUL

  118. Request for immediate Appointment:
    I, Deep Krishna from Kanpur (U.P.), beg to submit the following for your perusal.

    1) We are contributing for upliftment of Indian mining area using green engineering and softwares and best practices from abroad. This is inspired from our leader Rajiv Gandhi ji and the direction he has given to our country and villages in the computer and mobile technology area. We would like to take the same initaive forward for our Indian mining – green engineering and safety of workers using our global experience. I am really inspired from you during last 3 years

    We have some unique methodology and softwares relatmed to Carbon emission, saftey of workers as it is implemented abroad.

    (2) I have obtained a degree in Mining Engineering from Institute of Technology- Banaras Hindu University and worked in senior and management positions in various IT multinational companies in India and abroad (USA, Europe, Middle East, Singapore) for about 11 years. Leadership team comes with IIT Graduates and mining engineers having strong backgrounds in IT across the globe in Consulting, Sales, Delivery, Operations, and Finance with large global corporations like GE, Microsoft, KPMG, TCS, HCL, Wipro and Oracle

    (3) We would like to work for coal mining companies for emission reduction and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects using our software and IT expertise. Also, other pain areas of coal mining industry where IT, Supply Chain and software can act as catalyst.

    (4) We have already developed software products related to Green Engineering, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism),Carbon liabilities & Credit & other pain areas (environment, dust emissions, mining hazards, saftey) of India Coal Mining.

    Deep Krishna
    [email protected]

  119. Chandrasekhar Menon says:

    Rtn.Chandrasekhar Menon,
    Bypass Road,
    Kerala – 680683

    SUB- Protect ‘Kalpathy River Clean’ and Not allow Builders to join sewerage line to the
    Kalpathy River.

    Dear Rahulji,
    The construction of Building project in Pythrika Gramam violating basic required
    norms in construction of housing project.Grandeur Homes Builders already obtained
    permission for constructing building at Chathapuram,Near Puthiyapalam (Kalpathy, Palakkad) Request your intervention to pressure the Builder to install waste water purification plant at there site and stop their plan to construct the sewerage water line to Kalpathy River. Thousands of residents staying near by the river using river water for drinking. If you are not interfering Kalpathy river will be like Chaliayar Puzha in the future. Hence you do the needful to arrange instructions to the Builders from Palakkad Municipality and Pollution Control Board to install waste water purification plant. In their site itself .Up to the installation of sewerage plant the construction of the Builders to be stopped for getting a written undertaking for the constructing of the purification plant in their site. The Builders will give assurances for selling their Flats But after completing their sales they will ignore their wordings.
    In protection against the attitude of the Builders their marketing agents messers Sateri Marketing Services, Mumbai already informed their protest to the Builders and demanded to install sewerage plant in the Building site and also stopped booking of the flat for getting a confirmation from the Builder. As a well wisher of Kalpathy you may also protest along with Sateri Marketing Services for getting Justice to the public.

    With Regards

    Rtn.Chandrasekhar Menon
    9821665659 / 9539428425

    “Lets Keep Kerala Clean”

  120. Hemant Yewale says:

    Dear Sir,

    In India Builders are Selling the apartments with Super Built up area. which is 35% more compare to carpet area. which is really unfortunate for every indian.

    Kindly Make the law that Builder has to sale the apartment in Carpet area, and if builder will not do that then there would be very strict action against the builder.
    then only builder will start to sell the apartments in Carpet area.

    Sir If you will make such law, billions of indian peoples will get benefited, and all will give the blessing to you.


    An Indian.

  121. Hemant Yewale says:

    Dear Sir,

    In current scenario india have the major problem of Hindu and Muslim Unity.
    and also peace in Jammu Kashmir, North East India.

    Hindu, Muslim unity was very good till 1991. After Babari demolition, this unity is disturbed. Now in India, specially in Mumbai, there is situation, like Hindu person does not want any Muslim person in his society. and this is increasing day by day.
    which is very dangerous.

    Hindu Muslim Unity was very strong till 1991, the major credit was for this for Bollywood Movies, and other regional movies. These movies used to show hindu and muslim unity and it was had a great impact on society.

    If govt. will give subsidy for such kind of movies(movie, serials which will show hindu muslim unity). Nos of such movies will be more and this will really create impact on specially youth community. Because bollywood creates very strong impact on Indian society. Bollywood is always trendsetter for Indian community.

    In kashmir and North east India, Local peoples feels that they are not part of india. the reason must be many. But if Bollywood and TV serial would show that India loves and respect kashmir peoples and North Indian Peoples. It will help us a lot.

    You may think that ” I(this person) must be from Film line. and for there benefit he is giving this suggestion .” But I am Not film Producer nor in Film Line, I am normal indian person. who believe in Strong and Currept Free India.


  122. Akanchsha Singh says:

    Dear Mr. Gandhi,

    I am a student of business administration and I would like to know if it there is any way to do an Internship with the PM’s office or the congress office?
    If so then please let me know the details of the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Akanchsha Singh

  123. dr. Hemant PAtel says:

    Dr. Hemant C. Patel
    65, mahernagar,
    Adajan gam char Rasta
    Mob: 9428398735
    Email: [email protected]
    Shri Rahul Gandhi

    Sub; suggestion to prevent corruption in country
    After independence corruption is going to increase day by day. We are witnessing the peak of it in CWG.
    As a citizen nobody want to give money for his/her file to move , but when he/she is harassed by the beurocracy by not taking any decision (either yes or no) he/she is compel to give bribe to get rid of it.
    But, in our law both people are considered guilty, which is not practically true. Today, I and rather we have to give money to beurocrate or peon in any kind even for our official work, though my/ones file is complete, all papers are there, even government machinery don’t work on my files if I/ one is not putting weight (rupees) on it.
    It is the duty of any government servant to take decision on any file in due course and time. One can’t hang file for indefinite time. There should be some time frame for clearance of any file.
    Now, we have a RTI act through which we can get any information, we want in stipulated time.
    Here time is very important factor and violating this law, officer will be punished.
    Due to RTI act we can exposed many scam and beurocrates are become accountable to some extent.
    Under this proposed act any official must be taken any decision in writing (either yes or no or any thing) on every files coming to his/her table/office in some fix time period (say in 5 to10 or 15 working day depending upon the cadre). And it is his/her duty to make inward on next table/ office. Each official have to maintain his/her own individual inward/outward register. It can be on internet. So, after submitting any application, any body can trace his file on internet just to entering the inward number. He will not have to go on every table to move his file at every step.
    Any officer should be punished in a form of heavy penalty per day for delaying any file. (Just like provision make in RTI)
    Advantages of such a provision are that, TIME FACTOR in government machinery is observed, which is not there today. (Today any officer is not taking any action on some files for indefinite period and one can do nothing.)
    If we want to reduce (not prevent) corruption, we must abolish such a mentality of “NOT TO ACT”.
    Secondly, by such a provision momentum will come in administration which result in speedy solution of any matter, will result into reduce corruption, as people want to clear his/ her files and get proper answer from concern authority as early as possible.
    We can make accountable to all offices and all tables of government. One should be accountable to his duty and it must be done in proper TIME FRAME. If he/she fails to do so, he/she must be punished.
    This is my one suggestion to make a less corrupted (not corruption free) India and at least files or application having a legal completion will be cleared without bribe. So, honest people will not be harassed. If you feel that it will be a right direction step than I request you to do the needful at your level.
    Thanking You,
    Sincerely Yours,

    Dr. Hemant C. Patel

  124. Asma Layla Benaissa says:

    My 76 years old mother and I came to India more than a year ago. Due to many health problems my mother had, we stayed longer than the tourist visa allowed.
    I showed all the medical reports to the FRRO commissionner.
    He told me that I should go to my own country, get a medical visa and “come back quickly”.
    I trusted his advice, but then he put a stamp in my pasport with ” overstayed”, and now to get back into the country I need his clearance.I have been waiting for six weeks now, still nothing. This a very inhumane thing to do.
    This is jeopardizing my mother’s health as I have stated many times, but nobody cares.
    I am now trying to bring her to Sri Lanka where I am waiting for her, but it gets delayed again and again, with all the problems growing.
    Could you please help somehow? Regards, Asmalayla

  125. Jayraj Sen (From Gwalior) says:

    Dear Sir,
    For me you are a ray of hope who will eliminate castism,unemployment,Terrorism & other problems from India.
    If being a politician mean is to help Indians then definitely i would like to be a part of Indian national Congress.
    I am straight forward ; suppose i bes apart of Indian national Congress then how much time is required to be a MP /MLA without looking cast/religion of the Person.

    If you can give us time limit then i will leave this Job & will we with you & do my duty on full time basis.

    Best Regards

    Jayraj Sen

    (MBA in Tourism Administration)

    At present Working in a Private Organization of Delhi.

  126. Umesh Kumar Mochi says:

    Pranam Sir,
    I have always been very very optimistic about The Congress since your advent in politics.My family has always remained a member and a cadre voter to your(….our) Congress. but disillusionment is nothing but natural in one,s political life.(from Stephen Spender to Nehru Jee…many got disillusioned…….).In 90s we had reasons enough to be dissillusioned from your…..(Congress) kudos to the appearance of Lalu Jee in the politics of Bihar………. and lo! we soon got to get disillusioned as Lalu Jee’s anti- Dalit and anti development attitude took a toll on almost everything. Now things are turning prettier breads are getting better colours…..and this time kudos to RG. Sir very humbly I would like to ask you :
    1. Would you sincerely agree that even a wee bit has not been done for the Dalits in Bihar.
    2. Millions of Dalits are languishing in ignominy where education has not even touch them?
    3.One community called Musahar (I wonder whether they have apprised you of this commununity)in Bihar does not have even ONE percent literacy…..and so are some other poor things.
    Please forgive my Dalit sarcasm.
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    Umesh Kumar Mochi
    distt.- Rohtas (Bihar)

  127. GP says:

    Looking towards political trends I think this is a best era of decisions taken for development of India. Very good decisions against corruption are taken recently by Congress Government. However there are some important areas which are directly linked with economic growth of India, where corruption is at peak level. We are facing the heat of that corruption.
    In Central Government Offices we are Harrased even after paying bribe. You might ask why we pay bribe? Because I will loose my business if I dont complete my work within specific time. I can fight against the system alone where whole system is corrupt.
    You are a hope for all youths in India, where in we can arrest corruption.

    I am having a fear in my mind that if I communicate about the harrasing person to Anti Corruption Department, I might get exposed. Due to this the conserned person may be punnished, but other officers in the office may harras me as a revange. This may lead to hamper my business.

    How to communicate without getting exposed to Anti Corruption Department, Public, etc.
    We want your opinion in this regard.

  128. vaibhav vijaykumar bansod says:

    Hello Rahul,

    I am software engineer working on platform ERP (Supply Chain Management).

    Since many days I have been thinking of Farmers and there present condition. Before write this let me clear that I am not having good knowledge of economy and policies. However I am trying to incorporate the concept of Risk Management in the Farming. Like in any other business, management always consider about the risk management and reserve fund.

    The same way can we think of insurance policy for Farmer (which is also business with high risk factor since its depends upon weather) which can secure there minimum output in case of other non avoidable weather factor. We can grant such insurance policies for those poor farmer.

    This policy will make sure that if the minimum output is not generated in any quarter the insurance company will make the X RS payment to farmer. If the output is above the minimum gain then insurance company will make use of those insurance premium fund for there use.

    We will ask good NGO ( Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS) or (Maharashtra Blind faith Eradication Committee)) which is no where connect to Politics to run and operate such good project.

    For raising the funds for such policies we can run campaign which will encourage the people to donate (by choice) minimum 100 rs from there salary in month. I am ready from myself.

    Even if can ensure / insure 100 farmers in a year in make large change.

    The above idea may be very crude or non working , but this can be initiative for better idea.

    I will await for at least one line reply.


    Vaibhav Bansod

  129. Respected sir,
    I am the youth President of my ward of yours INDIAN YOUTH CONGRESS,i want your support and direction to help the youths and others from my ward as i am a banker very new in POLITICS.hope you will render me your helping hand.waiting for your support.

    thank you.

    Email: [email protected]

  130. balya krishna patra says:

    From, Date: 10/11/2010
    Balyakrishna Govind Patra
    Road no.7, Maharaja shri agrasenaji chowk,
    (Gandhi chowk), Prabhat colony, Santacruz (E),
    Mumbai: 400055.
    Mob; 9322212299
    Email ID: [email protected]

    The Respective Senior Management Persons including the Political Party Leaders and the Bureaucrats.

    Sub: complaint against the private housing finance companies and grievances against securitization
    And reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest act.

