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  1. Digen Shah says:

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Digen Shah a resident of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I would like to take your attention on the recent situations prevailing here due to Telangan crisis. It is very difficult for a common man travelling daily in city bus for his job purpose. Auto rickshaw fellow charge double charges and daily requirement needs are at hault in certain areas of city as well as in the state.

    Mr K.C.Rao and company is causing lots of problems for the the people like us here. We all know here that State as well as Central Government is not against the formation of new telangana state, but what will we people do. We need money live a livelihood. We cant get our salary as its been paid in cheques and to get that we need to go to our offices but how will we go? I am residing in city outskirts and there are no city bus services from here due to telangana agitation.

    Everything here is at pause. Where will the aam aadmi go. Its festival time and Mr.KCR is still continuing his so called strike. Mr.KCR and company is asking for resignation from Congress MP’s, MLA’s and MLC’s but why not any MP, MLA and MLC of TRS party have given regination to the speaker. If he is seriously asking for telangana state then he and his party member also should give resignation.

    Mr Chief Minister is busy in his yatra’s through out the state but he is not at all showing any concerns for the people of hyderabad. Its been 21 days here and still agitation are onn.

    I request you to take this whole matter personally to Sonia Gandhi Mam and think seriously something about this and make some way for people like us.

    I am a true congressi since i got mature. I have always appreciated the congress party for its work for the common man. My parents are truely a congress followers. We heve been voting only for congress party since last 40 years.

    Hoping for something good and positive from you coming days sir.

    Yours truely,

    Digen Shah

  2. Dear Rahulji,

    This is Ref. to News of BPL level will be RS.32/- Day . It is vary difficult to maintain this type of issue. Instead of that there should be four different Level for BPL .

    Level 1 :- Rs.32/- Per Day

    Level 2 :- Rs.64/- Per Day

    Level 3 :- Rs.128/- Per Day

    Level 4 :- Rs.256/- Per Day

    Each level should have different facilities. Or Level may increase or decrease.

    With Best Regards,

    Parag Dharmadhikari

    Cyber Law Consultants.

    Mob: 9820385902

    Visit Us : http://www.acecomputerindia.com

  3. Professor M. Madhusudanan says:

    Respected Rahulji,
    I am a congress worker and former president of Muthukulam GRAMA PANCHAYATH and was mandalm president of Indian Youth Congress (1987-1994).(Alappuzha District,Kerala). We the grassroot- level activists of Indian National Congress expect young Rahulji to perform like the great Nehruji who wrote the Discovery of India , like Indira Priyadarsini who nationalised banks and also like Rajeevji who enabled India to leap forward to the 21st centuary We praying to God for Rahulji to become Prime minister of India by 2014

  4. prashant sharma says:

    Dear Rahul sir ,
    we got freedom in 1947 but till now some people are treating us like slave because of our law support us .its basically a PAGADI system in urban areas which makes landlord so powerful that after salling properties they feel like owner they have only job to do harassment to tenant.
    1)Tenant don’t have right to do renovation home or sale home without giving them hefty money that mean 30% to 50% of the home value.
    2)once tenant is no more either they asked 30% to transfer the property on there child name or they file a case on tenant and evacuate because Indian law in favour of landlord.
    3)they are also main Obstacle for implementing SRA scheme because they asked hefty money from builder which will either leads no deal or hamper the tenant benefits.
    4)its become business for the landlord as properties price are Increasing they are become more greedy if they are able to evacuate one home or shop which cost 30 to40 lac that’s become an income for them .
    4)Sometimes tenants physical condition is not well but also he cannot shut his shop or rent that to earn and have peaceful life .
    5) if you see there are plenty of cases would be pending in the court because they drag tenant to court so he only have to either evacuate house or fight them with loads of loan.
    This is only few matter there are lots more pain involve in to that . people become helpless in this situation .
    My father told me its meaningless to write to our Rahulji about this but I do have a full faith on You.
    So its my humble request to you kindly look in to that and you will earn a heart of billions tenants because in urban areas properties are mostly on PAGADI system . you can contact me with my [email protected]
    Thanks & Regards
    prashant sharma

  5. Charanjit Singh chadha says:


    I am Charanjit Singh chadha, younger brother of Amarjeet Singh chadha who was robbed and shot dead by a head constable of delhi police. Me and my family want that justice should be done as soon as possible and it is our request that whatever property and assets culprit Ajay Tomar has made illegally should be confiscated and auctioned. Also all the the proceeds of the auction should be given to my sister in law Mrs Satpal kaur (w/o Amarjeet Singh chadha).

