Fair Credit Score Credit Cards

credit-cards-smallEvery credit card company has its own definition of what is a “fair” or “average” credit score. Even the credit reporting industry has no set standard of what is “fair” credit, although scores in the 640 – 700 range are generally mentioned as being fair, a step below “good” or “excellent” scores.

While a few credit cards do market themselves to fair credit customers, most credit cards simply offer a range of interest rates — and the fair credit customers get a higher rate than the excellent credit customers, while still qualifying for the card. (This is in contrast to most bad credit customers, who really have to scrape to get credit with a poor credit history.)

With all that said, below is a list of credit cards that we feel fair credit customers might want to apply for based on the language the credit card companies use in describing the cards or the interest rates being offered:

  • citizens-cash-backCitizens Bank Cash Back Plus MasterCard – Offers a generous 1.5% cash back on all your card purchases. Offers interest rate tiers of 14.99%, 17.99%, or 20.99%; with your fair credit, you’re more likely to get approved at one of the higher tiers.
  • amazon-visa-100Amazon.com Rewards Visa from Chase – This credit card’s not billed as being for fair credit, but it offers a 14.49% interest rate for even the best credit customers, and we are guessing it is approving fair credit customers at one of the higher-rate tiers (either 19.49% or 22.49% APR). Gives you Amazon reward points with each purchase.
  • bofatravelsmallBankAmericard Travel Rewards Visa – Earn 1.5 points per dollar charged to this card, and use your points toward travel purchases with the card. (Points are worth a penny each in paying for travel purchases, e.g., 10,000 points equals $100 in travel rewards.) The interest rate may be as low as 15.24% but could be as high as 23.24%; fair credit customers will probably not get that lowest rate.
  • blue-sky-amexBlue Sky from American Express – Earn 1 point per dollar charged to the card. Every 7500 points you collect gets you $100 in travel rewards when redeemed. Interest rate of 17.49% or 20.49% or 22.49% suggests th

In addition, you might find it easier to get a credit card tied to a specific retail store than to get an all-purpose credit card like those above. See our Store Credit Cards section for a list of credit cards that are probably easy for fair credit consumers to get.

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