    Dear sir/ Madam,
    I would like to introduce myself is a common citizen of india and my Name is. Balyakrishna.G. Patra
    Native place is small village name is Sheragada, district- Ganjam, state- Orissa, in a poor/ lower middle class Family. At the time of childhood I lost my both parents because both were affected with cancer and I am only son of my parents. I struggled myself to be a Graduate by providing tution to a small childrens and got a Graduation certificate From Khalikot (auto) college, Berhampur, district- Ganjam, Orissa, in the year of 1994. After completation of Graduation because there were no employment facilities in Orissa that time I was forced to come down to Mumbai to earn and get bread & butter in the year of 1995. I worked hard both day & night from Security guard in night shift to sales professional in day shift. after get experience by working hard throughout the Mumbai city, Maharashtra and Gujrat I started my own business with my wife the year of 2002. I was gradually improving as well as my company was gradually improving.
    The year of 2007 I purchase a flat as per the request and commitment given by a sales professional Mr. Roy with finance from Indiabulls housing finance ltd Rs. 58,00,000. And after sanction the loan they are tourcharing to me in different different way & different different issues like increasing of the interest rate by time by time, interest rate charged initially not as per the commitment i.e. they committed it will start 14% charge per year but initially they started with 16.25% per year, also they were committed not to charge any prepayment charges and will reduce the interest rate after 6months of the completation of the loan but instead of the reducing the interest rate they increasing the interest rate time by time in the name of “ RBI Guidelines”. Where as my question is that is the RBI Guidelines is only the increase the interest rate, not for decrease? Even though I faced all this situations by this peoples, I was paying the EMI’s but it was irregular till August 2009. One more reason the irregularity of EMI’s payment was “Global Market Down” and after 2009 I was paying the payments almost regularly till September 2010.
    The situation has worst when the indiabulls peoples has taken the position order of the flat in the year of 2009 August without my knowledge and they executed the position order on 23rd sept 2010. Now my question is that if the order has passed by the honorable court why the kept pending for 13months even after that through out the year approximately and more than 30,00,000 Rs has been credited against my Housing Loan Account no. HHLMUS00019963 throughout the year along with this the prepayment charges charged more than 2, 00,000 Rs in the period of sept 2009 to sept 2010 and now one more question is arraging that if I am a defaulter then how you charged a prepayment charges in my loan account? Where the I was paying the payments almost regularly whether the honorable court has conveyed before executing the order on 23rd sept 2010 about the past 13months transactions?
    I am having so many questions about the execution of the order but I can’t go to the superior court to challenge the order because now I am paney less by paying and paying and paying towards the high & high & high interest rates.
    I am a simple common man and from a simple lower middle cast family having no other options other than you peoples also the are threatening that they will make an auction @ 45 to 50 lakhs rupees where has the property values more than 90lakhs rupees also they are forcing me to close the loan including the prepayment charges even though the tonner is loan of 15yrs.

    My Expectations from your side:
    1. Please look after the “securitization and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest act” should not be misuse by the finance companies to the common mans like me.
    2. Please take action within 24 to 48 hrs otherwise I will lost my property.
    3. Please take proper action the peoples who are harshing even though getting paid.
    4. In the name of national political party all these peoples are taking advantage kindly try to stop it if it is happening because I heard that the top officers and management peoples of Indiabulls are belongs to Indian national congress party and by taking their name all this junior and senior level peoples are taking advantage.
    5. I already have papers related to Indiabulls at any point of time I am ready to provide it through mail. Kindly ask for the same if it is required.
    6. I feels that their may be some problem with the judicial systems in India related to this issue because of that I am ready to sit before any kind of investigation/ investigation team. So that let me speak in front of the press/ Media/ Investigation team.
    7. Also I am questioning to the RBI about the guidelines provided to the private financers, from the eligibility of sanctioning of the loan, to recovery of the same.
    8. Try to promote a guidelines from RBI the interest rate of housing loan should be “flat” not “flote” because if it is floting rate of interest the common men are getting affected.
    9. RBI should look after the transaction of housing finance companies along with the commercial banks regarding the maximum fixation of the interest rate.
    10. Kindly reopen the case C.C.NO.23/M/2009 because what I feel that it is a once sided order as I never asked to attend before the court for the order.
    11. I would like to request all this human rights organization because you may save the victims from mental tension non negotiable attitudes and non averness of the humanity of the financers and lake of responsibility towards a human life because peoples goes through the this type of situation and may be a take a drastic steps like committing suicide or something like that.
    12. The political parties are requested to try to rectify the systems and save the common man from all this private financers

    I am sending this letter almost all all the leaders of national congress party including Smt. Soniya Gandhi, Shri. Rahul Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh almost all the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party including Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Shri.L.K.Advani, all the Noddle officers of RBI, all the banking ombudsman of RBI, honorable president of MNS Mr. Raj Thakre and honorable chief of the shivsena Mr.Balasaheb Thakre and top officers of Indiabulls, Hindustan times, DNA, E’TV Marathi, Asian age, Zee News, and etc……. as per the list attached through Fax or Email.

    Yours faithfully,
    Needs immediate action
    1 HT Media Limited 011-66561270 38 C/o. RBI (Thiruvananthapuram) 0471-2321625
    2 Diligent Media Corporation 022-39801000 39 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells-Ahmadabad) 079-27541993
    3 The Indian express online media (pvt) ltd
    New Delhi 011-23702141 40 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells-Banglore) 080-22210185
    4 The Asian age (New Delhi) 011-26530027 41 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells-Belapur) 022-27570015
    5 The Asian age (Mumbai) 022-24965847 42 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Bhopal) 0755-2552283
    6 The Asian age (Kolkata) 033-22890686 43 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Bhubaneswar) 0674-2395911
    7 Mid- Day Infomedia ltd (Mumbai) 022-24150009 44 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Chandigarh) 0172-2701186
    8 Mid –Day Infomedia ltd (Banglore) 080-67016351/53 45 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells-Chennai) 044-25365220
    9 Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena 022-24327614 46 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Guwahati) 0361-2540033
    10 Bharatiya Janata Party 011-23005787 47 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells-Hyderabad) 040-23230299
    11 Pradesh Prabhari (Himachal Pradesh) 011-23014678 48 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Jaipur) 91-141-2563016
    12 Pradesh Prabhari (Zharakhand) 0734-244855 49 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Jammu) 0191-2470576
    13 Indian National Congress 011-23017047 50 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Kanpur 0512-2306105
    14 Smt. Sonia Gandhi (President) 011-23018651 51 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Kochi) 0484-2402715
    15 Shri. Ahmed Patel (MP)- Political Secretary 011-23793801 52 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Kolkata) 033-22313645
    16 Shri.Janardan Dwivedi (MP)- General Secretaries 011-23014342 53 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Lucknow) 0522-2392309
    17 Shri Mukul Wasnik (MP)- General Secretaries 011-23793820 54 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Mumbai) 022-22705724, 22665724, 22650058
    18 Shri Rahul Gandhi (MP)- General Secretaries 011-23012410 55 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Nagpur) 0712-2536756
    19 Shri Manikrao Thakre (Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee- Mumbai) 022-24225733 56 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- New Delhi) 011-23731461
    20 Shri Ashok Chavan (Chief Minister) Government of Maharashtra 022-22029214/ 23631446 57 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Panaji) 0832-2438657
    21 Shri Kripa Shankar Singh (Mumbai R.C.C) 022-24213737/22615797 58 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Patna) 0612-2320407
    22 Debasish Prusty. PS to MOS (E & FS) 011-23094936 59 Nodal officers (complaint redressal cells- Thiru’puram) 0471-2330843
    23 Banking Division 60 Gagan Banga (Indiabulls Financial Service Ltd- Chief Executive Officer) 022-30491421
    24 Shri K. Chandrachoodan C/o. RBI (Ahmedabad) 079-26583325 61 Divyesh Shah (Indiabulls Securities ltd- Chief Executive Officer) 022-22812440
    25 Shri M. Palanisamy C/o. RBI (Banglore) 080-22244047 62 Vipul Bansal (Indiabulls Real Estate ltd- Jt.Managing Director) 022-30445644
    26 Shri T. Karunakaran C/o. RBI (Bhopal) 0755-2573779 63 Kubeir Khera (Vice President) 022-30491421
    27 Shri Biplab Chakraborty C/o. RBI (Bhubaneswar) 0674-2393906 64 Shri.Nitin Gadkari (New Delhi) 011-23005787
    28 Shri Lalit Shrivastava C/o. RBI (Chandigarh) 0172-2721880 65 Shri.Nitin Gadkari (Nagpur) 0712-2727127
    29 Shri S. Ganesh C/o. RBI (Chennai) 044-25395488 66 Shri.Nitin Gadkari (Mumbai) 022-24971892
    30 Shri K.R.Das C/o. RBI (Guwahati) 0361-2540445 67 Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (Mumbai Office) 022-24333899
    31 Shri M. Sebastian C/o. RBI (Hyderabad) 040-23210014 68 Aaj Tak News Channel (Mumbai) 022-26842259
    32 Shri P.Vijaya Kumar C/o RBI (Jaipur) 0141-2562220 69 Network 18 channel 022-24968238
    33 Shri B.K.Bhoi C/o. RBI (Kanpur) 0512-2362553 70 Doordarshan Kendra 022-24938788, 24936137
    34 Shri C.V.George C/o. RBI (Kolkata) 033-22305899 71 Zee News ltd 022-24990071
    35 Shri O.P.Aggarwal C/o. RBI (Mumbai) 022-24960912 72 Sahara Samay 022-39569170
    36 Shri. H. Kulshreshtha (Banking Ombudsman) 011-23725218 73 Saam Marathi 022-66843260
    37 C/o.RBI (Patna) 0612-2320407 74 Etv News 022-22830038

  131. Neeraj kumar says:

    Mr Rahul Gandhi
    General Secratory,Congress
    New Delhi
    You are seen as the youth icon of our country. We are having great hopes from you as your work shows that you are different from others and you want to bring change in our country. I am very happy from what your party did for Mahrastra today. But I have one very big question to be asked that is Mr A Raja (telecom minister) being a single man is more powerful from the entire CongressParty. Why you all party members dont take any action against him? Is he so powerful? When Supreem Court said that any body with criminal background cannot continue to be in his ministry and hence had to resign then why you all are not frcing him to resign? He had done a froad of near about 1 Lakh 76 thousand Cr . If being a single man he could do such a big froud , God only knows how many more such people are their in our country?
    I know you are not going to reply my mail as I am a common man………

    Neeraj kumar
    New Delhi

  132. Diji N J says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am talking about the corruption in India. It is spreading like plague even to lowest level of government employees. the best and practical way to solve this problem will be to start a “five year plan” to solve this corruption problem. The current corruption solution in Indian system are centuries old from British raj. We need a new anti-corruption system. Advantages of a “five year plan” for an anti-corruption solution is that we will get best brains in country like IAS, IPS, IFS officers and Judges to solve this problem.

  133. Shri.Rahul Gandhi Ji,

    I would like to request you to kindly let me know about the emails and letters that I sent you regarding youth development in Rural and Urban areas.

    When i came back from United States, I carried an idea for discussing with you. Now, it has developed and emerged into a bright platform for young people of our nation to work for sustainable development creating a better living environment but now, the problem is your time that i am seeking patiently from past many months.

    I understand your busy schedule but I guess I will be given an opportunity I seek.

    I look forward to hear from you soon.


    Youth of India,
    Ankit Agarwal
    Managing Director
    OlivEn Enterprises, Lucknow, UP
    +91 9919283000

  134. Reji Kumar P.B says:

    Respected Sir,
    Sir, It is really an unfortunate thing that almost all the politicians in our country are mearly looks for next election rather than next generation. All of their actions are on the basis of ensuring their seats and position in the next election. No one seriously looks for the future of the country or future of the young ones. We can see several politicians in our country now, but we can’t see a statesman here. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabahi Patel, Indira Gandhi etc. are all still remains in the mind of all Indians as a statesman, because their actions, their policies are not just for the winning of one or two election, but for the bright future of the entire country. Sir, I try to bring your kind attention in one social evil exists in the present Indian society.

    Recently, Matrimonial websites plays a vital role in strengthening caste system in modern Indian society. Several matrimonial websites are spreading wrong message to society. The message they published is ‘Select your partner from your own caste’. Sir, who authorize them to advise people that ‘every one should select their partner from their own community’. Sir, this kind of advertisements definitely pulls back the progress of our society and it may deeply enhance the caste system in the modern society especially in the mind of young people. They published this kind of retrograde message on the sake of their business. But its impact in the society is very dangerous. Modern Indian society is far ahead as compared to pre independence period. Prohibition of Window Marriage, Prohibition of Inter caste Marriage, Prevalence of child marriage, Barriers for women in participating the social activities were some of the evils which were existed in the pre independence period. But now we are living in the 21st century and India is also becoming a developed country in the world. Our economy is also growing very fast. Our achievements in all sectors of our life are very vast. In such an environment, we have to seriously consider about this kinds of uncivilized messages or advertisements targeted to youth. Most highly educated young generation nowadays depends on the facility of online matrimonial sites for finding their partners. So this kinds of messages definitely misleading them and deepen the ancient evil caste thinking in their mind. Sir, I humbly request you to take necessary action against them to put an end this kinds of wrong messages or advertisements.

    Recent worst decision of Caste Census by Govt. will certainly boost these kinds of matrimonial business considerably. This has got them a license to divide people on the basis of caste and sub caste authentically. The last census to enumerate caste was in 1931, when the British were ruling India and Lord Irwin was the viceroy. There was no census in 1941, thanks to the Second World War. After independence, India’s founding fathers decided to do away with caste as a census criterion because of their desire to build a casteless society. Govt. must prohibit caste based matrimonial advertisements through medias to discourage castism and racism in the society. It is shocking that when well educated youth of our country, smart young men and women shamelessly mention their castes and sub-castes in their matrimonial ads. The vested interest politicians who stands for this uncivilized caste census says that it is for good governance. Sir it is absolutely wrong. If the Govt. continue to conduct this census, it will only help to impose caste system in the new generation and will also get certain caste based gains for certain caste leaders and politicians. Already the Govt. classified people as SC/ST/OBC etc. for reservation purpose. And here is separate departments are also functioning for the welfare of these groups. In the light of these facts, Govt. must monitor the social and economical developments of these groups in a phase by phase systematic manner. There is no need to conduct this ancient rude method of caste survey.
    In matrimonial advertisements, they have added photos of certain girls with a caption indicating their caste instead of their names. This is really rude as well as uncivilized. When we browse internet, we can see this kinds of several advertisements.
    Expecting your positive reply and action in this subject for the bright future of the entire young people and the country.
    Thanking you,
    Reji Kumar P.B,

  135. Rathinaraj Namasivayam says:

    Dear Mr.Gandhi
    Hope things are well on your side. I am from Trichy and i am working in
    Bangalore as a Software Engineer. I feel that there shuold be a good outlook
    for the Congress in Trichy, why i say this is because everyone here claim that
    they are the Leader and entirely spoil the name of the Congress, to say more
    frankly my uncle was the Congress leader for the Trichy city in the 1990′s and
    now he entirely out of the congress because of everyone take congress as a money
    vending machine. And the ruling government here even flattens congress’s position
    and respect in the city and a many men in congress go in favour for this as they
    are given money by the other parties.