    Yours thankfully
     Charanjit Singh chadha   
    Delhi cop turns robber, loots and kills businessman
    TNN | Sep 26, 2011, 04.39AM IST

    Comments (72)

    Read More:Old Delhi Railway Station|Dry Fruits Dealer|Delhi Police’s 7th Battalion|Delhi Police|Cop Kills Trader|Amarjeet Singh Chaddha|Ajay Kumar Tomar


    Delhi businessman Amarjeet Singh Chaddha who was killed by a rouge Delhi Police cop near Old Delhi Railway Station.
    NEW DELHI: In a shocking robbery attempt by a law enforcer, a Delhi Police cop shot dead an elderly businessman and seriously injured another person while trying to escape with his booty near the Old Delhi Railway Station late on Saturday evening. 

    Police said the rogue cop, head constable Ajay Kumar Tomar of Delhi Police’s 7th battalion, was in uniform and used an illegal .32 revolver for the crime. Police have also recovered 12 live cartridges and another illegal revolver from his house. 

    The dramatic sequence of events started around 8.45pm on Saturday, when Tomar, riding a Pulsar bike, intercepted an Alto car near Pili Kothi, next to the Novelty cinema, on the pretext of checking documents. The car-owner, 60-year-old Amarjeet Singh Chaddha, a dry fruits dealer at Khari Baoli, was heading home to Rani Bagh with his employee, Mohit. 

    Chaddha, who had a fetish for expensive chains, was wearing seven heavy gold chains and was carrying Rs 80,000 in a bag. 

    Tomar asked Mohit to come out of the car and told Chaddha to hand over his chains and the bag. When Chaddha resisted, Tomar whipped out a revolver and fired three shots in his abdomen. 

    His brother-in-law, Gurdeep Singh Lamba (56) said, “Mohit called us saying a police officer had shot Amarjeet. Hit in the stomach and bleeding profusely, Amarjeet called his brother and son, and told them he had been shot,” Lamba said. 

    After shooting Chaddha, Tomar ditched his UP-registered bike and fled on foot. Hearing the gunshots, two beat officers – head constable Satyavir Tyagi and constable Ravinder rushed to the car. Mohit told Tyagi about the robbery, after which the cops stopped a biker, identified as Harinder Singh alias Sunny (24), and asked him to help them chase the killer. 

    Sunny, who runs a mobile repair shop in Daryaganj, was also heading home at the time of incident. They caught up with Tomar near Pul Mithai Wala, which is a bridge over railway lines. 

    “In the scuffle with the cops, Tomar shot Sunny on the neck. He then jumped from the flyover, fracturing his leg, and was caught there,” said I B Rani, Dy Commissioner of Police (North). 

    Chaddha was taken to Tirath Ram Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries around 10.15pm. “After the shooting, Amarjeet called me and said ‘Come fast to the hospital’. He kept repeating that he had given everything away – cash and jewellery – but the constable still shot at him. I remember his voice as he writhed in pain,” said Chaddha’s brother, Balbir.

  6. Sir
    I am a 32 years old youth working as District Coordinator (Planning, Ciwil & MIS) in RMSA Chamoli. Basically I am a teacher ( Lecturer-Physics).
    Sir I have a great understanding of Rural Development and Rural Planning as well as the basic problems and major issues of rural areas as I belongs to rural background. I want to work in this field with you.
    So I request you to grant a chance being your assistant/consultant. Please reply me at my e-mail id.

    Yours Sincerely
    RMSA Chamoli
    Shiksha Shankul Bhawan, Naigwad,
    Gopeshwar, Pin 246401,
    Distt Chamoli

  7. eldo says:

