Compare: Gas Credit Cards


When the price of gas spikes, people look for ways to ease the pain — and gas credit cards are one answer. Some gas credit cards give you discounts on your gas purchases, while others offer you greater rewards when you buy gas, making the price a bit easier to swallow. Some gasoline cards are tied to a specific gas station chain, while others offer rebates across the board on gas purchases. Check out the credit cards below to see which gas credit card fits your needs and spending patterns:

  • bofacashrewardsccBank Americard Cash Rewards Visa – Get 3% cash back on gas purchases, 2% cash back on groceries, and 1% back on all other purchases. Note that there is a cap of $2500 on combined gas and grocery purchases in each calendar quarter, meaning that once you’ve spent $2500 in those categories, the rebate goes down to 1%. Still, a pretty generous rewards formula.
  • aarp-credit-card-smallAARP Rewards Visa – Surprised to see an AARP credit card so high on a list of gas credit cards? We are, too, but the fact is this card gives you a 3% rebate on gasoline purchases, and 3% on restaurant purchases, too. You’ll get 1% cash back on everything else.
  • BlueCashEveryday-smallBlue Cash Everyday Card from American Express – You’ll earn 2% cash back on gasoline purchases at all gas stations with this credit card, plus you get 3% back at supermarkets, 2% back at department stores, and 1% on all other card purchases. Good choice if you don’t want to be restricted to a certain gas station, plus you can earn cash back on other purchases. And there is no spending cap, so you get the rebates no matter how much you spend with the card.
  • blue-cash-preferred-smallBlue Cash Preferred from American Express – Don’t choose this one unless you are a big credit card spender, because it comes with a $95 annual fee. That said, it offers 3% cash back rebates on gas purchases, as well as 6% cash back on supermarket purchases, 3% at department stores, and 1% everywhere else. In some ways, this is a grocery store credit card more than a gasoline credit card.
  • amazon-visa-100Amazon Rewards Visa – This card offers points that can convert to cash back or be used toward purchases or other merchandise or travel expenses. It offers 2 points per dollar on gas purchases, which in most cases equals a 2% rebate, plus it offers 3 points per dollar on Amazon purchases, 2 points per dollar on restaurant and drug store purchases, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Good card if you want an enhanced gas rebate and make frequent purchases at Also, there is no cap on rewards.
  • bp-credit-card-smallBP Visa Credit Card – Not a bad card, but somewhat difficult to understand at first glance. Here’s how it works: You get a 25-cent per gallon rebate for every $100 you spend on BP gas, and you can also earn rebates for purchases outside BP — 15 cents per gallon for every $100 in grocery, dining and travel purchases, and 5 cents per gallon for every $100 on other purchases. That rebate is automatically credited to you when you use the card to buy gas at a BP station. In other words, when you pay with your card at the pump, it will display the cents-off reward you currently have, and allow you to use that reward for a gas purchase of up to 20 gallons. (It is similar to the program that some grocery and warehouse stores use in which they give you discounts on their gas based on store purchases.) If you don’t qualify for the BP Visa, you may qualify for the BP store card that offers 10 cents per gallon rebates on BP gas purchases.
  • chevron-texaco-cc-smallThe Chevron and Texaco Visa Card – Offers a 3-cent per gallon rebate on all Chevron and Texaco gas purchases. In addition, it rewards you with discounts on gas based on your non-gas purchases each month. So, if you spend at least $300 in a month on purchases other than gas, you will get a 10-cent-per-gallon credit on the gas purchases you made with that same card in that month. If you spend over $1000 on non-gas purchases in the month, you’ll get a 20-cent-per-gallon credit on the gas purchases you made with the card. So you won’t actually see your rebate (if any) until the month is over and your non-gas purchases have been calculated.
  • citgo-cc-smallCITGO Rewards Credit Card – Straightforward gas reward credit card — get 5 cents off of every gallon of gasoline you buy at CITGO when you use their credit card.
  • exxon-gas-cc-smallExxonMobil Smart Credit Card – Offers 6 cents off per gallon of gas bought with the card at Exxon and Mobil stations, regardless of how much or how little gasoline you buy.
  • giant-eagle-cc-smallGiant Eagle Fuelperks Credit Card – This card earns you points that can be used for instant discounts on purchases at Giant Eagle’s GetGo gas stations. Giant Eagle already offers rebates based on purchases at Giant Eagle supermarkets, but if you use this card you’ll get an extra 4-cents-per-gallon rebate for every $50 you spend inside Giant Eagle and/or GetGo, and an extra 4-cent-per-gallon discount for every $100 in GetGo gas purchases. The discounts are calculated automatically at the pump.
  • gulf-visa-smallGulf Visa – Get 3% cash back on Gulf gas and Gulf store purchases and 1% back on other card purchases — you get a $20 Gulf gift card every time you reach that amount in rebates, so it could take some time if you aren’t a big card spender.
  • Marathon Credit Card – Earn a per-gallon rebate each month based on any purchases with this card — spend over $1000, get a 25-cent-per-gallon rebate on Marathon gasoline purchases that month, spend at least $500 and get a 15-cent rebate, if you spend less than $500 you get a 5-cent rebate. Good card for big card spenders who frequent Marathon gas stations.
  • Meijer MasterCard – Get 10 cents off of every gallon of gasoline you buy at Meijer gas stations when you use their credit card. You also get a $10 reward for every $750 spent with the card, and a couple of other upfront bonus offers.
  • Murphy USA Visa – Get 4 cents off per gallon of Murphy gasoline and 1% cash back on all other card purchases.
  • Phillips 66 / Conoco / 76 Credit Card – Get 5 cents per gallon rebated back at the end of each month, but only if you buy at least 45 gallons in the period.
  • Sheetz Visa Credit Card – Sheetz gasoline credit card offers 5 cents off per gallon of Sheetz gas, plus a points program for additional rewards. Get 5 points per dollar on Sheetz in-store purchases, 1 point per dollar everywhere else. Points can be converted to cash back or other rewards.
  • Shell Drive For Five Credit Card – Shell gas card offers a 5-cent-per-gallon rebate regardless of how many gallons you purchase.
  • Shell Platinum MasterCard – You can get a bigger rebate on Shell gas with this card than the one above, but you must use your card for at least $500 in purchases in a month to get any rebates, so only get it if you’re going to make this your primary credit card. If you spend over $500 with this card in a month, you’ll get 10 cents off per gallon, and that per-gallon discount goes up to 15 cents if you’re spending over $1000, and 20 cents if you hit $2500.
  • Speedway Mastercard – Offers a fairly generous rewards program on gas and other card purchases, but it’s also a tad confusing. See our full Speedway Credit Card review to see how points are given and redeemed.
  • Sunoco Rewards Credit Card – Get a 5-cent-per-gallon rebate on purchases of Sunoco gas with the card, with no limit on your rebate.
  • SuperAmerica Credit Card – Get 5 cents off per gallon with this credit card, and you can combine it with the SuperAmerica Rewards card 3-cent rebate to get 8 cents off per gallon.
  • Valero Credit Card – If you buy at least 50 gallons of Valero gas per month, you can earn a rebate with this card, of 4 cents per gallon if you purchase 50 – 75 gallons, or 8 cents per gallon if you buy more than 75 gallons, with a cutoff for any rebate at 110 gallons.
  • Wawa Credit Card – Offers 5 cents off per gallon of Wawa gas, up to 100 gallons per month. (See a full review of this card here.)
  • Walmart Credit Cards – Get a 2% rebate on Walmart & Murphy USA gas purchases. This card also offers 3% cash back on purchases online as well as 1% cash back anywhere else you use the card.