    I really have got a hope that congress is still alive in Tamilnadu as it was
    during the Kamaraj period (after seeing you into the politics very actively).
    I wish it will be great if you concentrate more on the states where congress
    is weak so that we could emerge out as a Single powerfull party as in our
    Grandparent days with no alliance needed to support us during the elections.

    Hope you would give a little importance to my suggestions.

    Take care


  136. matti prasad says:

    Please kindly hear my problem,
    I am poor , my family back ground is poor, my village social status is poor, we have not land and other , all families are daily labours, my family also daily labour, my father died when i am 10th class with food and medicle problems, he worked as a contact labour at agriculture formers,then i studies at my aunty,imarried when i finished my interemediate ,we struggle for food that time, i worked as a house painter,but my mind want to grouth my studies, three years later i start my degree,i complete my degree having so many problems, that time i attacked health problems, many years suffer with medicle problems, its continuesly i joined in a socialservice sector in ap,, my health problems creates more financial problems, my raltives help me, then its increase above three lack rupees, i have no way to pay these amount, my relatives tiet on me, i have three childrens, my elder daughter studying 10th class in hostel, its very problematic to pay her hostel feeses, and secound child also studying 4th class, third child is studying 2nd class, my wife is a daily labour, i have no way to get this problems, please any sources could you show me , i will get back , kindly suggest and help for me with your kind ness,
    please send me your helping words to my email id
    thanking you
    and God help to you

  137. Sairam Tammisetti says:

    Hello Mr. Gandhi

    I have couple of opinions/ questions.
    1. Apart from corruption, I personally think that one of the main problems of our democracy is dynastic rules in all states at almost levels. Can you start with yourself and end this dynastic rule, and set an example for the rest of the country. Serving country via politics is not a right, it is just a responsibility. So can you help your party make a rule that once somebody is in active politics and is in an elected position, automatically his family and first degree relatives could be either ineligible till 10 yrs after he/she is in that position or if this sounds too extreme, at least their all financial and other activities should be under intense scrutiny and should be available by Right to Information act.
    2. Although not officially, your party, current PM and your mom seem to project you as future PM. What makes you think that you are qualified for the position.
    3. You can say that you yourself never projected yourself. How can you justify the importance given to you during the dinner with Mr. Obama?
    All said and done, whatever you are, you are a remnant of the dynastic rule. Thats what I believe even though you may be highly qualified and suitable. A bad system may sometimes give good results, but the system is still called “bad”.

  138. mr. ajay kumar jain says:

    namaste mera naam ajay kumar jain hai mai ek bussinessman hu aaj mere pass jo kiuch bhi hai sab mere hard work aur imandaari se kamaya hua hai mere do bacche hai . anuj jain – aman jain .kuch log mujhe blackmail kar rahe hai jisme police ke bhi kuch aala afsar shaamil hai. ye silsila kareeb 2-3 saalo se chal rha hai mere pass kuch nahi bacha unko dene ke liye aaj mera ghar bhi girwi hai agar aap meri help kar sakte hai to please contact me nahi to sucide ke siwa mere pass koi rasta nahi hai.
    ajay kumar jain

  139. MOHAMMD NOMAAN says:

    There are thousands of kidney patients who are dying daily worldwide. And there are millions of kidney patients who are awaiting their death. Only a few of them are capable of sustaining the expensive thrice weekly dialysis. Further, only a handful lucky few get a kidney transplant; for, the kidney availability is scarce.

    With the strict organ donation law in place, the availability of kidney for donation is extremely scanty. Under the given circumstances, the ESRD patients have no choice other than dying gradually.


    There are millions of prisoners languishing in prisons worldwide. They are serving their terms in jails for the crimes they have committed on the society. Many thousands of those die their death before their term is complete and they could be freed. There are of course, habitual and hardcore offenders in them and there are also those who may have committed crime or murder in the fit of their anger or momentary rage. Result is the same. They all have to lawfully pay for their deeds. There is no other means of repentance than serving their term. Thus the lives of these millions have to be finished within the walls of prison without any constructive work.



    A person who donates one of her/his kidneys can lead a normal life with the remaining one kidney. However, she/he can save the life of an ESRD (end stage renal failure) patient, for whom, death is imminent without a transplant by donating one kidney to such patient.

    Now here is role for the government to step in. A campaign for kidney harvest from the prisoners may be started by government and non government organizations working in tandem, which would encourage voluntary donation of kidneys from the prisoners. There should be no force or coercion and the consent of donation by the prisoner should be totally voluntary. The government may consider reducing the sentence of such prisoner case by case in reward for doing this generous act of saving life of a human being. Such donating prisoner may find a purpose of his remaining life and a divine satisfaction of saving a life and above all, a chance of repentance of his past misdeed.

    Kidney is just one organ of human body. There are many organs like bone marrow, liver etc, which, by donating the donor can lead a healthy life thereafter, while precious lives of numerous patients who are helpless on their deathbed can be saved.

    I am husband of an ESRD kidney patient who has luckily found a matching donor for my wife. But I have seen many patients who are not so lucky and are waiting for years for a suitable match. Many of them have no relatives. Many have odd blood group or HLA cross-match. Many patients’s relatives are diabetic and hence cant go for donor surgery. There is no hope for such patients under the prevalent organ donation law, which permits organ donation from only relatives.

    I urge upon all those who have concern for human lives to come forward and initiate a meaningful debate on the above topic, an idea, which cropped up in my mind ever since I saw the case of my friend, who after prolonged tough matching procedure, finally rejected the transplanted kidney within 24 hours on account of mismatch and is still on dialysis.

    DATE: 8TH November 2010

    J-10/32, BAQRABAD,
    VARANASI-221001, UP, INDIA.
    PHONE: 91-9792053035

  140. vikram singh Multani Advocate says:

    Hello respected Sir ,Good evening, sir i am an Advocate by profession ,age about 30 years and belong to well reputed and educated family with that i am doing serve better to humanity as worker in congress party from my childhood as well as state president of “YOUTH FEDERATION OF INDIA” an N.G.O in Haryana State .So i wants to do some thing more and more for congress party and society with great thought and bigger ideas, like , raised the voice against the corruption,to per mote the education level in INDIA to help the poor and old age person,dear sir our N.G.O. have very good profile .so could you please help me to accept as congress party worker or member with any portfolio ,So that i could help the people as well congress party.Jai Hind Jai Bharat
    Vikram singh Multani Advocate
    District Kaithal (Hry) 136027
    M.No 097-290-36665

  141. Hello sir
    Myself Bhakti Sharma long distance swimmer from Udaipur Rajasthan and would like to draw your attention towards my achievements.I am the first swimmer of Rajasthan and 9th girl from India to swim across English Channel.Me and my mother hold the world record of Mother daughter combination of swimming the channel in2008.Further I am the second female swimmer in the world and third overall swimmer in the world to swim across 4oceans namely Indian,Atlantic,Pacific and recently Arctic ocean in 2009.I am youngest female swimmer in the world to swim across 7 seas of the world and the first Asian to swim 4oceans.Now my dream is to swim across the Antarctic ocean which so far only two swimmers in the world have done.So would wish to meet you for this expedition of mine.Hope to get an early and prompt reply.

  142. Dr. Kalika Sharan Singh says:

    Winner vs. Loser

    The Winner is always part of the answer
    The Loser is always part of the problem.
    The Winner is always has a program
    The Loser always has an excuse.
    The Winner says, “Let me do it for you
    The Loser says, “That is not my job.”
    The Winner sees an answer for every problem
    The Loser sees a problem for every answer.
    The Winner says, “It may be difficult but it is possible”
    The Loser says, “It may be possible but it is too difficult.”
    When a Winner makes a mistake, he says, “I was wrong”
    When a Loser makes a mistake, he says, “It wasn’t my fault.”
    A Winner makes commitments
    A Loser makes promises.
    Winners have dreams
    Loser have schemes.
    Winners say,” I must do something”
    Losers say, “Something must be done.”
    Winners are a part of the team
    Losers are apart from the team.
    Winners see the gain
    Losers see the pain.
    Winners see possibilities
    Losers see problems.
    Winners believe in win/win
    Losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.
    Winners see the potential
    Losers see the past.
    Winners are like a thermostat
    Losers are like thermometers.
    Winners choose what they say
    Losers say what they choose.
    Winners use hard arguments but soft words
    Losers use soft arguments but hard words.
    Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things
    Losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.
    Winners make it happen
    Losers let it happen.
    Sir, above sentences are taken from net. Words used are powerful & strong. Can we adopt the character of winner?
    Can we win whole India through our perfect plans & its execution by almost 100%?
    Can you help me reaching my vision of winning India; so that one day we can have our own government in all states?
    Please write me for the sake of Congress. I dislike political compromises we are doing for making our government in Center or States.
    Help me helping our Congress Party who provides us power, prestige, place & pride.
    I can generate many innovative plans which can bring productivity by almost 100%.
    It’s not only dream of mine but it could be converted into reality.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Truly
    Dr. Kalika Sharan Singh
    Member Coordination Committee, PCC, Bihar.
    Phone: 09431262550, 09939000111.

  143. Ram Chandra Singh says:

    Namaskar Rahul Bhai
    Happy Deepawali to U and Ur Family
    GOD bless U the things U want in ur Life
    My Best wishes are always with U
    Have a keen desire to meet and talk to U
    Want to become a member of ur team

    Working as a Engineering Teacher in Kanpur (U.P.)
    Belongs to a Backward Class ( Loniya Chauhan Community)
    Living at the address 27, Shivnagar (Ramnagar), Mandhana, Kanpur (U.P.)

  144. Dr.Tridib Sarkar says:

    Shri Rahul Gandhi
    Member of Parliament
    General Secretary

    Dear Sir,

    We are ex-students of National Institute of Homeopathy, Kolkata are going to organise a Grand Alumni Meet on 12th December
    2010.It is our request to you that please come and join with us. We are expecting you as a Chief Patron in this occasion.
    So your kind presence and cooperation is highly solicited.
    Inthis connection it our further request to you that please send one massage from your side which we will publish in our souvenir. We are waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully.
    Dr. Tridib Sarkar
    N.I.H.Alumni Meet-2010.

  145. Dr.Rajive Dikshit says:

    Hi ,Rahul ji,
    i invite u to kindly visit Tuini a remote area of dehradun district in uttarakhand to see how much poor india is !!!!!!!!and what our goverment do to improve it . and let me know when u r planning to visit !!!!!!
    with regards
    Dr.Rajive Dikshit, (Congressmen)


    in tamilnadu most of the advocate and public interested to join in congress but they were not guided properly.
    we have one associates (advocate) network all over tamilnadu, now we will decide to join congress.
    we submit that we assure our associates advocate in all over tamilnadu decide to 1,00,000 new members bring to join as a new congress member with in three months or on or before assembly election.
    hence kindly give me appointment or direct me to which leader i have to approach in tamilnadu for to join congress


  147. sharique raza says:

    Respected sir,
    I am the youth President of my ward of yours INDIAN YOUTH CONGRESS,i want your support and direction to help the youths and others from my ward as i am a college going student and very new in POLITICS.hope you will render me your helping hand.waiting for your support.thank you.
    Sharique Raza(09819934990)

  148. Dr. Kalika Sharan Singh says:

    Sir Rahul Gandhi Ji
    General Secretary AICC, Delhi
    Subject: Winning whole India through strong planning & implementation.
    Respected Sir,
    I am a small Congress worker from Bihar who possesses the power for preparing strategy & having capability to implement it to the point of perfection by almost 100%.
    I feel I am a think tank & can get Congress into power in any state through my innovative ideas & its strategic implementation.
    Being a doctor & obsessed Congress man, I do feel & believe that I am one man army. I have strong desire to serve Congress party at the National level.
    Could you please help me getting a place where I can display my capabilities?
    You all are well placed & well-wishers of the party. Would you be kind enough to provide me an opportunity to serve the organization from the front?
    You all might be dreaming that a day will come when all states will have Congress government fulfilling the dream of the Congress Party, Mr. Rahul Gandhi Ji & Mrs. Sonia Gandhi Ji.
    Can’t it be a great day for Congress Party?
    I don’t say that you accept my claim through my letter but definitely I would request you all to spare some time to assess my capabilities.
    If you find my ideas good & rewarding, do provide me some precious time for interaction. I will try to satisfy you through my plans.
    I have written enough about my capabilities. You might think I am self praising man. It’s not true. As I have introduced myself to you for the first time, how can you know me?
    We have lost the battle in Bihar. Congress slipped from No. 2 position to No. 5 position because nobody is interested in winning. Everybody has accepted Congress defeat without fighting.
    Many things were done which were not expected from senior leaders of AICC.
    Many things were not done which were expected from senior leaders of AICC.
    Whole Bihar was burning nobody came to rescue it.
    We neither fix target & nor ensure accountability. We don’t have reward & punishment policy.
    It’s the largest & oldest party in India. It has many think tanks. Still I claim that we can win whole India.
    I am restless. My heart is wounded. Eyes are full of tears. We lost Bihar for minimum next 5 years (Provided there is no hung assembly).
    Congress men have stabbed the Congress in Bihar for small benefits.
    Thanking you,
    Yours Truly

    Dr. Kalika Sharan Singh
    Ex Vice President PCC, Bihar
    Ex. Coordinator (State Coordination Committee, Bihar)
    Member Coordination Committee, Bihar.
    Phone: 09431262550, 09939000111.

  149. RAJAT KUMAR says:


  150. Nishant Gaurav says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very shortly i will finish my sentence that “A true leader should have the courage to admit the fact and speak the truth to the public. I believe you have the courage to do this and millions of Indians like me are behind you in this Gandhian state”
    Although we have meet couple of time at ur residence along with Mr. Kanishk, And hope to see u very soon on the right action, i know u understand the meaning of right action for our nation.