    Dear Brother Rahul,
    I am writing this letter because I believe you are the only person who can make some sort movement in this field. It is about the health insurance of the OLD AGE people.You may know Old age people in developed countries are getting all sort of medical support from their government.I am not saying that a developing country like India can provide such thing immediately but our government can take some actions with the privet Insurance sector.. I dont know you r noticed it but the fact is ,No Insurance sector is providing Medical Insurance for People above 60-65. Rahulji kindly understand this situation..that is the age they need more care from Others, but they r not getting it. Rich people like you may not understand the seriousness of this problem but medium/pour family people are struggling a lot with the same.(India we r 80% in this sector). My father paid all sort of tax in his working age(say example income tax,service tax, professional tax etc..)now he is retired(its not only the case of my father)now he is 68 years old, as a son i tried to take some medical insurance in his name,But i failed.you know why their is no system to give insurance to that age people.my mother is 58 years old when i asked her insurance premium for one year is 14000INR. dont you feel something fishy. One Indian Pour/Medium class people need to spend 14000 INR (which is the actual yearly saving) for a basic health insurance??? then why we need all these kind of tax ?. if the government cannot support this people just try to make some policy such a way that the privet insurance sector is not only working for PROFIT. Government should remind them about Corporate Social Responsibility. I know you are the leader of youth.But if we cant give a hand to our parents then how can we make our India into a Better place to live. So plz plz take some necessary steps in HEALTH AND SAFETY OF OLD AGE PEOPLE.
    I am a big fan of yourself and your movements.All the Best for your Vision.
    Eldo Mathew,


    Dear Boy
    I am 72, a graduate from Andhra Pradesh. I had good exposure of the ” goings ” in our country, but remained silent as I thought it would be a cry from a deep forest.
    It does need much thinking to set right things-if only an Iron Hand handles the looters here. I am happy a small beginning is made towards catching the Gangsters in political robes.
    Please think of the unemployed Graduates- do something for them. The big schemes-
    rather I call them Branded Schemes, may not yield good results, as the political robes
    are handling.
    Better find a method to activate non-political good men like me to suggest some good
    schemes for the unemployed graduates . These unfortunate lot can be groomed into dynamic force to build the nations economy and control graft . I don’t say all unemployed graduates are dynamic . We have to filter, identify and train them as
    We need many good drivers to improve safety and decrease accident rate. Also I worked a viable scheme for learning Driving.
    Every town has some schools with spacious playgrounds. Can be used in the mornings, before the schools open. RTA should be deputed to collect the necessary forms and issue Licences to the candidates – FREE TRAINING AND NO FEES.
    I am sure your team can workout a better plan and give many good drivers to the nation and brake the ” graft ridden ” RTA to a good extent. Jai Hind .

  9. Dear Rahulji,

    I am one of a congress supporter from Greater Noida….. and very keen to have a Congress Govt in UP…..

    Sir I have tried a lot to meet you to share my views but couldn’t reach you ….
    I have a strategy to win UP LS Elections which is your MISSION 2012… I know you have your own planning and strategy but I am sure that my inputs will surely help you in achieving it… apart from that I have many solutions for problems like LOKPAL…. I request you to let me share it with you… so that you can implement the same because that will empower all of us to gain the lost image of CONGRESS as a political party…. I believe that sharing views are always better for every one.

    Who knows Sir… either I or you may get an idea to solve many problems or at least one out of thousands……..

    Jitendra Bhati

  10. dr farhana zahir says:

    Dear Mr Gandhi
    Your recent interest in problems of UP farmers and the result thereafter, draws me write for minority institution. Aligarh Muslim University, The biggest and the foremost minority institute of India is suffering. Ministry of HRD restrained the powers of AMU VC owing to pending charges of corruption against him on 15 August, 2011. The orders were widely criticized in leading dailies by eminent persons including Prof Irfan Habib. The letter was largely viewed as jolt on the autonomy of the University. Till date the status quo of restrained powers of the VC remains intact. This is seriously affecting the courses currently being taught at the University. The paucity of staff is hampering the quality of education besides creating mass unemployment of highly educated youth. Prof Aziz may or may not prove guilty finally but why the student community suffers on his behalf? HRD Ministry should appoint someone as acting VC and ask the current VC to go on long leave so that the cases against him are probed impartially and the autonomy of the University remains intact. Besides, it will enable the authorities to run all the courses smoothly.
    I hope you’ll understand and support the casuse of AMU.
    I also wish Soniaji a speedy health recovery.
    With Regards

  11. pardip sinha says:

    Supreme Court must take the strong steps to control the illegal activities of the khap in Haryana. And the govt. of the Haryana must pay mind to the arbitrated act of khap in Haryana

     For example the news that the khap panchayat punished the rapist only by beating by shoes twice.

     In the second case the khap punchayat exiled the killer only for three months who killed the lover of his sister.