  151. Azmath says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are happy to see a such a great youth leader in congress like you , Its good that you visit villages and tribal people and no there difficulties, But not only the village or tribal people face the problem we the middle class people also under go lot of problem ,I am from Karnataka , Bangalore any leaving in Pulkeshi nagar Constituency where in our 4 time consucutive MLA is great Prassanna Kumar from Congress, But this Constituency has lot of problem’s one the major being Drinking Water .People under Pillanna Garden service station which comes under E-3 Sub Division with BWSSB and is just 4 Kms from Vidhan Soudha people hear waits days to get the drinking water supply some area gets water once in 20 days and some gets once in 30 days .If you get time to visit Bangalore request you to give a surprise visit to Pillanna garden service station in the morning you will see a huge crowd of people waiting outside to complaint about the basic necessity of water , Our MLA and congress leaders has tried a lot but the problem has not been resolved the people of the area has always faith in Congress and has given the good result but in turn we are yet to receive lot of basic facility which the other areas in Bangalore gets . We request your good self to visit middle class people too no and solve there problem too and request in the last is advice Congress team in Bangalore to advice Youth Congress to have unity among them selves and work for the betterment of the people of all the area not only for there area where they are residing.

    Your Sincerely

  152. Sanil Kumar says:

    Dear Rahul,

    First of all Congratulations for all your success so far. Hope to see you soon as the Prime minister of the country & take up from where your illustrious father began. He changed the face of India into a modern nation.

    But, the corruption level seen today is unprecedented in the history of our country. We know you are not in a position to comment on it as which one will you comment on with corruption in every department, ministry, every walk of life…Please take it by the horn before it is too late.

    People will loose faith & hope in you & treat you as one of them…you are different, please be different always..

    Wish you the very best.

  153. Prakash Phushan says:

    Dear Rahul,
    This is Prakash Bhushan from Bihar and I am working in software company.. I have lots of plan for improve Bihar . And I am able to implement that plan. If you will help us I can implement it easily and firstly.

    We are waiting for your reply.


    Prakash Bhushan
    Mobile no 9308541739

  154. AFROZ ALAM SAHIL says:

    सेवा में,
    श्रीमान राहुल गांधी
    नई दिल्ली

    विषय: लोकतंत्र के चौथे खंभे (पत्रकारिता) को सूचना के अधिकार के दायरे में लाने के संदर्भ में


    मैं अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल पत्रकार के साथ-साथ एक आर.टी.आई. एक्टिविस्ट हूं। मेरी मांग है कि लोकतंत्र के चौथे खंभे यानी मीडिया को सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के दायरे में लाया जाए। लोकतंत्र के पहले तीनों खंभे सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के दायरे में आते हैं। यह कानून कार्यपालिका, विधायिका और न्यायपालिका तीनों पर लागू होता है। इसका मक़सद साफ है कि लोकतंत्र को मज़बूत किया जा सके। इसी मक़सद की मज़बूती की खातिर मेरी ये मांग है कि लोकतंत्र के चौथे खंभे यानी मीडिया को भी सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के दायरे में लाया जाए, ताकि लोकतंत्र में जवाबदेही और पारदर्शिता को हर स्तर पर लागू किया जा सके।

    दरअसल, पिछले कुछ दिनों में कई ऐसे वाक़्यात हुए हैं, जिन्होंने मीडिया में पारदर्शिता को लेकर सवाल खड़े किए हैं। ऐसे कई मीडिया समूह हैं, जिनकी आमदनी और निवेश संदेह के दायरे में है। ऐसे कई पत्रकार भी हैं जिनकी संपत्ति उनकी आय के ज्ञात स्त्रोतों से कई गुना ज़्यादा है और ये सब उसी मीडिया के हिस्सा हैं, जो समाज के तमाम तबकों से लोकतंत्र में पारदर्शिता और जवाबदेही की मांग करता है। ये उसी मीडिया के लोग हैं, जो राजनेताओं से लेकर अधिकारियों और न्यायपालिका के प्रतिनिधियों की आय के स्त्रोतों की छानबीन में खासी दिलचस्पी दिखाता है और उस पर तमाम तरह के सवाल खड़े करता है। मीडिया इस बात की वकालत करता है कि समाज और लोकतंत्र के ये तमाम तबके अपनी आय का ब्यौरा सार्वजनिक करें। सार्वजनिक तौर पर अपनी ईमानदारी और पारदर्शिता का सबूत दें। फिर सवाल ये उठता है कि आखिर ये मानक खुद मीडिया पर लागू क्यों न हो। समाज और लोकतंत्र के दूसरे तबकों की खातिर जवाबदेही और पारदर्शिता की वकालत करने वाला मीडिया अपनी जवाबदेही और अपनी पारदर्शिता के सवाल से क्यों बचना चाहता है। आख़िर मीडिया इस बात की मांग क्यों नहीं करता कि ख़ुद उसे भी सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के दायरे में लाया जाए।

    यहां हाल की कुछ घटनाओं के जरिये मैं कुछ सवाल आपके सामने रख रहा हूँ-

    1. अगर NDTV 24X7 की ग्रुप एडिटर बरखा दत्त और हिन्दुस्तान टाईम्स ग्रुप के एडिटर वीर सांघवी का नाम टेलीकॉम घोटाले के मामले में सीबीआई के दस्तावेज़ों में बतौर दलाल दर्ज है, तो इन लोगों की आय का ब्यौरा सार्वजनिक क्यों नहीं किया जाना चाहिए या इस घटना (या दुर्घटना) के सामने आने के बाद सभी पत्रकारों और माडिया हाउस को स्वेच्छा से अपनी संपत्ति का ब्यौरा सार्वजनिक क्यों नहीं कर देना चाहिए?

    2. अगर संसद नोटकांड मामले में CNN-IBN के एडिटर-इन-चीफ और मालिक राजदीप सरदेसाई का नाम बतौर सीडी मैनेजर सामने आता है तो उनकी संपत्ति की छानबीन क्यों नहीं की जानी चाहिए? एक पत्रकार के मालिक बनने की राह में लिए गए तमाम फायदों की कलई सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के ज़रिए क्यों नहीं खुलनी चाहिए? क्या पत्रकारों को पत्रकार होने के नाते सूचना के अधिकार का इस्तेमाल सिर्फ दूसरों के खिलाफ करने का कोई विशेषाधिकार हासिल है?

    3. अगर इंडिया टुडे के ग्रुप एडिटर रहे प्रभु चावला अमर सिंह की चर्चित सीडी में डिलींग करते हुए सुनाई दे रहे हैं और उनके बेटे अंकुर चावला का नाम सीबीआई के दस्तावेजों में बतौर वित्तीय घालमेल के दलाल के तौर पर दर्ज है तो क्यों नहीं प्रभु चावला की वित्तीय और ज़मीनी संपत्तियों का ब्यौरा सामने लाया जाए?

    ये तीन सवाल तो सिर्फ उदहारण भर हैं। ऐसे न जाने कितने मीडिया हाउस और पत्रकार हैं, जिन्होंने लोकतंत्र के चौथे खंभे की आड़ में भ्रष्टाचार की गंगोत्री बहा रखी है। इन तमाम तथ्यों और लोकतंत्र की प्रतिबद्धता के नाम पर मेरी आपसे ये मांग है कि कृपया मीडिया को भी सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम-2005 के दायरे में लाने की पहल की जाए। ये लोकतंत्र की आत्मा के हक़ में होगा। इसमें जहाँ भी मेरी ज़रूरत पड़ेगी, मैं मदद करने के लिए तैयार हूँ।

    आपके सकारात्मक जवाब का आकांक्षी

    अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल

    F-56/23, सर सैय्यद रोड, बटला हाउस,

    ओखला, नई दिल्ली-25.

    Blog: http://suchnaexpress.blogspot.com

  155. ANEESH PS says:


  156. Gautaman says:

    Dear Mr.Rahul Gandhi,

    I am Gautaman, age 33 from Chennai and i am an Indian settled in Australia. I have been closely observing the TN politics for the past 15 years. It is good to see that you have been taking real actions to strengthen your party and i thought i may share some of my views that may be useful for you:
    1. The key to political power in TN is the party to have a strong local leader who can unite the party and reach the masses. DMK (Kalaignar) and ADMK(Ms.Jayalalitha) has a strong leadership and both have the ability to reach the masses. Does your party has any single unifying leader in TN?
    2. Responsible Politics: Your Party in TN is currently under highlight in the media for your party’s alliance issues with the DMK. The congress party under my view is currently feeding sensational news to the media. The common voter likes to see more positive actions from your party. Negativism can feed news to media but people won’t see this as a credible thing. There are so many positive aspects for Congress in TN and at National level.
    3. Organisational strength in TN: Congress is a party at grass root level in TN. But, it is fragmented due to lack of unity between the leaders.
    4. Party Image: The Congress party has the image of a “fragmented party” without any unity among leaders. This is because the leaders are very open in public regarding their views. The party also has the image that at the state level, the state leadership cannot take any independent decisions and all decision making are controlled by New Delhi. The people of TN may support congress if the party is united and if it can act independent.
    5. Alliance with DMK: It looks like Congress has a very diverse view point among its state leaders regarding the party’s alliance with DMK. Moreover, the leaders are also very open in the media with their views. This will work against your party during the state general election. I personally think it is too early for Congress to either go in its own or form a 3rd front under its leadership. Your party still need the alliance of DMK or ADMK. And i think, the decision must be made based on your past experience and who will be a matured, amicable alliance partner. I will not suggest you to go with DMK or ADMK based on the number of seats given for contesting in the election. It must be based on pure “strategic approach”.
    6. New opportunity: You must position your party in the next general election to become the 2nd largest party and become the “opposition” party. Then play a credible opposition role for 5 years and aim for 2016 General election. There is a great opportunity for Congress to seize this.

    I hope my comments makes some sense. Also to let you know i am a DMK sympathiser but beyond local political feelings, i think strengthening of the Congress in India is good for the Nation as only the Congress can provide stability to India’s politics & economy.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


    Wish you all the best!

  157. Nimish says:

    Dear Mr. Gandhi

    I am a great admirer of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and had a lot of expectations from you.I stay in Mumbai where my expectation was during congress government the common man would be benefited but the scenario is completely different.The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer day by day.Also the discrimination factor within Indians has grown in last five years and no strong action taken from Congress.

    Hope we can stay in a progressive India for all.

    Thanks & Regards

  158. Ankur Singh says:

    Hi Rahul,

    I want you to bring in notice the problems we are facing in development of our nation when we meet in person. As a responsible citizen of our country and looking at the dedication of work you are involved in upbringing our youth cell i would be very obliged if you provide me a chance to become a helping hand in your endevaours. I promise to be a trustworthy and sucessful member of your team.

    Together we can and we will change the face of our Nation.

    Jai Hind!!!

  159. Prateek says:


    I m running a NGO for the upliftment of street children and child labour mainly female who r working as made.Sir we do whatever we can we provide them vocational training of how to make handicraft items so that in future they dont can do their own business.

    My appeal is this that if u could just provide sum grants for our NGO we will be very thank full to u.



    Radhe Krsihna.

  160. Dr Prem Singh says:

    Rahul is my last hope to uplift the poor and country as a whole after I lost My dearest leader Mr Rajiv Gandhi.Rajivjee was Kohinoor of this country………………………..Now my all hope on Rahul Gandhi….He is going in the right track made by his father Late Rajiv Jee.
    I am ready to donate my whole life with my energy for Rahul Bhayya.

  161. Hello Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

    Sir, I Ashok Chauhan would like to thank you for your Great Efforts towards the better future of India by helping in rising Youth of India. The way you are leading the things is marvelous. Your endless efforts not only strengthened you but also becoming inspiration for the others also. Apart from our mentality to see only negative aspects of things you are giving a new direction to people of our nation.
    I am highly inspired to you. Having inspired from you we make a group of people which will work for the Transforming lives of Indian peoples by bring some changes in their way of thinking under (BE POSITIVE REVOLUTION). We would like to bring positivity among the people of India. We would like to teach them how they can look forward for better future of themselves, society and Nation. For the sake of that we would conduct workshops at every Colleges, Schools, Institutions, offices etc. Sir, We would give training to all which enables him to achieve their dream life. Our main concentration is on youths ( Future of nation).
    Sir for the Success of our motto we would like to share this to you and take a few effective tips, as we think you are only right person who have really make a great research on youth of India . We do adopt of techniques of Creative Visualization and Power of Mind Control.
    Sir I shall be highly thankful if you give some tips or give me Appointment to meet. All details of our motto is below

    Life Transformation foundation’s
    (Be + revolution)
    • To motivate people to think, feel & act positive in all sphere of life.
    • To dissipate knowledge that can change lives instantly.
    • To infuse energy in people to achieve an ecstatic dream life.
    • To guide people to actively participate in the process of making an ideal world free of all evils
    due to negativity.

    We are working under a very unique concept of developing positivity among the peoples. We motivate people/students to see big dreams and teach them certain logical and scientific concepts/techniques of mind to help them achieve their dreams life.
    * Power of mind Control
    * Law of attraction
    * ‘Life beyond limits’
    * ‘Meditation as a way of life’
    We do conduct workshops for All

    (Professionals ProfessorsTeachersBusinessman Students Housewives )
    How this workshop beneficial to All
    • Will induce the power of dreaming big in the youth which helps them find their passion in life.
    • Will teach them certain facts regarding working of our left and right brain, conscious and subconscious mind, and different frequencies of brain which helps them to see their life in a totally new perspective.
    • Enable them to set their goals with confidence of achieving them with the help of visualization and affirmation techniques.
    • They will be able to control their mind to eliminate the unwanted stress due to exams, unfinished courses, strained relationships and confusion regarding carrier.
    • Program mind for positive end result.
    • Use both left and right brain hemisphere to be an outstanding problem solver.
    • Can create a positive and Energetic Attitude to infuse positivity in themselves and Surrounding.
    • Become Capable To Analyze Him/ Her.
    • Efficiently Design and live Life in their own way.
    • Would have Outstanding Results

    (Achieve your Dream life)

    This is our very first mail we are mailing to This is our Respect and regards towards you.
    Thanking you.

  162. Swaminathan Srinivasan says:

    Dear Rahulji,

    Millions of Indians are currently stunned to see the corruptions and scandals happening in billions in India now a days. I believe you, the last resort to the aspirant young India, is well aware of this. Corruption ruins our mother land. The only way we can eradicate corruption is thro’ our legal system.
    All the corruption cases should be given priority and final verdict should come up with in a year. Final means after all their appeals.
    The Government and Chief justice of India can arrange for a quicker judgment in the corruption cases.
    A true leader should have the courage to admit the fact and speak the truth to the public. I believe you have the courage to do this and millions of Indians like me are behind you in this Gandhian state.


  163. Dear Shree Rahul-jee, Namaste!
    I am indeed really desperate to interact with you, contribute my share in the huge task you are undertaking.
    And today, when the phonecall came frome your office to come to delhi for a meeting tomorrow I had to refuse due to my own pre-scheduled activities – what a pity! I am sorry but kindly give at least a week time for booking tickets and rescheduling activities. You are definitely on highest priority to adjust my dates for!
    I will be more grateful if you can organize to come to this area – your favourite road-show and small gathering style is better than a big mob, where nobody understands anything – just a mere power show-off.
    Thanks for your response through your office, and I am still numb and thrilled.
    Hope and wish to see you very soon. I am interested in contributing towards reducing human sufferings caused by human ignorance and errors.
    Thanks a lot

  164. Dear sir,
    I am Dr. K. L. Meena, I am a tribal man, My village is Achary, teh- chhotisadari, district – Pratap garh. Presently working as a lecturere in Botany at MLV Govt. College, Bhilwara – Rajasthan. I am working on my research, on tribals of Southern Rajasthan from last twelve years. I saw some problems specially related to tribal communities. Your interest wih development of poor people is noteble. If you read my massese kindly reply. I again contect with you.
    Dr. Meena

  165. nisha says:

    Dear Rahul Gandhi ji,
    I am a great fan of you. you represent us in politics. you are our youth leader.when you enter politics then we know the politics is not corrupted or you will never allow anyone for corruption. you are our leader. i am a very big fan of your father……….i am from kerala.please don’t allow endosulfan used as an pesticide in kerala.please ban endosulfan not only in kerala but all over india.it is very harmful to the human being.kindly go through mail please take the immediate action against. we want an india which is away from all impurities or toxic substances. it is the voice of all poor people of india. you will never let us down.

    I think i will surely hear a positive reply from you.

  166. KUMAR says:

    Hi Rahul

    The way things are going, I see you as the Prime Minister of India for atleast 25 years of your life.

    It has been a wonderful thought and vision that you have inculcated in the party and nation as a whole. We all understand that in a country where the maximum working force is at the age group of 25 to 35 years, they are bound to relate with a young leader who isn’t guided by the old thought process.

    Our leaders have done a great job to bring us to the phase where we are today and the same has been an all round effort. Double digit growth rate is a tough job to attain and tougher to sustain. Now it’s time for us to sustain.

    Leaders like you at the forefront shall definitely inspire us to work hard and do the best for our country. It’s our turn now.

    Well I am an MBA and working with the Telecom industry in Guwahati, Assam. I had joined this industry way back in the year when telecom had just started to define its foot print in Assam and other NE states. I work for the account of BSNL in 3 states of NE (Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh). But during my stay in Dimapur, I have realised one fact and is that the Nagamese and Manipuris don’t relate themselves with India. The “trade” of peace process with all the extremist group is very very unfortunate. As a young leader I am sure you understand that the discussion of sovereignty with the Naga Leaders is not the right thing to do. In the name of Cease Fire, these extremist groups are operating parallel Govt. There are parallel taxes which is being paid by all the Govt employees which also includes the stalwarts who are supposed to maintain the law & order.

    Seriously, this is a very sensitive issue and the Central Govt has to take some stern action to bring back these 2 states to the main stream at the earliest.

    In Manipur, there are people who still say: ” OK YOU ARE FROM INDIA!!” when we visit the state.

    Please take up this issue strongly. The commoners are suffering.


  167. Nishchal Goyal says:

    Rahul ji,
    do something in TN , DMK ne yaha per sab kuch free baant ker logo ko kaamchor bana diya hai, yaha ke bunessman ki halat bahut buri ho gayi hai, koi kaam kerne ko tayar nahi hai, sab kuch free mil raha hai, chaval Rs.1 per KG, TV free, CYCLE free, MOBILE free, GAS connection free, MOTOR pump set free, GHAR free, phir log kaam kyo kernge, aap yaha per dhyan digiye

  168. B.Sivakumar says:

    Rahul Ji,

    Iam from Chennai. iam working for a pvt bank as a manager.

    I am very much attracted/fascinated by your way of handling, guiding, leading the congress.

    Iam sure that congress will regain its glory in Tamilnadu under your leadership.

    But this has to happen quickly bcos very soon, sibling rivalry going to take place in DMK which will lead to split in the DMK.

    After Jaya, there is no strong leadership in ADMK. others like Vijayakanth’s DMDK, PMK, MDMK are just on gorwing stage.

    Request you to focus more on TN politics.

    I would like to join with you to make this come true. This is not a job or work. Lets take it is as a ‘crusade’. Mission possible.

    Pls guide me how to join congress in Chennai. Looking forward your reply.


    B.Sivakumar, 9940523211

  169. chandradeep says:

    My name is chandradeep adhikary and I am a 4th year student from kolkata. Sir I have a request which you have to keep. A few days back we have witnessed a great sporting facilities in Delhi. My request to you that those sporting infrastructures should remain the same for years. In our country maintenance is a big issue. So our government should take steps to maintain the sporting facilities.

    Sitting from the land of bengal, I want to draw your attention to the poor infrastructure of sports in bengal. Sir, I am a great follower of sports from my childhood. I had or have great interest in tennis, badminton. But never get proper opportunity. Like me there are thousands of other guys who wanted to be the part of their national team and make their country proud.

    So sir, I insist you to look into the matter. A couple of badminton or tennis training center wont be that costly or that difficult to built in a city.
    I am going to give a proposal of transforming a pond to a swimming pool in our locality to our local municipality. Let see what happens..

    If you take steps of what i have said then please let me know…

    Thanking you..

    Chandradeep Adhikary…

  170. pratibha says:

    Hi Rahul,

    If you can work on cleaning up the corruption & building a decent infrastructure within our country nobody can stop us beating other countries, world powers, and major ecomonies in the next 20 years.


  171. Anshul Dhingra says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam

    Being a citizen of India now my government is my last hope and its my humble request to kindly consider my case very seriously.

    I am a son of an officer of State Bank Of India, Ittawah (U.P). My father is in very critical situation and on ventilator in Applo Hospital (Delhi). Its almost more than 20 days and my father is not recovering and doctor has put him on the ventilator. Through all my sources we have already spent almost 16 Lakh ruppes from various sources and has also borrowed from relatives and friends. Now that critical stage is coming that we have very big shortage of funds.

    Sir my last hope is with my government, I don’t have words to write more and i would really appreciate and oblige of my government can help me in any way. whether its shifting to some government hospital where same treatment can be continued or in any other sense it is possible.

    Kindly do the needful as early as possible. I will be really obliged whole my life.



    Rishab Jain

  172. Naiyar Shafique says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im a common indian citizen of india who works for an organization. Im a big fan of yours the way you are working for india and for indian citizen.pls keep the same moto for the future of india.I see a man in you who can bring revolution in india. we currupt from ground root & we have to clean ourself first to shine india.
    I would like to join politics after beeing inspired by you but its too late for me.
    God bless you.

    Naiyar Shafique

  173. hiiiiiiii i am mohan here from bangalore .for i also have lot of dreams to help who wer in problems in my sourndings and in my circle { actually somany peoples will depend on money and forget there relations and love attechments for money} i am not rich in fainancialy i came from midle class family .for friends and relations for anybady they wer in problems so many times i did help but wen i jam in problem knw one ill came . den oly i thought de leosan wat and all we do help also people will show der charectors / wat i cming to tel god gave good place for u .i am really so so so happy becouse for all will not get lik ur place ….. politics peoples how and all take good place in congress de will not help anybady for them didnt hav helping nature oly for them . most of politices peoples they will not look anybady first they will plann to how to grow them and der is got little time to tell and show for government in front of media and press de ill do one good acting in front of publics } so plz help take care of lik dis iligale activeties and by own by u oly do help it ill get satisified for u also otherwize your p.a acistant lik dis it ill spoill more money so plz control it ….rahul……….god bless u ..and i will also pray for god to bless still more …………take…care

  174. Jayasurya Hegde says:

    Respected Sir,

    It is good to see that lots of schemes are being implemented by the center for the welfare of the common people. Because of strong federal structure most of the schemes are implemented through state governments with the center no saying in it. It is the high time government establish some governing bodies in the form of OMBUDSMAN or a RBI like structure to over see the implementation of schemes with out infringing the states rights. Congress party should take credit for what is due to it. Further schemes should always be implemented with the active participation of the benefeciery, so that he should also feel the value of his sweat and toil. Competition should be created among the people to come up in life like educational loan guaranteed by the govt., quota for urban poor living in slums for education in professional courses etc

    With regards

    J Hegde

  175. alkesh says:

    respected sir,
    post graduate medical student under maharashtra university of health sciences, nashik, failed in exam as the examiners appointed by university not followed the scheme of practical as per university direction.
    Though answer papers of out of syllabus activity are with university still no one is considering them for amendment in result.
    Students are struggling for their right since 3 months,still helpless.
    can you help

  176. Abhishek Goyal says:

    hello sir,
    My name is Abhishek and i am a 24 year old and i am business man and I want to ask you one question with due respect that suppose once all the IAS officers of particular state went on strike or any how , so a MP or MLA are enough capable to run that administration for a particular day. 9810176547

  177. Professor P. P. Kundu says:

    Mr. Rahul Gandhi,
    Secretary, Student and youth, Indian National Congress
    Dear Sir,
    I am a Professor in University of Calcutta and ideologically, I am a leftist. Still, I like you due to your straight forwardness, not power hankering and believer of modern India. I am from the Lalgarh area of West bengal (this area is in limelight due to naxalite activity). The area is really economically and socially backward and maoists have taken advantage of it. The state government has not done substantial developmental work for the poor especially for the adivasis. The majority of the well to do persons are from refugee community and the locals like adivasis are deprived of their dues. Thus, I request you to fight for the adivasis for Lalgarh (like what you have done for the adivasis of Orissa) and provide us some autonomous council for more localized government.
    With regards,
    Professor P. P. Kundu,
    Deptt of Polymer Sc & Tech,
    University of Calcutta
    & voter of lalgarh

  178. Hi Rahul,

    The work you are doing is highly commendable! The Youth of India salutes you.

    I work part-time for SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth). You perhaps may have come across our organisation which is widely spread in the Country esp in the capital, New Delhi. St Stephen’s College is one of the active Chapters. It is a voluntary non-profit movement established in the year 1977 by Padma Shri Dr. Kiran Seth who is a professor at IIT Delhi to increase awareness & appreciation
    of India’s rich cultural heritage among the young generation of our country. We organize concerts,
    intensives, lecture-demonstrations, workshops and seminars by eminent artistes of the country only in
    educational institutions to facilitate a close interaction between students and artistes so that they get
    inspired by their dedication and discipline.

    It’ll be remarkable to get your support to spread this movement to every Youth in India. Your kind acceptance will greatly encourage all the young students and volunteers to continue their participation in this constructive and patriotic activity.

    We request a meeting with you to personally invite you to be part of SPIC MACAY.


    Navneeta Dutta
    SPIC MACAY Bengaluru

  179. Ajay Agarwal says:

    Dear Mr. Gandhi,
    We are a group of 6000 Indians residing in border towns of Bhutan, eg. Phuentsholing, Gelephu, Samdrupjongkhar, samtse etc.. who needs your help immediately. We have been residing in Bhutan for the last 45 years and now the Government wants to leave the country with immediate effect. This notification from the Bhutanese Ministry have removed the ground below our feet. There have been good and healthy relations within the countries of Bhutan & India. India have been a helping partner im all forms of Trade & and other developmental activities. The administrative People of Bhutan have started torturing mentally so that we may be compelled to leavee the country. I sincerely request your kind honor to look into the matter seroiusly as there are alomost 2000 families affected by this notification. Please discuss with the Bhutanese Government as soon as possible, as delay may attract disharmony between the peoples of two friendly countries. The Bhutanese are free to move any where in India without any immigration check, and Indians in bhutan have to obtain permit to tour in Bhutan. Why there is such diiferences in rules for two countrymen even when the Indo Bhutan Treaty signed by the Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and King Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk (Article 5) clearly shows that all Indian shall be treated equally as Bhutanese and all Bhutanese shall be treated equally as Indians.

  180. Ramesh Makwana says:

    I am watching indian politics in other word we can say management of our ountry since 1970 a time of Our gread n bold leader Indiraji Gandhi. During that I watched Morarji Desai, Jagjivan Ram, sitaram kesari, Achrya kriplani, charan singh, V P singh , my hero Rajiv ji , sanjay Gandhi, pranan mukarji, n paswan, others.
    I hate corrupted leaders n Indian politics but also like to read about indian politics . Some time I feel it is quite impossible to eroding and cleaning of corruption in politics and general life. same time i also think that some should do this dirty job and clean the country. Why not u , me and others take this responsibilities ?? But it is not easy but same time full of danger also. This cleaning operation should start from selecting candidate for public election , either for gram panchayat, jilla panchayat , vidhan sabha , or parlia ment.
    In the last I would like to say that congress is such a big party or which doesent need welknown person to win election , because any GOOD DEDICATED HONEST person can sure win the election on the name of CONGRESS. I will be more happy if I get reply or responce.