  12. Dr.Bharath H.S. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a 28 year old male from Bangalore, doctor by profession. The reason I am writing this mail to you is to seek your help for me to get into politics. Politics is my ambition, as I always want to serve on a larger scale and that is the only thing which satisfies me. But till now, I have not travelled any path in it because of the political environment in our country. A middle class person like me cannot enter into active politics and ofcourse people will laugh if I go. The class of people already in any political party does not accept and people at home (relatives and friends) will pull back. But since it is of utmost importance for me to get into active politics, I need some intervention from your end. Of course, I would like to contest in elections (if possible) if any party shows faith in my candidature. I am really a fan of you and Siddaramaiah, hence congress would be my first try. That is the reason I am writing this mail. You have always asked the youth to come into politics and hence if given a chance, I would be overwhelmed. Mainly looking out for assembly elections. Shall hope to get some movement from your end. A pat and belief in me is expected from your end.




  14. C M Chacko says:

    Dear Sir

    In the context of the agitation by Anna Hazare and team, I take serious objection to the use of the words used by Arvind Kejriwal that the ‘government cannot be trusted’ and the statement made by Anna Hazare that the ‘government is cunning’ as appearing in the newspapers during the last few days. Government has its own sanctity which is independent of the persons who are on its apex. Even though some people in the government may have such bad characteristics, it cannot be attributed to the Government. I request you to take up such aberrations with seriousness it deserves as such statements belittles the honourable institutions like government.


    God Bless You and Your Family. You have initiated with youth to join Politics but they must be given an understanding that they shall come to serve the people at large and they must inculcate in them the spirit and enthusiasm to make the breaucrats more logical and keep in them spirit to serve the Nation.
    Your speech in Parliament was appreciable but need of the day is to bring immediately strong LOKPAL BILL to which even opposition has agreed. I would like solicit you that LOKPAL BILL must be perused by you word by word and ensure strong Bill.This gesture and initiative shall bring all youth together to join hands to root out corruption. The view of Constitutional Authority is correct but it is time consuming and this may be fatal for the Party.
    I would like to see you lead the Government in 2012 but right now a team is to be chalked out keeping in view leaders like Shri Sachin Pilot and other alike who may have a profile matched to common men.
    The reservation Policy requires new shape and dimensions so that more people amongst them may be benefitted. Every State must have Education/Career facilities free for them so that they may compete with confidence.
    There are many areas where quickly the Government of India must act.
    With regards.
    O.P.SHARMA Advocate
    69/237, V.T.ROAD, MANSAROVAR,
    JAIPUR – 302020

  16. Juggernaut says:

    Respected Rahul ji,

    You are the future of INDIA. The most rational thinker of the present era of political environment. Sir, your generous attitude towards the socially backward classes is higly appreciable and your austere efforts continue to inspire people like us.

    Sir, the unemployment rate in INDIA is increasing, Many children are dying due to malnutrition and hunger, India is crumbling under inflationary pressure, HDI published by UNEP states that INDIA ranks 137… Sir, everyone is looking forward to you with high hopes. We all are with you. Please help us, so that INDIA could develop and make its presence felt at global level. There are more important issues than Chandrayaan and bidding for permanent membership of UNSC..

  17. Ramakrishna Ogirala says:

    Dear Rahul Bhayya.

    Namasthe. This is Ramakrishna Ogirala from Hyderabad. The youth of this country is looking at you with ray of hope as no political party leader is in a position to give that hope. Except few states in country, rest of them are badly administered by the respective state chief ministers. The need of the hour for political parties is to get the confidence of the people.

    When it comes to Andhra Pradesh politics, the situation is pathetic.
    I hope the people at the helm of affairs in the Congress party will try to understand the grass root level situation. Politicians should bear it mind that they are not celebrities.

    With regards.
    Ramakrishna Ogirala.

  18. Gayatri says:

    Hi Rahul,
    What your doing in India is great and I would like to join in too (when I’m older). I am an Indian living overseas, I plan to come back to India and join politics when I’m older. To be honest I’m a bit scared to join politics in India. But, I was not raised a coward, so I will try my best and do good in high school and make my way back home. I hope that you succeed with your goals and make India an even better plan than it is now. Good Luck with everything.

  19. Rajendra Sharma says:

    Dear Rahul,
    I just dont understand why the congress goverment was not able to pass this loak pal bill from last 45 years. I can understand that out of 45 years 8 years your Goverment was out of power. I hope that the same bill which was almost similar to JP bill might have been discussed number of times. This leaves an impression that Congress is not intrested in passing the bill. I was little upset when Lalu Prashad who is a man without any reputation while speaking against ANNA & the congress MPS thumping the desk which gives a negative impressions to a common citizen. I am 56 years old & has always voted for congress till now, but afer seeing this I am litle confused. Can you please claryfy your stand on this matter frankly & will it be passed before election?
    Please also note that every citizen is frusted by this corruption even I may self have to pay bribes for many of the work done in Goverment departments. Please think seriously about the common poor citizens.