    Ramesh Makwana, Ahmedabad , Gujarat

  181. Prakhar Tripathi says:

    Respected Sir,
    My name is Prakhar Tripathi.I m from Chatrapati Shahuji Maharajnagar(former Sultanpur),UP.My Tehsil is Gauriganj and I feel proud to say that you are the MP of our Area.I m highly influenced by your charismatic leadership,and the work of the Congress Regime in Centre.Right now,I m pursuing graduation.
    I m keen in joining politics.
    I want to be member of congress.
    What should I do?

  182. jean says:

    beloved sir i am very happy to join work with iyc Tamilnadu at radhapuram constituency
    but YOUR style of working is very welcome
    here we will work for your faith
    but our team wants to come out from the DMK allience and make congress rule in
    tamilnadu this is our wish please consider soon sir this is our kind request
    thank u………………………….

  183. Sebastian says:

    Dear Rahul,

    My self Sebastian from Chennai, I am quite interested in politics and has always been inspired the young people like you.

  184. mohit says:

    Dear Rahul,

    By seeing you in indian politics , we excite and happy . the ease at which you deliver your speeach, your attitude towards young and making every effort to bring democracy in congress gives emance pleasure to us.
    From the childhood , we are seeing our grandfather and then my father supporting congress has roots inside me also.

    Hoping your sincere effort to bring some good governance in jharkhand also as this state is deprived off from good government by other parties due to corrupt peoples in politiks.

    Thanks and move ahead , we always have support for you and congress.

    Mohit Pandey
    chaibasa, jharkhand

  185. SG says:

    Dear Mr. Gandhi,

    I am one of the multitude of faceless and voiceless
    citizens of the nation; desperately searching for a voice.

    I belong to the great middle class. A class that seems of
    no consequence in any thing. We are not achievers — so
    we do not get attention. We are not deprived — so we don’t
    get ttention. We are the “service” and “salaried” people who
    just pay our taxes and hope for the best.

    We are also victims and targets of large corporations.

    Yet, because we are inconsequential, we NEVER get heard.

    Mr. Gandhi, I approach you as my last hope.

    India Today Book Club (ITBC) a part of the India Today
    group has been running a scam for many years. There are
    lakhs of victims.

    I formed a group to protest against them but they started
    breaking us up.

    I wanted them exposed. But since it is a media giant no
    other medium is willing to expose them. Everyone is afraid
    of Aroon Purie, the Padma Bhushan awardee’s political

    You are really my last hope. I know a small group of
    40 or so middle-class people do not matter in the grand
    scheme of things but we are also citizens; we are also
    people — and we also deserve fairness and justice.

    I would like to send you all the details about the scam, my group
    and our demands.

    Please give me an e-mail id that I can send teh iformation to.

    I hope against hope that you will get us justice.

  186. Mahidhar Venigalla says:

    Dear Rahul,
    My name is Mahidhar and I am running a small scale industry in Andhra Pradesh.Cement is the main raw material for our production. Recently in AP all cement industry owners formed a cartel and hiked the prices by 80%. A cement bag ( 50 kgs) which was available for Rs.125/- in August is now sold at Rs.210/. They have brought down their production and created artificial scarcity in the market. With this we are bleeding and sustainability is becoming difficult. Here in AP all the political leaders including those in opposition are busy with in fights and with the issues which do not have any relation with public. They are not bothered about the difficulties that are faced by Industry and public. I request you to kindly look in to the matter and take necessary steps and see that the cement is available at fair price. As there is no alternate material for Cement the cement industry owners (most of them are political leaders) are taking the public to a ride. I am writing this to you as there is noleader in AP who atleast protested this price raise. This price raise is artificially created and there in no basis( demand and supply) for this. Please look in to this and do the needful.

    with regards,

  187. Ashish says:

    Dear Rahul,

    I am a resident of Delhi and would love to join politics. I believe in doing things, rather than cribbing about others doing it. But the most difficult part is to get into it. How would you suggest any youth to get into politics??

    I will definately wait for you reply.


  188. abhishek says:

    dear rahul ji,
    i am abhishek here from lucknow. i appreciate your views and hard work to ensure victory of congress in UP. sir i am a chair holder of a national party in UP. want to meet you once to share my views and to help you in the cause. trust me i can help you. i am 27 years old .

  189. Suresh Gadda says:

    1. Hi Rahul,
    Please accept
    I’m not sure if you would find time to reply to my message. But if you get to read this, it would be really great.
    As I see you as a dyanmic leader of the future, I thought of sending this to you.
    My name is suresh from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh .i want share some political advise..it is true
    In Andhra Pradesh politics congress party leaders commenting each other,
    So going on bad talks into the people about congress party. Day by day its increasing here no dictator.
    cool them all congress party leaders on yours word


    If my thought is wrong, please indicate because my knowledge is not as wide as you all. I’m happy to take critical reply too.
    If time permits, please do send me a reply.

  190. Rahul G says:

    Hello :)
    Myself Rahul from Durg
    First accept belated birthday from my side
    I have a question which is a kind of request too
    Is it not Possible to construct a sai mandir in Place where ayodhya disPute is going on so that there should be no reason to fight in the name of god as BABA says “SUBKA MALIK EK”.so, with this automatically no one will be able to fight and the one who is fighting for the Position of that land he should be Paid value of that land.i know what i said is little childish.but it came in my mind and i exPressed infront of you
    Best of luck for your bright future and your Plan for our india
    thank you

  191. Aakanksha says:

    respected sir,
    I’m aakanksha…. m 2nd yr MBBS student…. i’ve heared tat you are coing to wardha on 2nd of oct ’10 for pad yatra…. sir even i wish to join you for the pad yatra but due to high security this wont be possible…. can you plz help me with tat…. waiting for your reply….
    thank you….

  192. prashant. joshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    My self Prashant joshi from Tallewadi,gudi Paroda, Post:-Quepem, Goa. wanted to inform you that the village panchayat in my place are irresponsible which i wanted to bring to your notice so that you can help me out.

    The thing is that my father had complained to panchayat saying that the rain water in logged (accumailated) in site due to improper drain system and the gutter which was constructed was not done completly all water comes to our site and some neighbours are also passing the sewage water from toilets,kitchen,etc (which looks awkward) to that gutter which is made for only rain water .

    So I kindly request you to do some needfull as panchyat people are not visiting this place it has be logged from past 4-5 months.

    waiting for your positive reply and hope this message reaches to you,

    Prashant Joshi

  193. kushal says:

    hello rahul ji,

    my name is kushal i am from hyderabad, AP.. For the last 7 years i was in the london and doing my master and came bck to india to think abt india and do some thing india started a business and it was colapsed and incurred a huge loss. which i have beared. since then i was attracted to politics work for the local MLA…. i was also disappointed there also because the MLA is always encourages there caste people not the people who works for the party and Ideology, in the begning of the week one morning when i was reading the news paper i saw a new saying that the foot over bridge is collapsed at CWG venue it hurts me a lot and i told to my dad that every one want to earn money by good or bad but they money these type of people should be punished very seriously………….

    we need india should be always be the best not the worst….. people are so gready in our country all most every one corruption is every where we should have a leader like you who should be daring and dynamic who can change the face of the country. in the world…….

    personally I feel that every one in our country should be educated to a minimum level and they know the legal system in the country..

  194. Inder Gujral says:

    Dear Rahul,

    I’d like to introduce myself as Inder Gujral from Pune. I won’t bore you with my details.
    M not sure if you read this also.

    Just a brief: I am quite interested in politics and has always been inspired the young people in Politics.

    Being a Young & Dynamic Young leader, I’d appreciate your attention to the following:
    To make India a better place to live in so that all our educated talent that has gone & settled abroad comes back to India, we must try our level best to improve the basic administration of the country.
    Basic ammenities like Pure Drinking Water, Electricty 24×7, better wide roads & proper town planning are a must.
    As a Tax Payer these my basic rights & should get it.
    To Achieve all these we need young & dynamic educated leaders who are above corruption & think as India First & then themselves.
    I agree that we cannot totally eradicate corruption but the least we can do is throw away the corrupt ministers behind bars .
    I had earlier warned you to throw Suresh Kalmadi out but since nothing was done you can very well see how he has ruined the pride of India by screwing up with the CWG.
    You should put a Grenade up his ass & blow him up in Public to give a lesson to all the corrupt ministers that this will be happen to them also if they dont stop being corrupt.
    When a person becomes a minister he should only think about improving & up-lifting the country.
    People should look at India with respect & not make fun of India.
    If we are successful in getting back all our talent back to our country we will become World No.1 Superpower as all the countries rely on Indian talent.

    It will be a pleasure to work with you in making India shine.

    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Kind Regards
    Inder Gujral

  195. Yash says:

    You ve been doing really wonderful things….. How i wish all Indians were so sincere and concerned as you are. India is confused with the mixture of fight, hope, violence, corruption, poverty, image,dreams, aspiration, ego and what not…. fill a new spirit in her…. bring back the ancient glory to her… we all are with you. let us not follow all that the west does. India was glorious because of her own virtues…let that India be an ideal to us.. lets re-define India back to her original definition…. lead us to it please….

  196. Pravin Parmar says:

    Dear Rahul Gandhi,
    My name is Pravin S. Parmar & I am leavin at Baroda, Gujarat. I am sending you this message with hope that you will take any instant corrective action on it. There is a Municipal Corporation election in our city & tomorrow is last day of submiting candidate forms. Congress has also declare his tentative candidates list for Baroda city. For election ward no. 5 of Baroda city they have declare name of candidates who have done lot of works against our congress party & also one time make efforts by sitting with BJP that Congress party bord can not take place in Municipal corporation. I don’t know why our Congress party is giving sits to such a persons, it makes very bad impression of our party in society & suppoters. So take any action & if possible than remove name of such person it is always in benifit of our Congress party.
    Thanking You,
    Pravin Parmar

  197. Ketan Gajera says:

    Dear Sir,

    My self Ketan Gajera 29 year old and based Rajkot(Gujarat), currently election fever in our region.

    As I heard our nation need young & educated army in parliament, we wish to join the army but some elder & uneducated people don’t wish that, so please give some proper advice.

    waiting for your positive reply,


  198. Mayur B. Sharma says:

    bhaya kese ho?
    Its very urgent to look after Vadodara Muncipal elections tickets for election are not given in proper manner.
    so plzzz see to it.

    As per rule 1 should not get ticket for an election if they have fight election against our congress party but its totally diff here

    In Vadodara bhaya plzzz u check somthing
    i applied for an ticket from ward no 4. but my form was not sended to higher authorities.

    If u really check all this posts then u will defenitely responce me bhaya.

    m waiting for ur reply my number is 9898098918.

  199. MD TAUSEEF ALAM says:

    Respected sir,
    I am a resident of bhagalpur, bihar. There is a lot of tension in the city
    regarding the verdict of ayodhya event. We have already suffered emmensely from communal riots in late eighties. The level of security is very unsatisfactory. Adding to that it is friday on the 24th sep.
    Having gone through ur schedule u’ll be visiting assam now,but sir i request u to visit bhagalpur on the 24th september.Because i believe there would be a drastic change in the security mesures once you are here.

    Your’s sincierely,

  200. joy das says:

    dea rahul
    i m from silchar pl help us as we don’t have road we are passing through terrible condition

  201. sapna says:

    Dear Rahul,

    I’d like to introduce myself as Sapna Sharma. I won’t bore you with my details and long message.

    Just a brief: I am quite interested in politics and has always been inspired by Indira Gandhi. Currently, working as healthcare professional and volunteer to two international organisations. I’ve some dreams to fulfill but not sure about the way that leads to it. Being a leader, I’d appreciate your suggestion on it.

    Kind Regards

  202. Anbu says:

    Would appreciate if something can be done for bribery (nation wide) ?

  203. Dr. Raj Kumar Gangahar says:

    Dear Rahul,

    My name is Dr. Raj, I am a PhD in public health and doctor in Australia. I have been closely following you and have great respect for your family and especially your father. You are doing a great job. We need to empower India and provide services that can enable India to shine as a beacon of freedom. As a health scientist, I am personally available to advise you. In my personal opinion, just like your father you too need to prioritise certain areas for development. Health-care reforms are an area that need immediate attention. We need to build a health system on a cost-effectiveness model that caters to our masses. My dear Rahul, I am sure if you are able to do this, your name would remembered for decades just like dear Rajeev’s. God Bless you!


    Raj K.

  204. Motilal alawa says:

    dear Rahul
    I am suggesting again that how to congress will come in MP.
    (1) Name of digvijay singh will have deleted from MP.
    (2) Grouping among main politician will finished.
    (3) Selection of candidate should be public demand not relation between great politician.
    (4) positive thinking about former and Govt. worker because “digvijay sarkar” has been failed due to apposition of Govt worker, electric supply and roads.
    (5) Name CM before election should be published they would better candidate.
    if you are satisfied from my suggestion then reply me please.

  205. Tereza says:

    20th Sept.,2010

    Dear Hon’ble & Highly Respected Rahul Gandhiji,

    35 Villages of Vasai should not be included in Vasai-Virar Mahanagarpalia. Villages is our Heart and blood relation to villages

    I bring to your kind notice that Vasai is historic place. Vasai people from villages kept its environment and global warming awareness. Vasai has its own beauty with Green where all are staying together. Now I request you to kindly look into the matter that 35 villages from Vasai should not be included into Mahanagarpalika.

    I strongly recommend that Mahatma Gandhiji told that we should go to villages that means villages having rojgar employment . We Vasaikars are mostly from farmers community why Maharashtra govt. wants us to kill from our farming. Agriculture is our heart and if the 35 villages included in the Mahanagarpalika the tax will go on higher side which are not being afforded by the farmers community. The agricultural land will be grabbed by the Mahapalika forceably since we have that experience. Last 25 years farmers are asked to sell their land forceably.The Cement croncrete jungle will not provide us oxygen to live. Only carbandioxide where human cannot live. For some party’s sake Maharashtra Govt. should not suck our youngster’s blood relation with Vasai.

    Now our young generation where they will go if the mahanagarpalika takes place. There is no employment , no other facility provided. Only they just put some mud in political parties eyes and for their own benefit. Our Young students , youngsters and elder and old are fighting with this issue with this issue we have to give our life also. Youngsters are telling us if Mahanagarpalika takes places how to meet the expenditure. The will expand road, and the houses on the roadside will be demolished. If they are not bringing this to your notice but Mahanagarpalika takes places it will happened.

    In Govt. of India , Ministry of Panchayat raj department is there then why only Vasai’ s 35 villages should be included. We do not want to include these 35 villages please take action.

    Village people do not have any right to live then why Govt. of Maharashtra consents to include these 35 villages.

    Please take necessary action since Vasai villagers if we do not want Mahanagarpalika we can manage with Grampanchyayat. Since other states still have Grampanchyayat have the rights to develop their villages by using funds released by Govt. of India.

    Our Vasai is Greeen and we want to keep it Green and awareness of Global warming messages can be spread to whole India. We Vasaikars life depends and attached to Vasai where we are we Love our Vasai please do not make any partition of the Vasai.

    You can handle this point with Maharashtra Govt. and Vasai people will stay safe and Vasai 35 villages should not be included in Mahanagarpalika.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

  206. Dr.Varun Khandelwal says:

    Good afternoon Sir,
    Sir I am Dr.Varun Khandelwal From Nagpur Maharashtra.I have done BDS
    and now preparing for MDS entrance examination.

    But Sir there are very less number of seats for MDS in India as
    compared to UG seats.So there is very critical condition of BDS

    Also due many private college their fee structure is very high and the
    majority of middle class deserving student cannot afford it.

    So the intelligence in wasting on the expence of daily needs.

    Sir I topped Final BDS examination and stood 1st in Oral Surgery in
    Maharashtra but as against the high socioeconomic students with poor
    aggregate are doing MDS.

    there is no transparency in the admission procedures.

    Sir because of such circumstances i dont want to wast my talent
    towards my field and just wanted to do everything for our
    society.because i have got only one life.

    Hope for your kind help.
    Thanking You

    Yours Faithfully
    Dr.Varun Khandelwal

  207. kapil kapoor says:

    Hi Mr. Rahul Gandhi

    I wouldnot like to comment on anything except and apart that sometimes i feel
    coming back to india as right now i am studying abroad and it’s disheartening to
    see that no one wants our country to move ahead. i mean bit of corruption is okay
    but atleast like west there should be some way that everyone live their life like a common man and still feel they are living a life. i m disheartened to say, i don’t want to
    settle overseas and i have been thinking a lot but i want indian to get better with them selves so that our country improves and we can move forward


  208. B P Bhuyan says:

    We look forward to your active participation in governing Republic of India

  209. vikas pandey says:

    Most respected Brother
    I Vikas pandey working as a manager in the beverage industry , i am very much influeced with you and your thaughts ,thinkings ,personality from last 10 yrs but write to you on today as a congress men .
    brother i want to see you as P.M of india, i am redy to applying my full potential for that .Hopes wrigt now you are buisy in the forth comming election in Bihar and west bengal. I am going to pre congratulate to you as my analysis and observation our party prformence will be much more better from others we are in leading position.
    I also prepare my self for the mission 2012 from the UTRAULA , BALRAMPUR (UP).

    my best wishes to you for good health and happiness
    yours truily
    vikas pandey

  210. rajesh kumar says:

    dear sir,,,,
    iam rajesh from chennai ,we belive our india’s feature in ur hand and we

    (youths) are here to support you to bring our country to bacome a commendable

    position in this world. we pray to god to give you all success in ur life,to make u every

    indian to proud,,,


    Rajesh kumar.N

  211. kritika says:

    dear Mr rahul Gandhi,

    Looking at the present situtaion in Kashmir, the main issue being faced is that of youth alientaion. considering congress is in power there and you are one of the most popular youth icons of our time, why do you not step in and visit the disturbed area. im sure your presence will provide the much needed balm to calm the youth.

    I hope you consider my request!

    Kritika Singh.

  212. Shankar says:

    Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi

    It is the earnest hope the large scale middle class that the unbelievable amounts being talked about in corruption in today’s India whether it is telecom or CWG or IPL will be tackled by you more effectively to bring to a nullity with your young and clean team. This is the only hope to lift the country from the morass of the corruption of political class. The amount saved means lives for the people of india with dignity. The corrupt politicians are parasites living off the food and shelter of many a poor and uneducated citizen who is denied the basics of life in this country.

  213. Jay Shankar Mukherjee says:

    Respected Rahulji,

    I’m writing to you from Bangkok, Thailand. I have ben out of our mother land almost for 1 and 1/2 decade. Prior to this, I was an active member of ChatraParishad (NSUI) in West Bengal and today by seeing your courage and dedication to make our mother land a country where all can feel proud, I myself feel proud and think like going back. Today, I work at a very senior position in a reputed IT MNC in Asia Pacific but won’t hesitate to go back and join “Youth Congress” anytime. Please let me know, if I can come to any help. Wish you all the very best. Thanks and Regards – Jay

  214. V.Prithivi kumar alias V.Loganathan says:

    Dear Rahul

    You are a Highly motivated, enthusiastic,very diplomatic, intelligent, strong and effective Leader.

    Will i get a chance to meet you in person or do i have to be in a political position to meet you ?.

    I love to meet you and and ask you few questions ?….just a few questions

    Thank you





  215. PREMANSU DAS says:



  216. prabhat kumar jain says:

    Dear Mr Gandhi

    I hope ths mail finds you in the best of your health.

    But, there is a doubt whether you actually are going to read it or not.

    Anyways, I am doing my bit of work to send my message to you.

    We always talk about our culture, tradition, great history, unity and so on…

    But at present could anyone let me know why one should live in this country called India.
    (Apart from being it our native place)

    Congress always says that its with the common man, but in my whole life I have always seen every common man suffering everywhere in India.

    The things which one should be getting by birth and without any struggle are not available to every person.
    Our govt departments need a single person from a family to get even right work done.
    Bijli, Paani, Road, Health nowhere seem to be an active place of work. Nearly all need bribe to get a work done.
    You siad that educated people should come forward to help eradicate corruption, but how is it possible?
    From last 15 days I am just moving to Power Corporation for getting a meter changed and new connection issued.
    But everywhere file is delayed.

    Same is with the police and administration, from last one year my ammunition file is being delayed.

    Examples are plenty and perhaps you dont have much time to go through them.

    But I need answer of my question of staying in this country.

    Thanks n Regards
    Prabhat Kumar Jain

  217. Motilal alawa says:

    dear rahul
    I am an engineer not politician but I am very old congressy. I want to suggest for madhya pradesh. if you want that govt. of MP. is congress then name of mr. degvijay singh must be deleted from MP. otherwise congress never be entered in mp. because BJP has came in second time then voter said in all mp. ” I want to servitude of mr. degvijay singh”

  218. Rohit singh Tomar says:

    Hi Rahul,
    My suggestion is you will hard work in uttar pradesh beause ones up on a time formar prime minister sh. Atal bihari vajpey said ” delhi ka rasta lucknow se jata hai”
    You need to involed Youth in congress U.P

  219. Pooja Ranjan says:

    Hi Rahul Gahdhi Ji,

    This is in regards to FIR (First Information Report) raised at any police station.

    We in India have rights to visit any where in the country. India is a diversified country and we use Hindi / English every where to communicate with local people. In case we met with any accident during our travel to a new place; our first responsibility is to register a FIR. But when we reach out to the local police station they inform us that they would be registering the FIR in local language only. We do not know what they register but on good faith only we put our signature there.

    In our primary education we have learnt languages English / Hindi / one local language but this is difficult for any individual to know all regional languages across country.

    I want to request if you being a MP can bring any bill which states that at least Govt / Emergency Services like Police Assistance should be offered in English / Hindi along with regional language. I am sure this is going to help people who are having job with maximum travels.

    Thank You.

  220. Veena Attal Loya says:

    Hi Rahulji and other Congress leaders,

    I have a suggestion for you, As you travel so much around India in all different states,
    why don’t you plant atleast 5 trees at the places that you visit. This way you are going to spread awareness among the people about global warming and climate change, as well as carry on with your mission of making Congress strong at grassroot level.

    Jai Hind

  221. Indrani says:

    Well, here is someone from Kolkata (West Bengal). I have certain issues which need to be addressed. In West Bengal people like us face these problems.

    1. Commuting to distant places: Recruitment of School Teachers/ College Teachers/ Government Officials is done arbitrarily in West Bengal. In most cases, candidates need to travel for 3-4 hours per day (most of them) to attend school/ college/ office. The sojourn include travelling in bus/ train, boat (since there is no bridge in most places) and auto along a really troublesome road (since the stone chips are strewn here and there after Aila has distorted their lodging). No road repair done afterwards. Especially in backward places like Bhangar and Sunderban, there are huge numbers of vacancies. But one really feels disheartened after having a look into these places, and all their ambition evaporate instantly. As it is, there is a lack of job. If one affords to crack a competitive exam and then fail to take the post due to road problem, then it is really ridiculous. This is a common problem in West Bengal and needs attention. This is much like the story of a jackal trying to reach the grapes but couldn’t because the height is too much for him. There is a huge display of vacancies, which one can avail only if he or she is ready to be a Sanyasi and stay from near ones for the rest of his life. This is like exile and life is West Bengal is deteriorating every day due to this issue. All Napoleons are sent to St. Helena after the Waterloo of Competitive Exams.
    2. There are remote places in Sunderban, Nadia, Birbhum where electricity has not reached but offices set up in one room (with or without roof) and the officer is required to go once in a blue moon to attend it, once he is of the same party. Otherwise, he can while away his time with perhaps a fortnight honeymoon or a long trip from Kanyakumari to Agra (happy enough!). Things are electrifying for them who refuse to join party and concentrate on work alone. They alone need to do all the duties assigned to multiple workers, since it is his sacrilegious act for selecting to be a working-man and not a party-man.
    3. In most private organizations, the work environment is really a matter of great concern. People are required to work for 9 hours officially (from 9.30 to 6.30 commonly) but unofficially they need to work for 12 hours or even more. There are no holidays and like bonded labourers people come in and go each day trotting their ways towards an arthritic/ paralytic and blinded future. They are also human being and need some rest from their horrible workloads. Moreover, the torturous environment over there creates mentally sick people who would come home and beat their wives or gulp in few bottles of alcohol and go to a brothel. Government is there to revise the life-styles of its people, so why not a bold step be placed in this direction?
    So when can we expect bridges to be built across rivers in South Bengal, electric current in public offices, proper recruitment methodology and escape from unnecessary tortures? Is there any light for us from your torch of liberty and peace?

  222. aditi A. Bardhan cwa says:

    dear rahul….sab aapke professional life k baare mein soch rahe hain ..lekn mujhe aisa lagta hain abhi aapko shaadi karleni chahiye……………………………….

  223. Ram Aprameya says:

    Rahul Gandhi,
    you are the shine and pride of India that we all are looking forward to.
    I have appreciated all the work that you are doing.
    Please refrain from making any personal negative remarks as you are special and I do not want you to be like others.
    Take care.

  224. dadasaheb ghadge says:

    hi, Iam form Jalna dist.of maharashtra ..Rahulji its good thing that some one like you directing youngster, boosting their minds for leadership….but still your work is not that much gathering them or they are not trusting in you….your are travelling through whole India to get the idea about real sitiuation of common people..but your work is not a single persons work..we have to built team at village level…we should have to work on daily problems of common man…they should strong with education, health & economical conditions…now a day we the Indian facing serious problem of terrerisome, it spread deep up to village site..how do we face this problem…we always says that unity in diversity…but this diversity is going to be disturb by some internal & external powers…we should have to change these all sitiuations..what planing you have in your mind….please shair your thoughts..I am with you…we are with you….Jayhind!!!!

  225. Brajesh Kumar Rajput says:

    hello sir,
    I am 4rm Rath(Hamirpur) U.P. Sir i have been following ur work 4 the party, youth organization & other activities thru the newspapers, websites & media. Sir i request u to kindly mail me ur email id as i want to mail u a notion of mine on the concerned topic of dalit upraisement.
    Jay Hind Sir.
    (Brajesh Kumar Rajput Dadri)

  226. dear sir
    after 65 year of our independece we cant do our basic requarment like mediater in krishi upaj mandi we have in rajasrhan so many kachi mandi are hear there adtiya sold farmers goods & take 2% commision on it it was go from the pocket of farmers , to sold the goods of farmer is a liabilty of krishi upaj mandi samity . commision agent are giving loan to farmers & taking inters of 36% per annum & fored farmer to sold there good in there adat, it is going all unstoped i write befoe to cm but they are doing nothing mandi should be direct & goods are sold by krishi upaj mandi samiti in i india mediater should not be alow thanking you prakash goyal

  227. Kaushik Kumar Hazra says:

    India, Pakistan and World Terrorism

    The partition of Indian sub-continent six decades ago by British Imperialist Power is one of the greatest mistakes of the last century. Two nations were created purely on the basis of religious hatred, which is totally wrong. Religion is for peace and personal happiness of individual minds. Religious differences can not be deciding factor for creating two nations by dividing a nation co-existed for almost twenty thousand years.

    The creation of Pakistan purely on the basis of religious hatred is nothing but establishing the first breeding ground of present “World-wide Muslim Terrorism”. As long as Pakistan as a nation exists in the world map, there will be no let-up in the Al-Qaeda terrorism all over the world.