  20. Ajhay U Waghmare says:

    Dear Rahulji,
    I’m really impressed by your speech regarding the LOKPAL issue,
    We need a constitutional reform to have a 2 party system at centre & regional parties to be allowed only at state assembly elections
    they’re of no use at the parliament, since thier miniscule numbers are invalid operationally, they’re only tradeble horses to be used during forming a coalition OR during a No-Confidense motion.
    What say?
    That level of corruption has almost gained legality as these guys then demand specific ministries of thier choice(everyone knows why) isn’t it the most OPENLY KNOWN CORRUPTION that needs to be stopped first
    this way the fight against corruption will flow from TOP to BOTTOM

    Hope you find my suggestion useful & practical (however difficult)


    Ajhay U Waghmare

  21. anindita rajkumari chowdhury says:

    I had a horrible experience in Surat. I used to wear tight jeans and tshirts sometimes capris about 35 men attacked me on Holi in St. Xaviers highschool because all of them wanted to touch me. I grew up in a progressive family. I am repulsed by Indian men because they attack women instead of approaching them with flowers.

    What kind of Bharatiya Sanskriti is this? Shahjahan builds Tajmahal and Balthackrey burns Valentines day cards. Traditional Indian men are one of the most cruel and viscious men I have ever met in my life. Whats the difference between India and Afghanisthan? We are slightly better than them. We make women wear salwar kameez and jeans and tshirt. Love and choice should not be condoned.

  22. HARSH says:

    I follow you regularly….I had no interest in politics but you generated it in me…I just want that please make sure that parliament passes such a strong bill that nation remembers the bill not the anna hazare or anyone for many years and it changes the face of INDIA.
    I love my country and want to see it as the best.
    I dont want to see you as PM but want to see the control of this country in your hands.
    Have a lots of good luck and We are with you

  23. pardip sinha says:


    I want to ask two questions about Anna and his fast period

    1. To what possible extent the comparison of Anna to Mahatma Gandhi is appropriate? It is the degradation of Mahatma Gandhi.
    2. The caste of the girl who served the water to Anna is mentionable according to our constitution? The discussion of the caste on such an occasion is full of shame for the humanity

  24. C M Chacko says:

    I was completely impressed by the words used by you to address the issue of corruption as raised by Anna Hazare and team. In fact on a subject appearing in the rediffnews on the 26th August 2011, I had written exactly similar message to convey my point. The current attempt at raising the issue is appreciated, while the remedy for corruption lies only in the individual concerned rather than any amount of legislation. The individual approach to the humanity has to change radically to imbibe the sentiments of others with a sense of brotherhood. In my message, I had written that eventhe existing legislations are sufficient for deterring and punishing the guilty, otherwise A Raja and Kanimozhi would not have been put in the jail, even Suresh Kalmadi. A strong or stronger Lokpal Act also cannot be an elixir unless the mindset of the individual changes as stated by you in your Lok Sabha speech yesterday.

    As a matter of fact, the current agitation is a big threat on the Constitution and the Constitutional mechanism. The republic cannot remain subservient to its Constitution unless its constituents regard it with high esteem. An Act is to be passed after proper discussion by those who are entrusted with the sacred duty to discuss its implications and then legislate. It cannot be because of in individual-cracy, it has to be democracy. The government does not belong to any party, it belongs to the country, to the republic, we should respect the government and the mechanism that drives it.

    Today it is Anna Hazare and tomorrow it can be many others as rightly stated by you. I completely join in your approach and request you to appeal to the people concerned to understand the dangerous threat lying beneath their agitation while completely condemning the corruption.

  25. Rajesh Parashar says:

    It is very much true that when the seniors of the family become irresponsible or indiscipline then even the neighbors don’t give values to the children of that family. We can understand the basic reason behind the frequent cross-border terrorisms, smugglings, corruptions etc., we need to clean our home.

    Thanking you,
    Rajesh Parashar
    Service Engineer, Bosch Ltd.

  26. jeffin says:

    respected rahuliji.
    i listened your yesterdays speech. what u said is absoluetly right.am definitely aganist corruption.but the way the team anna is striking is not good for our democracy.he wants to bring primeminister under his control..it’s not good.decision makers is not public people..but one thing is right we have to eradicate the corruption from our country..so my slogan is end corruption with the sword of democracy.
    all the best rahulji

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