    Osama-Bin-Laden is a symbolic sign of Al-Qaeda. The real forces of mentoring, creating and developing the Al-Qaeda network all over the world are none other than —

    A. ISI  Inter services Intelligence of Pakistan (Originally created by a British Imperialist Army General just after creation of Pakistan).
    B. Ex-Pakistan Army groups and establishments.
    C. Certain other groups of Pakistan Army.
    D. Strong religious bodies of Pakistan whose shadows representatives are present in every important departments of Pakistan Government.

    All these different strata of Pakistan’s organisations and departments jointly control the Al-Qaeda network all over the world. The so called fighting between Pakistan Army and some Taliban elements in SWAT Valley of Pakistan is nothing but a well planned exercise of the above mentioned organisations, so that nobody suspects the integrity of these organisations for worldwide fight against Al-Qaeda. The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan are symbolic figure of Pakistan as they do not hold real power of Pakistan. This fact also mentioned by Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Mrs Benezir Bhutta during an interview with a London newspaper just before her assassination. I strongly suspect because of that interview she was assassinated by those above mentioned groups.

    Therefore sending more troops to Afghanistan or any other country or even to Pakistan does not solve the problem. The problem is the “Pakistan” itself. If you tried to find the link between every terrorist bombing all over the world including 9/11 or London bombing you will find out that these incidences have established their links with different organisations of Pakistan.

    Thus there is only one permanent solution available to solve this worldwide terrorism by Al-Qaeda and other organisations. That is 

    “Integration of Pakistan and India into single nation again”

    After the integration “Pakistan ISI” and “Pakistan Army” amalgamate with “Indian Intelligence Agencies” and “Indian Army” respectively and thus ending the source of creation of “Al-Qaeda” terrorism.

    If two Germanys can be integrated after fifty years of separation, then why not two parts of Indian sub-continents can not be integrated which was wrongly divided by “British Imperialist Power” sixty three years ago.

    A nation which is the Godfather of creation of worldwide Muslim terrorism has no right to exist for the sake of two billion peace loving and innocent humane population of this beautiful world. The interest of about thirty million population of Pakistan in this regard of living as Pakistani Citizens who by their heart support the so called “Jihad of Al-Qaeda” is much less important than the interest of the rest of the peace loving population of this wonderful world.

    In this endeavour “Britain” must shoulder maximum responsibility than any other nation of the world because it is none other than the than “Imperialist and Colonial Government of United Kingdom” which created a situation for the division India by following their famous colonial tool “Divide and Rule Policy” by encouraging the “Muslim League of India” engineered communal riots between “Hindus” and “Muslims” headed by a London educated barrister “Mr Mohammad Ali Jinna” who was specially sent from London to accomplish the task. That bloody riots all over undivided India killed more than 100 thousands innocent lives in that “Religious Genocide”. The real culprits of this great genocide of world history still not punished by “International Court of Justice” like “Slovodan Milosevic” or any other organisations. Will “Indian Subcontinent” ever get justice in this regard?? Think over it!!!



  228. Inderjit Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to attract your attention towards the Project which we started from our village ,then PUNJAB GOVT addopted this as Pilot Project & then CENTERAL GOVT approved this project and gave a Grant of 10 Crore to Ludhiana Distt. But now i think because of greedy politics of villages this Project was going in wrong direction (Every Rich man in village wants to acquire Govt Land illegally even my Parents already acquired ).
    Joint Sec Govt of INDIA visited our village & discuss about this Project , he really appreciate our initiative steps.I make request to appoint a Task force if you want that this Project actually works.He does’t respond to this side but he gave me the Tour to visit three states in which Solid Waste Management Projects were started. So i want to attract your attention towards this PROJECT .When you feel free please pay attention towards this & I would like to gave Knowledge about the difficulties that we face during the Pond Renovation Time in our village.

  229. priti says:

    i am priti student of class 12,i have deep intrest in politics specially m intrested in topic related with naxalism,terrorism,communalism.don’t u think india is taking back steps instead of going forward.we have news about corruptions,bomb blast,draughts and other problem.fund are given bt they never reaches to d common peoples.as its congress’s govt. and commoners have lots of hope with you.i love your ideas and works for youth .is there any fixed age limit for your youth as m intrested to join it.

  230. sumit gandhi says:

    hello sir, i am 4rm kota rajasthan. sir i have been following ur work 4 the party, youth organization & other activities thru the newspapers, websites & media. sir i request u to kindly mail me ur email id as i want to mail u a notion of mine on the concerned topic of dalit upraisement.

  231. Ashutosh Tiwari says:

    Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,
    Greetings on behalf of all respected Indians.
    First of all would like to congratulate you for creating a plateform for all young Indians.
    My question is: Now days we are talking about the participation of youth in an Indian plitics.
    1. When a youth has started something and got success in that operations the pressure from superiors starts and result of that the youth stops to take any initiatives????
    2. Coz of some local representative, we had started pulling our self from parties activity; e.g. I had given my all documents to be one of the party member but my name was not mentioned in Voters list??? there is no explanation for this?????
    3.Would like to represent the youth congress; is there any opportunity to be a part of youth congress?
    Would request you to spare few minutes of your self for me an award me with your reply.
    Best Regards,
    Ashutosh Tiwari

  232. PRACHI says:

    national student union’s of india (NSUI)

  233. sarvesh sharma says:

    aap se jyada kya kahoon mai congress ko suru se hi vote deta aaya hoon or deta rahoonga,mere parivar mai sabhi congress ko vote karten hain. per mene is ki membership nahi le rakhi hai,is ke liye mujhe kya karna padega, meri age 34 year ki hai.

  234. prachi parmar says:

    you visited aurangabad today (07/09/2010)
    we feels honoured to have incredible politician as well as a friend .
    I also help people…..i want to make India “THE PERFECT INDIA”.

  235. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Respected Rahul Ji,
    You struggle for the rights of poor and needy. On Teachers Day , The PM of India delivered his speech. Everybody hopes teachers to guide the society. From Starving teachers , begging teachers, and teachers weeping for butter and bread , you want to change the society. In the same schools of MP, salary of a peon is 5 times that of a more senior teacher. In India, should teachers not be paid at least 1 rupee more than a school peon appointed same day? No PF, no Insurance, no advance, no house rent, no other facility, appointed in Panchayats to work fot Dept. of School Education. Mp Govt Seems as if they are JAMINDARS of British Colony, and teachers are their purchased slaves. All teachers on THE TEACHERS’ Day beg you to feel the feelings of TEACHERS OF MADHYA PRADESH. Please help them so that they may become as strong as peons (if not more) . Thanks.

  236. Aadil.A.Khan says:

    sir namaskar,
    maine congress party joint karna chahta hu to sir iskeliye mujhe kya karna padega.
    sir,maine bhi desh k liye kuch karna chahta hu or congress se acchi party koi nahi hai.
    sir reply must.
    (Mira Road,Thane,Maharashtra)

  237. hello sir,
    my name is pragati n my biggest aim is to serve my nation. u r always inspiring me. i had just completed my 12th. i want to do something for my country i dont know that u will read my message or not. i want to become like u. n i want to meet u

  238. Ravinder Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Rahual I am father of a handicapped girl and much worried about her self dependence. We had worked very hard in our life. She being a case of “cerebral Palsy” 65% disable could achive a degree in M C A from I P University as regular student through out. I wrote to you in 2004 but I did not get any reply from your end, I wrote to all agencies in government but till today no one is ready to even listen helping her is very for away. I can not post all her detailed if you feel that case is to be listen please write to me or contact me at my number i.e 9810944364.
    thanks with regards

  239. B.BALAJI says:

    Respected Sir,
    please give me an opppurtunity to join the congress as till date I am not in any regional parties as i am interested with your carreer and growth of India I LIKE TO JOIN YOUR HANDS.

  240. mrajesh says:

    i was a member of youth congress in tamilnadu.Here there are lot of problems in politics but our congress leader are not taken certain action.if congress would win means you will enter in tn for this coming election as in up.In this election congress would not alliance with any of the party unless they are provided 40-50%of the seats.Otherwise we can make alliance with DMDK,KONGU,PMK.they are ready to take congerss as a head….please take serious action sir…thanks
    rajesh B.E

  241. Kamal Sambhwani says:

    Hello Mr. Gandhi ,
    I really admire the way youth of INDIA connects with you.It is after very long time people of INDIA are hopeful from our Politicians.Last time i have seen the same affection when Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayi became the Prime Minister.

    I am basically from Ahmedabad , Gujarat & working as a design Engineer in Mumbai since 4 years.Although by profession i am an engineer but i want to do social engineering via our political system becouse i know we can make this country really a great country.I have confidence that my ideas can do lot of good for our people.But to share these ideas i have not found any correct forum.

    If it is possible , we can have a meet to discuss about ideas i have for this NATION .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kamal Sambhwani

  242. Freedom Fighter (INA) Harnarayan Singh says:

    Respected Sir,
    Jai Hind,
    I am Freedom Fighter (INA) Harnarayan Singh, I want justice for my daughter who married on 7th July 2009 ;Her Saans, husband and sister ne shadi ke 30 dino main meri daughter ko dowry ke liye ghar se nikal diya.
    August 2009 se main and meri daughter Insaaf maang rahe hai……I registered 498A case also against them but nothing happened, Now i came to know that her Husband is planning to shift other city with his family to do another marriage..
    Please help..

  243. shweta thakur says:

    Mr.Gandhi is doing a wonderful job.I am very much impressed by the way he is
    interacting with the weaker sections of our nation.if all the politicians would perform the same,success will be at the feet of our nation.

  244. s.s. rao says:

    Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi:

    Retired white collared Public Sector Bank Employees (Nationalised Banks) which are also categorized / classified as GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKINGS are getting hefty pension and medical facility while the employees of NATIONAL SEEDS CORPORATION (A Govt. of India Undertaking) under the Min. of Agriculture & Co-operation, GOI who were solely responsible for ushering Green Revolution in this country in early Sixties with the High Yielding Varieties (HYV) Programme and for creating greater awareness for using Improved Seeds, a basic input in Agriculture for higher yields and bumper harvests have been denied pension or even medical facility.

    Why this discrimination, partisan attitude, apathy and step-motherly treatment towards another Govt. of India Undertaking employees?

    No civilised Govt. anywhere in the world will neglect the Agriculture Experts of their countries in this despicable manner. Lack of sensitivity and compassion on the part of Govt. of India to these Seed Specialists is highly deplorable.

    You are, therefore, requested to take up the miserable plight of NSC employees (who have been abandoned to their own fate to fend for themselves) directly with Dr Manmohan Singh, Hon. P.M. directly to provide the much needed relief to them without dilly-dallying as you have succeeded in the recent past for obtaining a Special Financial Package for the Backward Region of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh State.

  245. Bharat bhushan says:

    Dear,its very gud to inspire some one…Just i want to give a message here that in this country only rich person can do the politics..because i ll try my best to contribute myself for country.I am having a lot of thought for development of either my nation or any city of nation but failed because each party party want to connect only rich person & I am not having the money…AAM AADmi is used in each party as a worker.i know that you will not give me any reply….
    each party having the lot of corrupt White POSH(How can i called them leader whether they all are hungry for money..latest example of raise the huge amount in salry of MP’s)..JABKI DESH ME AAJ BHI NA JANE KITNE LOGON KO DO TIME KA KHANA NASIB NAHI HAI….MULAYAM SINGH JAISA EK AAM TEACHER AAJ CARORE RS KI PROPERTY KA MALIK HAI,KAHAN HAI KANUN VYAVASTHA AUR NYAY…AUR BHI NA JANE AISE KITNE EXAMPLE HAIN..

  246. Manoj says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Please accept my Belated B’day Wishes!

    I’m not sure if you would find time to reply to my message. But if you get to read this, it would be really great.

    As I see you as a dyanmic leader of the future, I thought of sending this to you. I have a query or thought regarding the raise in MP’s recent salary hike.

    Recently there was hike made in the salary of MP’s. But I’m sure People of India would like to know of on what basis and measures were considered for salary hike.

    1) Does Indian Government have any kind of performance measure or analysis for the purpose of salary hike?
    2) What have they done for the improvement of their territory using the tax payer’s money provided to the MP’s? Is Government measuring their performance?
    3) If each MP has done even 50% to their territory, then India would have by now become a developed nation without any poverty.

    I have even placed the same email to one of the Joint secretary of Rajya sabha, but not sure if he would read and give me an reply.

    If my thought is wrong, please indicate because my knowledge is not as wide as you all. I’m happy to take critical reply too.
    If time permits, please do send me a reply.


  247. sachin rai says:

    Namste rahul ji….main ek chhote sa gaon “Dongargaon” ka nivasi hu jo ki PANDHANA tehsil aur KHANDWA dist M.P me hai.
    Mera gaon aaj tak pakki sadak banne ka intezar kar raha hai aasapas k sare gaon pakki sadak se jud gaye hai lekin ye gaon aaj tak pakki sadak ka intezar kar raha hai.
    yadi mera gaon jo ki borgaon se 5 km ki duri par hai jo ki indore -ikshapur state highway hai yadi usse jud jaye to hum sabhi gaon walo k liye ye vardan siddh hoga… kya ye gaon ”pradhan mantri sadak yojna” k tehat ban sakta hai .?

  248. puneet pushkar says:

    Dear sir,
    Aapse ek sawaal-aaj ek newspaper me aayi khabar ke mutabik 2004 me jab aap saansad bane the tab aapke paas 45LAKHs se jyada ki property thi.aur 5 saal baad 2009 me dubara chune jane tak wah 414 percent increase hokar 2 crore 32 lakh ho gayi.I request you to please clarify this to public.

    aapka hi ek follower.
    jai hind.:)

  249. admin says:

    Dear Rahul gandhi Ji,
    Many Many Happy returns For your Birth Day.

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